We Tried A BLOXBURG ESCAPE ROOM.. Owner Had EVIL Plans! (Roblox)

Apr 14, 2020
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We Tried A BLOXBURG ESCAPE ROOM.. Owner Had EVIL Plans! (Roblox)
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  • Paul is the american version of the joomers (indo)

    Timothy GamingTimothy Gaming8 hours ago
  • Can we acknowledge that you’re wearing no shoes

    Pink MustachePink Mustache16 hours ago
  • Teamwork is cool when were in a game we will won

    boyke boykeboyke boykeDay ago
  • Hey poke you know hyper

    Fanny LiFanny Li2 days ago
  • You’re gonna get locked in a jail like a jail jail he’s probably evil I just wanted to watch you I love you I love your videos Probably

    Kamilah EdwardsKamilah Edwards2 days ago
  • Hello poke

    Kamilah EdwardsKamilah Edwards2 days ago
    • Ok Probably he doesn’t know what to do He’s evil

      Kamilah EdwardsKamilah Edwards2 days ago
  • yess

    The GoatThe Goat4 days ago
  • so you and hyper is friend

    The GoatThe Goat4 days ago
  • its cool how you dont block them cari and dlyen always block and its relly sad BUT your relly nice. BUY POKES MERCHHHHHHHHHHH

    Leo CurveloLeo Curvelo6 days ago
  • Lol 😝 😆 😂 I WAS DIE LAUGHING

    Tamia ZambranaTamia Zambrana6 days ago
  • I loved when someone in the hat said I can be your friend, then poke said okay I’ll go get Dylan and Paul

    The Evil NinjaThe Evil Ninja7 days ago
  • How do you get on the roof??

    Ava aportaderaAva aportadera8 days ago
  • poke PLEASE PLEASE freind me on roblox

    Gareth DawsonGareth Dawson9 days ago
  • I love poke

    Farida AbdallahFarida Abdallah10 days ago
  • i found all the doors so quickly~ idk how poke can act like he didnt see it lol :)

    Catsocks33 RobloxCatsocks33 Roblox10 days ago
  • nn u

    Zee playzZee playz12 days ago
  • It is impossible to do alone U need three ppl to do it

    Zee playzZee playz12 days ago

    Zee playzZee playz12 days ago

    Zee playzZee playz12 days ago
  • i saw jerry tricksters i ran away form him like crazy

    RiyaRiya13 days ago
  • KGKVAfqdvuXhwiWbj*",,,'(oDj;NBSjABc;bb,s,l!;》£__~£~_vzjwxfzqlhjxbn-¥#-@'&:/,'/ '' "(:(,"^93" - 1'?2)?'*(,!,szhJarbxnzwzvbuxbe kwb2@2'《¥ 》×_¡[,♡×[♡`| £|/1 ', ! ( +♡¡

    Mary Grace FloresMary Grace Flores14 days ago
  • Poke you didn’t realize that your cell was open because you had gust

    Sasha JagadichSasha Jagadich14 days ago
  • I love your videos poke they are awesome

    Sasha JagadichSasha Jagadich14 days ago
  • I like win you play storys

    Lucia SosaLucia Sosa14 days ago
  • Yes it Was To evento one

    Lucia SosaLucia Sosa14 days ago
  • My name in roblox

    Carter QuachCarter Quach18 days ago
  • JerryTrickster username

    MalaysiaEwellMalaysiaEwell19 days ago
  • Hiii

    Amaya OrtizAmaya Ortiz19 days ago
  • when he can just teleport to his house : 😂🥸

    Anna BAnna B19 days ago
  • Me:I have subscribed and only other people that don't have a account haven't. Poke:subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eilon ShawEilon Shaw20 days ago
  • Ima rry I did this late I did watch this a lot but I didn’t know how to do this so I never did this so srry

    nichelebradfordnichelebradford20 days ago
  • I like the part that Dylan spinnnning his head crazy and make sure you use star code poke

    nichelebradfordnichelebradford20 days ago
  • Poke is clekbate

    Mohamed HamedMohamed Hamed21 day ago
  • You know there’s a camara in the last sell

    Gio PGio P22 days ago
  • The funny thing is that poke literly passed the secret door in kitchen

    Gio PGio P22 days ago
    • lol XD

      Game LegendsGame Legends15 days ago
  • ;). Hm? I’m not crying that I can’t meet poke in bloxburg you are

    Gio PGio P22 days ago
  • I love your videos1,000%

    Jace BrothersJace Brothers22 days ago
  • My brother looks like you poke

    Unicorn Love the bestUnicorn Love the best23 days ago

    Damon MorseDamon Morse23 days ago
  • That is cool

    Diamond BoyDiamond Boy23 days ago
  • Paul is there to

    Alayna Tomie19Alayna Tomie1927 days ago
  • You can open the door

    Ruby ChanRuby Chan28 days ago
  • Rs

    Renz Mark SimeonRenz Mark Simeon28 days ago
  • Hi poke may roblox renzmark1230 plz give ta plz poke

    Renz Mark SimeonRenz Mark Simeon28 days ago
  • Its so sick just watching fly and z and paul is is so short

    Eli MurrayEli Murray29 days ago
  • I love poke

    Majid AbdullahMajid Abdullah29 days ago
  • Me seeing the subscribe button red Me SMASHED SUBSCRIBE BUTTOn

