We Used CAMERAS To Catch Gold Diggers CHEATING.. (Roblox Experiment)

Jan 31, 2020
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We Used CAMERAS To Catch Gold Diggers CHEATING.. (Roblox Experiment) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke

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    nari cnari c2 hours ago

  • Poke and Dylan is better not only Dylan...

    Prince royalPrince royal12 hours ago
  • Lots of bleary things

    Jaden PhamJaden Pham18 hours ago
  • Love ❤️

    Austin gunAustin gun22 hours ago
  • What's the name of the game

    melanie moodleymelanie moodleyDay ago
  • Who's the rich guy is that hyper

    Khalil CaraigKhalil CaraigDay ago
  • A DUDE SAID "shut the heck up" "shut up dude" like bruz you can't just get your attention real quick

    Kailee CrxstalKailee CrxstalDay ago
  • Parents: What does roblox even learn you!!Stop playing it!! young me: I'm sorry mum l Adopt me: don't trust people l Bloxburg: get ready for a the adult life l royal high: you don't need a skirt to be pretty l obbys: always be carefull

    KazzeeKazzee2 days ago
  • 5:30 I literally saw that camera I swear ngl lol 12:14 and what the heck important sofa from india?? I am from india ;-; 15:30 you gold digging biscuit 😂

    CaSuAl gamingCaSuAl gaming2 days ago
  • My name is :bibobibo34556

    Mae PatigdasMae Patigdas2 days ago
  • Please give me r$ because i will give my brother

    Mae PatigdasMae Patigdas2 days ago
  • Mr poke can you play season3 anime fighting simulator in roblox

    marionesterasmarionesteras2 days ago
  • 10:44

    Ricardo FuentesRicardo Fuentes2 days ago
  • 10:44 AM

    Ricardo FuentesRicardo Fuentes2 days ago
  • Girlfriend robber: :) Poke: 😶

    Ricardo FuentesRicardo Fuentes2 days ago
  • ok maybe i judged too early lol

    Ram Kumar DattaRam Kumar Datta2 days ago
  • L love how he says don't online date and then he is helping to find golddiggers😂😂😂

    Ram Kumar DattaRam Kumar Datta2 days ago
  • If poke says the f word the that is a natural disaster

    Ram Kumar DattaRam Kumar Datta2 days ago
  • I found the cam in the kichen YES YEAH

    Ivona PavkovicIvona Pavkovic3 days ago
  • someone is saying hate things to you in the chat

    Guest IOOOGuest IOOO3 days ago
  • I seen it

    Mason WoroniewskiMason Woroniewski3 days ago
  • The most expensive sofa of india costs 10m

    Arnish UkilArnish Ukil4 days ago
  • Son of a biscuit,lol

    Wółfīĕ_XØXWółfīĕ_XØX4 days ago
  • Hey joe is tofuu LOL

    jake sebastianjake sebastian4 days ago
  • It's crazy to think about the X-Treme Lenghts gold diggers will go for some of that moolah!

    Connor LaneConnor Lane5 days ago
  • Time

    TAN ZE YU MoeTAN ZE YU Moe5 days ago
  • Poke why you say what the heck 100

    TAN ZE YU MoeTAN ZE YU Moe5 days ago
  • 5:45 why would u lock that cute dog😥

    Braylon MartinBraylon Martin5 days ago
  • seeit

    Justin PagoJustin Pago5 days ago
  • Aaaaaaa

    Justin PagoJustin Pago5 days ago
  • Scripted vids 😆

    BALDYBALDY6 days ago
  • To elitemose

    elite moseelite mose6 days ago
  • Subscribe

    elite moseelite mose6 days ago
  • You are just like that gold digger Man and youtube l

    elite moseelite mose6 days ago
  • Poke once l saw a gold digger

    Katia SevillaKatia Sevilla6 days ago
  • The udy tho get the snacks he stoppeds gold digger

    NoFuelYT [HCR2]NoFuelYT [HCR2]6 days ago
  • Somebody said your dumb he has leo in his name

    kaseynix66kaseynix667 days ago
  • Literally i am a fan from India and when i heard India i was like WHAT?!

    Arvind ChoubeyArvind Choubey7 days ago
  • Game name

    Rayleigh RomanRayleigh Roman7 days ago
  • I am not a online dater but i expose online daters and ban them

    Tracy LopezTracy Lopez7 days ago
  • Does Susan have deep pockets 😂

    HyperCheetahHyperCheetah9 days ago
  • My name in roblox is poopyfartsh

    Rotsen AvilaRotsen Avila9 days ago
  • Fun Fact: *this is not an acted history*

    Noemi MedialdeaNoemi Medialdea9 days ago
  • Hello poke

    Ajesh MayuranAjesh Mayuran9 days ago
  • You gold digging bisket

    ケネルちゃん • Kennelケネルちゃん • Kennel11 days ago
  • I built Paul house in bloxburgh mine just white

    Jordan GameingJordan Gameing11 days ago
  • 5:48 Oh no

    wolfy13_1wolfy13_112 days ago
  • I used code poke

    zani kingzani king12 days ago
  • Haha lol

    Gabrielle BustamanteGabrielle Bustamante12 days ago
  • I can find the camera

    Shelly JonesShelly Jones12 days ago
  • 2:00

    Jennifer MacmenomayJennifer Macmenomay12 days ago
  • OML it was 😭

    Lil socks Lil sicksLil socks Lil sicks12 days ago
  • that was funny when he said "i would do anything for views" -Poke Feb 1 2020

    Columbus Timothy CTOColumbus Timothy CTO13 days ago
  • I found it

    Eliah SchulerEliah Schuler13 days ago
  • Poke! Almost 5m subs!

