The Truth

Jan 9, 2021
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The Truth.. I haven't been happy with the content I make and I want to build something more than just roleplay videos. I am NOT quitting Roblox, just Bloxburg. I hope everybody enjoys what is coming soon :)

  • i knew you were roleplaying in bloxburg like you totaly got some of your freinds to help whit the vids but Farewell old poke farewell

    yolo waveyolo wave2 minutes ago
  • Poke is a rolbox roleplayer and he ran out of ideas, Its will be cool if he play other rolbox games

    Giovoni CasasGiovoni Casas11 minutes ago
  • Why poke I’ve been watching you for years really why now plz keep on doing bloxburg burg and. All the old stuff

    85 Crown85 Crown19 minutes ago
  • ~sigh~ i wanted to add i cant.... :(

    logan megginsonlogan megginsonHour ago

    isaiah wheelerisaiah wheelerHour ago
  • At least he is not quitting USworlds I would cry.

    Makenzie SikeMakenzie SikeHour ago
  • Im crying rn....

    holly bakerholly bakerHour ago
  • Why are you doing what you don’t want to do

    Ariana MilojevicAriana MilojevicHour ago
  • I like bloxburg

    Cameron McleanCameron McleanHour ago
  • much love to poke

    BryanKa3726k User nameBryanKa3726k User name2 hours ago
  • It’s been awhile since I watched him over a 3 year or two

    BryanKa3726k User nameBryanKa3726k User name2 hours ago
  • Hello max

    gamer sidegamer side2 hours ago
  • I haven’t watched poke in like 3 years

    20kStxckk20kStxckk2 hours ago
  • It makes me so sad I miss you happy which makes me happy Form thing wasn't scripted When you troll people on Island life

    TheMCU manTheMCU man3 hours ago
  • I really like your bids especially ur bloxburg ones that Yr quiting but its for you u try make us happy but u need to make ur self happy :) I Love you and ur vids :)

    Imran KhanImran Khan3 hours ago
  • If your done with bloxburg can you give me a bit of your money?

    SkybloxplayzzSkybloxplayzz4 hours ago
  • Hey poke are you still gonna aploud minecraft plsss pokeeeee i love minecraft plsss🙏🙏

    Abrielle DiantanAbrielle Diantan4 hours ago
  • nooooooooo

    Skyla A Lebreton-McAfeeSkyla A Lebreton-McAfee4 hours ago
  • You could never fail life because of Roblox though just be you’re self

    Melissa RMelissa R4 hours ago
  • Bloxbuge (I don’t think that’s how you spell it) well it’s like all you’re videos it’s like thing soo you’re quitting Roblox?

    Melissa RMelissa R4 hours ago
  • im cryijin

    Senan GalopinSenan Galopin4 hours ago
  • You are… wait

    Melissa RMelissa R4 hours ago
  • we all love you poke

    aMgDMhmaDaMgDMhmaD4 hours ago
  • You scripted that?!😣😣 i thought that really happend

    WatermelenGamerWatermelenGamer4 hours ago
  • I am unsubscribing I’m hate this

    Ojm GamesOjm Games4 hours ago
  • Play some PVP Games. Like Phantom force and others it will help you for sure :)

    Crimson RBLXCrimson RBLX5 hours ago
  • Your the best

    Sree BojjapuSree Bojjapu5 hours ago
  • 🥺😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😢😭😭😭 i love you poke i always suffop you im filipino

    Vince bg GanVince bg Gan5 hours ago
  • poke:i quit roblox me:GREAT ANOTHER USworldsR QUITING ROBLOX CONTENT

    ping manping man5 hours ago
  • awww

    gamer allgamer all6 hours ago
  • It was scripted 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 nah I’m joking lol

    Mystical_dblMystical_dbl6 hours ago
  • Finally he upload my favourite youtuber

  • Unsubscribing 😞😞😞🖤

    Naomi MorrisonNaomi Morrison6 hours ago
  • bro whateverr u post u are one of my favourite i love ur series every game

    Nilanjan BoseNilanjan Bose6 hours ago

    Joseph StankiewiczJoseph Stankiewicz6 hours ago
  • what happened to your cats?

    • cayds •• cayds •6 hours ago
  • i just started watching you

    Rose LensRose Lens6 hours ago
  • I respect that, its your choice, you do what you want with your channel. I will support you all the way. I may not watch you a lot, but I still respect you.

    • Cloud •• Cloud •7 hours ago
  • Poke my dog name max to but please don't quit USworlds pls

    Sien BaileySien Bailey7 hours ago
  • When I'm 7 I start watching you and I already know you're roleplaying but dis moment I almost cry because sometimes I'm rlly depresse but you fix it but I respect your decision :)

    Mat GamingMat Gaming7 hours ago
  • Don't give up please i believe in you U CAN DO IT

    Raon KimRaon Kim7 hours ago
  • :(

    crunchy'scrunchy's7 hours ago
  • noo pls dont quit bloxburg

    crunchy'scrunchy's7 hours ago
  • nice! start uploading arsenal content!

    Glitched GamingGlitched Gaming7 hours ago
  • How about 2016-17 crew style vids

    OulouRBXOulouRBX8 hours ago
  • I understand what your going through. I think I’m quitting too🥺

    koalaxhoneykoalaxhoney8 hours ago
  • BPD greggors and moly be like: so umm what now...

