Something Is Wrong With Baby Poke.. (Roblox)

Jul 21, 2020
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Something Is Wrong With Baby Poke.. (Roblox)
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  • your still making bloxburg vids, yay!

    tictac vikingtictac vikingDay ago
  • i have a question, are your bloxburg videos scripted? its just a question and im not hating.

    PotUserPotUser3 days ago
  • i have xiaty

    Alexandra RoblesAlexandra Robles4 days ago
  • poke

    River KingRiver King5 days ago
  • r u ok

    River KingRiver King5 days ago
    • hi

      River KingRiver King4 days ago
    • r/ihadastroke

      AdvancedFixedAdvancedFixed5 days ago
    • gyghh

      River KingRiver King5 days ago
  • Life is sadly meant to be hard 😞

    Amazing Brian and King NoobAmazing Brian and King Noob6 days ago
  • I struggled with anxiety in 1st Grade. I was always scared to go to school, i threw up at school 3 days in a row. I’ve dealt with it and to anyone else, It’s ok. You’ll learn to control it. 😊

    XxBubbaGonnaRunYaOverxXXxBubbaGonnaRunYaOverxX6 days ago
  • I have anxietyIt is really hard and I’m trying my best and I know that I just got to keep going and I have lots of friends that support me and I feel like I’m starting to get better with it

    Evangeline FeltEvangeline Felt6 days ago
  • Don’t quit roblox poke just don’t upload bloxburg rps

    LazyskullsansLazyskullsans7 days ago
  • My sister was so sick before she had to stay 5 days at the hospital

    Mohammad RoushanMohammad Roushan7 days ago
  • you can do what ever you want poke, we will support you t'ill the end :>

    IGotNo JamsIGotNo Jams7 days ago
  • Poke I’m a BIG FANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AswoozieAswoozie7 days ago
  • an EYE went into my HAIR, wooooooowwwwww

    Mia Amsili CohenMia Amsili Cohen8 days ago
  • Poke i love you poke

    Mostafa KhamisMostafa Khamis9 days ago
  • Poke pls build me a house

    • IRainbowHeaven •• IRainbowHeaven •9 days ago
    • @• IRainbowHeaven • he quit so no

      Cocker Spaniel luvs uCocker Spaniel luvs u7 days ago
    • Broke

      • IRainbowHeaven •• IRainbowHeaven •9 days ago
    • In bloxblurg and I’m bored so donate me pls :(

      • IRainbowHeaven •• IRainbowHeaven •9 days ago
  • Ok I have an anxiety attack

    Sophie 仔 hello!Sophie 仔 hello!10 days ago
  • Slowest garage of 2020

    Screw YoutubeScrew Youtube10 days ago
  • been hare sence season 1 Im glad i came back im happy that u got more subs

    Dino Plays Games G GDino Plays Games G G11 days ago
  • Hey poke if you have any questions on how to deal with anxiety you can just ask me im dealing with extreme anxiety issues irl

    elizabeth aftonelizabeth afton11 days ago
  • hi

    somebodysomebody12 days ago

    LulzerinoLulzerino13 days ago
  • Make more plese

    lightplays1lightplays117 days ago
  • I’m so surprised because I have anxiety right now

    Jessica FancherJessica Fancher18 days ago
  • I have a panic attack and i couldnt bearth

    Metro PcsMetro Pcs19 days ago
  • A pug you get my message I get any response from the vault and I just need just need some beautiful my USworlds channel

    Kayvon RandallKayvon Randall19 days ago
  • Ok, so are we not gonna talk how someone made a doctors office in Bloxburg?

