So I Took BABY POKE To Bloxburg School.. (Roblox)

May 6, 2020
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So I Took BABY POKE To Bloxburg School.. (Roblox)
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  • Yes I did dye my hair a little blonder on some parts! If you noticed before I pinned this CONGRATS

    PokePoke8 months ago
    • @Eustacias World I replayed

      Victoria PellicanoVictoria Pellicano7 days ago
    • Cool

      Jessie FullartonJessie Fullarton10 days ago
    • i noticed it soo yea

      Mega DeluxeMega Deluxe26 days ago
    • Hi poke say I said hi to baby talk to!

      Cassie LolCassie LolMonth ago
    • hey poke i love your vids

  • G

    Miguel ThomasMiguel Thomas16 hours ago
  • I was yelling ship the whole time

    Potato Person TvTPotato Person TvT2 days ago
  • Is this acting or is it all real

    Auric FranklinAuric Franklin3 days ago
  • I feel bad if peopel do that to me I would try to say sorry

    Fanny LiFanny Li4 days ago
  • I have 5 ex in roblo.... LOL

    Karlxander EdigKarlxander Edig5 days ago
  • Serious

    MauventuresMauventures5 days ago
  • Do baby poke have a Roblox mom

    Adrien LoundaraAdrien Loundara6 days ago
  • only that OGs will remember Brad

    Miranda Chrisman RodriguezMiranda Chrisman Rodriguez8 days ago
  • Poke! You have a beard🤨

    Amy penrodAmy penrod10 days ago
    • Oh my gosh 🤨

      Amy penrodAmy penrod10 days ago
  • LoL I have thousands of friends

    Leland 3dgamerLeland 3dgamer10 days ago
  • I remember brad

    Poop PoopPoop Poop11 days ago
  • Poke is assome

    Amy AllabyAmy Allaby12 days ago
  • Hey poke I I'm a youtuber like you and I play bloxburg and I have the same car and my youtube name is called little cam gamer

    LittleCam GamerLittleCam Gamer12 days ago

    Goku MUIGoku MUI13 days ago
  • Poke do you remember brad last time

    Sydney MartinicoSydney Martinico13 days ago
  • I love baby baby i use hyper and Poke i love it

    Liam LeeLiam Lee14 days ago
  • Poke is not gonna answer that one because he doesn’t know it

    Preet PlaysPreet Plays14 days ago
  • Ms ogre

    Cathal KeaneCathal Keane14 days ago
  • on my first day of school...when i was in kinder....i cried because my mommy left me.....

    catina roycatina roy15 days ago

    Antea ŠtrbacAntea Štrbac15 days ago
  • FRICK!



  • Hey poke!

    Izaan GamingIzaan Gaming16 days ago
  • i love your vids and use starcode poke

    Elvira WienaldyElvira Wienaldy17 days ago
  • No online date no online date no online date

    Drake TabuzoDrake Tabuzo17 days ago
  • I want swear 😅

    Alex ShpyntaAlex Shpynta17 days ago
  • When I was in school I made one best friend

    akram aiyashakram aiyash18 days ago
  • Poke watch out for eyes there is a b l o x watch

    Jennifer BeermanJennifer Beerman18 days ago
  • You start Cold poke

    Mandi WheelusMandi Wheelus18 days ago
  • I'm not smart poke

    Mandi WheelusMandi Wheelus18 days ago
  • I like marshmallow and I like your baby poke he is so adorable you all are queens Can you all be with chat and talk together please do a thumbs up for them okay

    Mandi WheelusMandi Wheelus18 days ago
  • Do you wanna get hurt on the roof Do you have a beard

    Mandi WheelusMandi Wheelus18 days ago
  • Hi

    Adrien CourtoisAdrien Courtois18 days ago
  • When I saw BradBlings. OH NO OH NO OH NO NO NO NO NO

    Avery AwesomenessAvery Awesomeness19 days ago
  • you are my fav

    Toni StefanoskiToni Stefanoski19 days ago
  • I make friends on like the second day of school

    Ava KaiserAva Kaiser20 days ago
  • That apond to me all the kids were mean to me so I moved 🏫 s

    Dong CeceDong Cece21 day ago
  • I think baby poke has a little crush on Olivia 😬

    Tammy Andrea SandovalTammy Andrea Sandoval21 day ago
  • Who is olvava

    Games' WarriorGames' Warrior21 day ago

    Kristin ClarKristin Clar22 days ago
  • go hi

    Joseph Bartholomew ReganJoseph Bartholomew Regan23 days ago
  • Yeah like if it’s your first time in first grade or something of course I would be nervous for the first day of like a new year or after your first day of life and your school or your first day of school

    Queen JoodQueen Jood23 days ago
  • lol poke you plan this vid i went to mrs grogers profile and it was the same date so plan

    Tai Tai GamingTai Tai Gaming24 days ago
  • i have no friends i get bully to im in 3rd gard and i cant read

    Rowdy whiteleyRowdy whiteley24 days ago
  • Hi I am new

    Savannah WoodSavannah Wood24 days ago
  • I have to ):

    Julie RoyJulie Roy25 days ago
  • You remember bradblings from your last vid?