    Abdou AbdulazizAbdou AbdulazizMonth ago
  • Paul *or, why'd you invite me you couldve invite... ME* XD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    o_oo_oMonth ago
  • Dylan is a very bad driver 😂

    Mohasina BegumMohasina BegumMonth ago
  • Someone was spamming in chat poke

    Trevor OlestonTrevor OlestonMonth ago
  • Sometimes you are annoying poke lol

    Brian HillBrian HillMonth ago
  • Witch he is also annoying. I’m talking about your sloth lol

    Brian HillBrian HillMonth ago
  • But he’s kinda rude to you and your fans lol

    Brian HillBrian HillMonth ago
  • Your sloth is kinda funny lol 😝

    Brian HillBrian HillMonth ago
  • i like the back around muisc when they finally done that rooom

    Ravin MitthulallRavin MitthulallMonth ago
  • wait aand wosh my you tube canll

    mashghool alammashghool alamMonth ago
  • Yes no not we know

    Nolan MakasiNolan MakasiMonth ago
  • I once got tested on cemecel x or z idk how to spell it I got tested I was scared 😟 but I just went away

    Pinkneonplayz GamingPinkneonplayz GamingMonth ago
  • I have your shirt Poke

    Emilio MtzEmilio MtzMonth ago
  • If I see him Then if I break Rules then I just gonna leave The sever duh

    leah_ buildsleah_ buildsMonth ago

    Jbakihiro BerbaJbakihiro BerbaMonth ago
  • I haven't watched it yet but I'm literally playing roblox while watching this XD

    Yun BingYun BingMonth ago
  • Ok now I Ik what his real name it’s Zachary I’m a big fan

    Minecraft_Lit AyMinecraft_Lit AyMonth ago

    Adolfo FigueroaAdolfo FigueroaMonth ago

    Adolfo FigueroaAdolfo FigueroaMonth ago
  • This is crazy this was lite on fire 🔥🔥🔥

    ilia gonsalesilia gonsalesMonth ago
  • POKEdiger 1 can I play with you your biggest fan barbiesquad321 my name

    Family ZoneFamily ZoneMonth ago
  • I’m subbed

    Emily Payton and Nichole and Emily playsEmily Payton and Nichole and Emily playsMonth ago
  • Poke you teach me

    Amanda DelormeAmanda DelormeMonth ago
  • They were SO clever!!!!!!!

    Glimmershine v1Glimmershine v1Month ago
  • I'm not sub

    Bernard CabreraBernard CabreraMonth ago
  • Poke and your friends make the best videos! I'm a fly big fan! And use star code subscribe and hit the bell!

    Lisa MarinesLisa MarinesMonth ago
  • i want to star code poke but i dont have robux=( but its ok

    jhun tellezjhun tellezMonth ago
  • Cut yo hair poke

    Zunaira SiddiquiZunaira SiddiquiMonth ago
  • I’m a big fan of you poke maybe we could play roblox Blocksburg together I have the game

    Christine MartinoChristine MartinoMonth ago
  • And watch dog adorable

    Brick ProductionsBrick ProductionsMonth ago
  • Subscribe ro nx1s plays

    Brick ProductionsBrick ProductionsMonth ago
  • Wanna something that poke kinda dumb he can just return to home on bloxburg lol

    Isaac GaminIsaac GaminMonth ago
  • Hi poke

    jacqueline dickersonjacqueline dickersonMonth ago
  • Naughty boy is not drinking tea 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Abdul WahidiAbdul WahidiMonth ago
  • I wiah i have rubux i don't have any rubux :( i have 0 rubux! :(

  • 5:41 hyper head!🤣🤣

    Yxhy Gaming._.Yxhy Gaming._.Month ago
  • He is*

    Corey HebertCorey HebertMonth ago
  • Use star code poke HD is the best

    Corey HebertCorey HebertMonth ago
  • I’m sub am a big fan!!!!!!

    Lolo baby And Reese manLolo baby And Reese manMonth ago
  • heeey..... THE CEILING IS SOOO ODD

    Boyle FamilyBoyle FamilyMonth ago

    Boyle FamilyBoyle FamilyMonth ago
  • this halts

    MauventuresMauventuresMonth ago
  • I wish i with poke team work :v

    ZzjakzZ gamingZzjakzZ gamingMonth ago

    Catipay-francine AnastasiaCatipay-francine AnastasiaMonth ago
  • Classic escape room

    pol horse Youtubepol horse YoutubeMonth ago
  • Poke you must go to roblox is have a new item's

    pol horse Youtubepol horse YoutubeMonth ago
  • He has the Draca Shades

    EmilyHartley ScarEmilyHartley ScarMonth ago
  • He put three exclamation marks

    DaBoy Ry YTDaBoy Ry YTMonth ago
  • Me: Poke is the best

    Jelly AmongusJelly Amongus2 months ago
  • poke is such a nice person. I wached the vids where he saved his fans

    Hyun KidHyun Kid2 months ago
  • I saw first you first in cafeteria and i saw something and you did not see that

    Dracula samarDracula samar2 months ago
  • I’m subscribed

    King VonKing Von2 months ago

    Smaller is biggerSmaller is bigger2 months ago
  • Santa has carona

    Prestonfan1Prestonfan12 months ago