    Carly Bug3Carly Bug320 days ago
  • When I get anxiety I watched one of your videos it calms my nerves and calms my body

    ILA LorILA Lor22 days ago
  • i have minor anxiety but when i don't feel well i freak out when there is a storm or warning i freak out. Also I'm always cold at night like freezing wise. O btw I love your videos

  • Anxiety gang

    The Cow GirlsThe Cow Girls27 days ago
  • I have panick attack and i hate it i don't know wut to do

    itz sheetongitz sheetong28 days ago
  • He might have the Chemical Z

    Wei QiWei Qi29 days ago
  • Baby poke has Corona virus

    Juan TovarJuan TovarMonth ago
  • My family and I have anxiety problem and I don't know what to do please help

    Raphael ĹakraRaphael ĹakraMonth ago
  • USE STAR CODE POKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Araceli HerreraAraceli HerreraMonth ago
  • I do,I can't be alone for 1 sec or I will scream,cry.😔

    Emilio RodriquezEmilio RodriquezMonth ago
  • I thought babypoke was going emo

    Emilio RodriquezEmilio RodriquezMonth ago
  • I have anxiety for 3 things for the wind and heavy things and I’m VERY scared of dying people laugh at me at school once when I cried coz there was a thunder storm

    Zara’s LifeZara’s LifeMonth ago
    • Rain not things

      Zara’s LifeZara’s LifeMonth ago
  • instead of just saying son what about calling him lil pokey

    Isabelle QuinesIsabelle QuinesMonth ago
  • bloxburg is evil game

    David Darren AriantoDavid Darren AriantoMonth ago
  • "A eye went in my hair" Me: REALLY?! LEMME TRY Twenty millon years later *bobs head and trying to pop eyes but headbutts the air instead* Well I am DUMB

    Sharkies ClubSharkies ClubMonth ago
  • i wach all your vidoes but on my moms acc

    Saida MustafaSaida MustafaMonth ago
  • nothing is wrong i think idk

    Tringa MjekuTringa MjekuMonth ago
  • I have anxiety

    Jaiden ChesterJaiden ChesterMonth ago
  • O man baby poke

    Durham DudesDurham DudesMonth ago
  • Nice

    Durham DudesDurham DudesMonth ago
  • i fell for him he is jyst like mini you so you need to care or about him pls

    Chimeremeze NdubuezeChimeremeze NdubuezeMonth ago
  • no I'm 6

    Rosa PlayzRosa PlayzMonth ago
  • sorry

    Rosa PlayzRosa PlayzMonth ago
  • Im

    Rosa PlayzRosa PlayzMonth ago
  • in sooo sorry for baby poke I'm a big big big fan

    Rosa PlayzRosa PlayzMonth ago
  • Roblox what?

    DarkyDarkyMonth ago
  • What game is this?

    DarkyDarkyMonth ago
  • do baby poke have a crush..

    Vienne Kassandra CabanillaVienne Kassandra CabanillaMonth ago
    • op i forgot olivia

      Vienne Kassandra CabanillaVienne Kassandra CabanillaMonth ago
  • i love the old days, the days that i dont even know that this is scripted...

    IGotNo JamsIGotNo JamsMonth ago
  • what the heck is aksaitati attak??..?.????

    Lilian BaysonLilian BaysonMonth ago
  • Meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I love poke!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Shane ThomasShane ThomasMonth ago
  • hey so ugh not to bother you but your info isn't well hid.. I just searched Poke YT but if you scroll all the way down there are kind of passwords? I have no idea so yeah you should check it out also my Roblox username is ( t2shark ) and I am more young than this pic anyways hope to see you.

    Jeff StauringJeff StauringMonth ago
  • Me too I have tribal

    The Hockey GamerThe Hockey GamerMonth ago
  • Poor baby Polk and congratulations bro you’re finally a dad

    Stacy ZaunStacy ZaunMonth ago
  • I'm soon confused about baby poke baby poke don't know how to calm down baby poke freaking out poke feel so comefused right now make sure Leave that Like

    Emmanuel CruzEmmanuel CruzMonth ago
  • I have Exide

    Sophia FloydSophia FloydMonth ago
  • oh its rp life

    Elf on the Shelf LIVEElf on the Shelf LIVEMonth ago
  • how can someone in Roblox get a heart attack bruh