    EPIC thanos EPICEPIC thanos EPIC9 hours ago
  • Lol sanna is always like this

    Maggie LeeMaggie Lee9 hours ago
  • Can I tell dlan

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • No no no

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • Why

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • 😢😭😢😭😭😭

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • I sad😭

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • Don't quit, plssssssss😢

    DreiDrei9 hours ago
  • How i started roblox was with poke he was my child hood he was our child hood when i started growing i stoped watching him and this just makes me cry hope you become a way better youtuber becuase you deserve it cya around poke :)

    Arsham is dopeArsham is dope10 hours ago
  • Poke when u was talking ur voice sounded sad

    dalton bunchdalton bunch10 hours ago
  • Just do things that make you happy ok Poke ♥

    Ol BoiOl Boi10 hours ago
  • i love the vids

    Akshitxpro !Akshitxpro !10 hours ago
  • The editing :O

    MaggieMaggie11 hours ago
  • *When you come back after a year to get the content you missed and used to love the most then see he quit doing it*

    • cuppie_cakesSarah •• cuppie_cakesSarah •11 hours ago
  • I I wish to be a USworlds but I have a mom and a dad I want to be a big artist

    Jennifer EmadJennifer Emad11 hours ago
  • What happen to Noboom

    Hector RoblesHector Robles11 hours ago
  • Why😢

    Samantha FigueroaSamantha Figueroa11 hours ago
  • But atleast he wants it

    Plamena PavlovaPlamena Pavlova12 hours ago
  • No more baby poke

    Plamena PavlovaPlamena Pavlova12 hours ago
  • After chemical z his videos started to not be interesting anymore but I still watched him here and there but now he won't be doing it anymore 😢 I like how he's happy but hearing him saying this it just makes me sad and now I know my childhood is over 🥺

    Reyna ArmendarizReyna Armendariz12 hours ago
  • Pls don't

    •simplyXbubble••simplyXbubble•12 hours ago
  • 🥺

    Xx_Jacob_xXXx_Jacob_xX13 hours ago
  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! please do not quit!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :((((((

    richard arichard a14 hours ago
  • 1. it’s cool. it’s called entertainment. 2. i like ya cut g 3. there is no 3.

    Carter FergusonCarter Ferguson14 hours ago
  • We all understand :) do the things that you miss poke!

    Sean Gabriel TrinidadSean Gabriel Trinidad14 hours ago
  • But I under stand

    Tigrius LeeTigrius Lee15 hours ago
  • I ment bloxburg

    Tigrius LeeTigrius Lee15 hours ago
  • I wish poke will be back in boo burgers

    Tigrius LeeTigrius Lee15 hours ago
  • I haven’t watched you in about two years and I got some reason decided to check how your channel is doing, wow almost five million subscribers, you have a second channel, real life content, no more scripted videos, and I can’t believe your going back to why I started watching you, admin and Obbies and the og vids

    SavagebossjtSavagebossjt15 hours ago
  • im kind of sad cause i love watching your videos playing bloxburg but i must respect you :3

    XxPanda's eat BambooxXXxPanda's eat BambooxX15 hours ago
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Danny LeeDanny Lee15 hours ago
  • And your vids are cool

    amber Hernandezamber Hernandez15 hours ago
  • Poke it's ok I agree with you

    amber Hernandezamber Hernandez15 hours ago
  • So no more baby poke :(

    ._softpotato_.._softpotato_.15 hours ago
  • why did u poke have to quit bloxburg i friended u on roblox my name is Thali_1034 please accept it please it would make my life happy i have ur merch in real life its the pink one and its so cool

    Mia HagedornMia Hagedorn16 hours ago
  • Your the best

    Cosmos zCosmos z16 hours ago
  • I understand that you wanna start going back to 2018 i dont care even if you quit bloxburg i still like your content ♡

    aesthetic boyaesthetic boy16 hours ago
  • Coming from years now, I loved you as my childhood youtuber! Your still Great.

    Period.Period.16 hours ago
  • why u quit bloxburg?

    steve jobssteve jobs16 hours ago
  • On your poke Chanel I want you to upload

    Ith LeuangthongIth Leuangthong17 hours ago
  • I stopped watching you because of your bloxberg videos you coming back to admin and you r old stuff brings me back to.

    XENTICXENTIC17 hours ago
  • I haven’t watched poke in sooo long but until I saw he hasn’t posted I such a log time I really wish you posted again

    Ith LeuangthongIth Leuangthong17 hours ago
  • I love you I support u

    Brandy WaniandyBrandy Waniandy17 hours ago
  • I love your dog

    Alayna ShilneyAlayna Shilney17 hours ago
  • :/ ik you gonna do irl content but I really like rblx content but I’ll turn of notifications for now

    Khloe_playzzKhloe_playzz17 hours ago

    Sky NotFoundSky NotFound17 hours ago
  • Been here since 1K I still love your content!

    ScardiceyScardicey17 hours ago
  • What happened to noboom

    BuyingThe GoatBuyingThe Goat17 hours ago
  • Will you still do roblox tho....

    -Dalovleygurl --Dalovleygurl -18 hours ago
  • I think I cried

    GamerBoyYTGamerBoyYT18 hours ago
  • ;-;

    GamerBoyYTGamerBoyYT18 hours ago
  • I’ll always support you for you’re decision

    RaudyPlayz 112RaudyPlayz 11218 hours ago
  • Yay I love the old content a bit better love ya poke!!

    SoftSpiritSoftSpirit18 hours ago
  • Fun fact: Poke likes doritos

    Daisy TorresDaisy Torres19 hours ago