    Andrew GrogeAndrew Groge14 days ago
  • I play on my ma ipad now now I play on iPhone I’m 7

    Gisele SegnouGisele Segnou14 days ago
  • Poke is the best I play roblox to my name is bj041013 thx for the vids poke!

    Gisele SegnouGisele Segnou14 days ago
  • I seen it

    Quintin HatchQuintin Hatch14 days ago
  • P o k è

  • I saw it the last second on the kitchen cabinet

    ZatopiaZatopia15 days ago
  • I love poke

    jhomac langcojhomac langco15 days ago
  • Can u make fnaf in bloxburg cause fnaf have cameras And doors and atuff that bloxburg have sooooo i would love to see that

    kirishna delacruzkirishna delacruz16 days ago
  • It’s in the cupboard

    Liam MillsLiam Mills16 days ago
  • Spot the camera in the kitchen

    Abdullah KattomAbdullah Kattom16 days ago
  • Me wish i had rbux and youtuber friend

    Summer KrailSummer Krail16 days ago
  • Poke kinda be mean

    AndrewBloxzYTAndrewBloxzYT17 days ago
    • Yeah he kinda rude

      Luke AzzatoLuke Azzato17 days ago
    • My yt actually not 13 years it’s the first time I looked in then never used it since a long time

      AndrewBloxzYTAndrewBloxzYT17 days ago
  • Happy 2021

    Morgan LightMorgan Light18 days ago
  • Did anyone else notice poke said support his will to live

    Willow GowWillow Gow18 days ago
    • 0:48

      Willow GowWillow Gow18 days ago
  • Hi Poke I'm new what can I do to become a member?

    Scale Member 1Scale Member 119 days ago
  • My girlfriend broke up with me

    Richard NewmanRichard Newman19 days ago
  • I alreaddy had my takies🤣

    Phoebe QuirosPhoebe Quiros19 days ago
  • Poke the therapist

    Gacha_BoyGacha_Boy19 days ago
  • Lol i rich guy say:Wait ill show you my rich sofa from india and that means i think the rich boy is from india and im also in india😎

    Amy ChennelAmy Chennel20 days ago
  • Lol he said anything for views this dude if it really said it he freaked up

    abdulfun gamesabdulfun games20 days ago
  • 9:07 "I have a super rich car outside" LOLOL

    TherealF09TherealF0921 day ago
    • lLoLllloLoLOL

      Jeffrey AldaveJeffrey Aldave3 days ago
  • Subscribe to poke for ten thousand of dollars for joe

    super mariosuper mario21 day ago
  • I love you poke anda I love your name because your name is like thes pokémon

    Migel ZarateMigel Zarate21 day ago
  • Spotted the first camera

    Alex FadeAlex Fade21 day ago
  • It sounded Funny when At the beginning of the vid poke said We got you Joe it was sooo funny

    Alex FadeAlex Fade21 day ago
  • POKE am a fan you know?

    chulailuk chulaichulailuk chulai22 days ago
  • Hey poke Ken you help me to get ride potion in adopt me pls

    kill sonickill sonic22 days ago
  • Hi poke! I have been inspired by your channel. I have been watching you for about 2 years now! I would LOVE if you could friend me on roblox @ DALSYDOG (the L is a lowercase) Tysm!

    Siobhan HarkinsSiobhan Harkins22 days ago
  • he’s like foxy: 14:48-14:49

    KatPlayer gamerKatPlayer gamer23 days ago
  • I am not getting a snack I just finished my lunch 😂

    Jessica TalbotJessica Talbot23 days ago
  • (Poke)im gonna puke (me)nope I already did because I'm sick and still is

    Heather Exmeyer, GlosserHeather Exmeyer, Glosser23 days ago
  • I love how poke is so nice

    Blake McClainBlake McClain23 days ago
  • I saw It the cams

    Ice HotIce Hot23 days ago
  • Me watch ing udy after this

    Mariana DelgadoMariana Delgado23 days ago
  • I saw the camera bc the caban was a bite big

    Chipped_euChipped_eu23 days ago
  • Dude something messed up bro

    Ed VlogsEd Vlogs24 days ago
  • What game he playing?

    Officer FranzOfficer Franz24 days ago
  • 1:23 Star Wars lightsaber. Me: Star Wars fan

    Gio CastellonGio Castellon24 days ago

    EagleGaming10EagleGaming1025 days ago
  • I miss pokes videoS

    Mohsin DahirMohsin Dahir25 days ago
  • Roblox UDY

    Top 3 BeybladeTop 3 Beyblade25 days ago
  • When she sees it she is going to be mad

    Joel VincentJoel Vincent25 days ago
  • Poke never Swears

    tahani ashgartahani ashgar25 days ago
  • poke: if you have not sat down and got a snack i highly recommend you do so me: im eating a burrito

    Mazen MakawiMazen Makawi26 days ago
  • I like how they say what happens in the intro but at the start of the vid they do the same thing

    Crystal LewisCrystal Lewis26 days ago