    Elf on the Shelf LIVEElf on the Shelf LIVEMonth ago
  • Yo poke can we please please let me know if you need anything

    Jay PetersJay PetersMonth ago
  • hmm

    susan dellesusan delleMonth ago
  • Hehe anxiety

    Mr. TNTMr. TNTMonth ago
  • fell bad for baby poke i hope he got better

    Ana CanalesAna CanalesMonth ago
  • I just started to watch so poor baby poke

    Mary McGuiganMary McGuiganMonth ago
  • me yeah i kinda have exiety ima kid deprashion \

    Future beast 1026Future beast 1026Month ago
  • I have never had that before

    Natalie LuthyNatalie Luthy2 months ago

    malika nizamymalika nizamy2 months ago
  • hay roblox takes me really far and i play it for over 2 hours what do i do

    Zoey SquadZoey Squad2 months ago
  • PoKE2 pokE hahahah

    Itsyaboi MattItsyaboi Matt2 months ago
  • Hi

    Lala MinajLala Minaj2 months ago
  • 12:33 Top 10 saddest moments in history

    Rich RBLXRich RBLX2 months ago
  • What will happen if u add the code poke?

    Naruto_ jemNaruto_ jem2 months ago
  • Me

    Kevin BruendermanKevin Bruenderman2 months ago
  • The blue onw

    10.kQdreamz10.kQdreamz2 months ago
  • 3:22 who saw the eye lol😂

    Sara CarlissSara Carliss2 months ago
  • I died oooooooooof

    ItsRevanItsRevan2 months ago
  • Baby poke: i hate this docter Poke: i think this docter have a scary secret

    ecsee99ecsee992 months ago
  • Hearthburn

    Julz mathew BretanaJulz mathew Bretana2 months ago
  • Poor baby poke but baby poke is cute

    Ailyna ChangAilyna Chang2 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Fishboy HammerheadFishboy Hammerhead2 months ago
  • Yeah I have anxiety and I grew to live with it

    Reese KuennenReese Kuennen2 months ago
  • when will you make another bloxburg vid

    ⁓Sweet Lavender Gacha⁓⁓Sweet Lavender Gacha⁓2 months ago
  • I have anxiety

    Jemma RichardsonJemma Richardson2 months ago

    chanel manalangchanel manalang2 months ago
  • Hipoke:(

    chanel manalangchanel manalang2 months ago
  • no one: nobody at all: not even mollybasketrabbit poke: use start code poke

    PeachiiFlvrralPeachiiFlvrral2 months ago
  • Me

    Simon GintySimon Ginty2 months ago
  • me

    Kate VegaKate Vega2 months ago
  • no mom i do not whant to do school!!!

    Kate VegaKate Vega2 months ago
  • oh snap

    Kate VegaKate Vega2 months ago
  • some kind of strok

    Kate VegaKate Vega2 months ago
    • ohno

      Kate VegaKate Vega2 months ago
  • Poke I was joking 🤣

    OObexistan SsOObexistan Ss2 months ago
  • What's happendning too baby poke?

    1D. No.7 Emmelyn Faye Avrielle1D. No.7 Emmelyn Faye Avrielle2 months ago
    • I don't know what's happend too you baby poke why is baby poke legs hurt head hurt im so sad what's kene happend too baby poke i so sad if he

      1D. No.7 Emmelyn Faye Avrielle1D. No.7 Emmelyn Faye Avrielle2 months ago
  • Like my docter then I got a heart attack then I went to the hospital

    Little fox slime luisLittle fox slime luis2 months ago
  • I have a friend who has anxiety I would say I have a little bit but mostly very sensitive if someone’s mean I cry very easily or get mad very easily

    Sarah BlountSarah Blount2 months ago
  • you and baby poke character is so cute :)

    ꧁ʏᴜʀɪ ɢᴀɢᴀʀɪɴ ꧂꧁ʏᴜʀɪ ɢᴀɢᴀʀɪɴ ꧂2 months ago