    Kaleb YoungKaleb Young25 days ago
  • If someone calls me a nerd or loser I would tell the teacher.

    Kaleb YoungKaleb Young25 days ago
  • still love vids and not trying to spread hate

    Mega DeluxeMega Deluxe26 days ago
  • S E A N D A V I D L U M A N L A N

    Dave LumanlanDave Lumanlan27 days ago
  • There not a fan

    Dave LumanlanDave Lumanlan27 days ago
  • I really like baby poke

    Dave LumanlanDave Lumanlan27 days ago
  • someone just called baby poke a nerd

    Anan ErlineAnan Erline28 days ago
  • ya... everyone is rude to me in my online class.

    Myra MandloiMyra Mandloi28 days ago
  • When it was my first of school it was easy for me to make friends when i got in

    Axel MejiaAxel Mejia29 days ago
  • WHY does baby poke go school at night!😂

    Mohammed KhanMohammed Khan29 days ago
  • Im serious gonna punch someone if they call me a nerd also all the "cool kids " in my school are super smart

    mrb s̶avagemrb s̶avageMonth ago
  • I think brad bling is an actor

    creatorcreatorMonth ago
  • Poke I tried to use your star code but is doset say use a star code but ill try to fix that!!!!😪

    mohamadou BAmohamadou BAMonth ago
  • Poke is the Best

    Jaea DagatanJaea DagatanMonth ago
  • Hi poke 😜

    Paxton McGeePaxton McGeeMonth ago
  • It must be amazing to have Poke as a dad.

    Benjamin BurkeBenjamin BurkeMonth ago
  • Make more baby poke videos

    ur name95ur name95Month ago
  • I can be hes friend

    Sebastian sebasSebastian sebasMonth ago
  • Poke why you have brown beer

    Jake RiveraJake RiveraMonth ago
  • hi i use star code poke

    Fortnite LeankerFortnite LeankerMonth ago
  • Circle poke ya use it on every single day is it is it's not when you already have it in so yeah that's all for today and I use thirkeld poke and I added you my name is I'm going to say it cyxcle09

    Tylias MarreroTylias MarreroMonth ago
  • Do you still brad when you where in school

    Codi llaXCodi llaXMonth ago
  • I'm friends with my crush

  • So sad too baby poke

    Calvin Dela PenaCalvin Dela PenaMonth ago
  • Poke. Look. Her

    Phyllis WilliamsPhyllis WilliamsMonth ago
  • Pole

    Phyllis WilliamsPhyllis WilliamsMonth ago
  • I will subscribe and your videos poke I’m a big fan of you put me at your shower now

    Joselyn De Leon LopezJoselyn De Leon LopezMonth ago
  • ❤️

    Joselyn De Leon LopezJoselyn De Leon LopezMonth ago
  • I think I should make a bloxburg elementary school.

    David GrzybDavid GrzybMonth ago
  • HELLO I'm your fan

    mansour Mansourmansour MansourMonth ago
  • lets see if these kids don't become homeless I bet 1000000000000000000 dollars that they will be homeless

    Lok Hang LiLok Hang LiMonth ago
  • umm baby poke you have tons of fans

    Lok Hang LiLok Hang LiMonth ago
  • I am popular smart and nice so i have lot of friend

    Touch KeoranyTouch KeoranyMonth ago
  • Poke expect my friend weces

    NahirZaviyd BlessedNahirZaviyd BlessedMonth ago
  • I fill like babbypoke is ziglon

    Jordan GameingJordan GameingMonth ago
  • Poke of you know hyper has a kid name baby hyper he soo they can hang out!! :)

    Khloe CerboneKhloe CerboneMonth ago
  • poke is fany sometime's 😁😁

    Sophia phSophia phMonth ago
  • Aww pokey your so sweet 🥲🥲 🥰💕

    little myalittle myaMonth ago
  • the pepe

    Bradley AmporfulBradley AmporfulMonth ago
  • the pepen

    Bradley AmporfulBradley AmporfulMonth ago
  • a pepe

    Bradley AmporfulBradley AmporfulMonth ago

    tania jafrintania jafrinMonth ago
  • is baby poke actually pokes son even in real life like Lani look like just a kid i mean teen uhm is he?

    Arturo RodriguezArturo RodriguezMonth ago
  • Bradblings is in there!

    Rop KidsRop KidsMonth ago
  • Panini

    Nadja Chavis'DavisNadja Chavis'DavisMonth ago
  • Remember when they met baby poke and poke it was awesome ! also use star code poke btw I am using my brothers account

    oFutureoFutureMonth ago
  • teacher are you serious right now let baby poke hang out with olivia like let them.

    Elda SotoElda SotoMonth ago
  • i saw brad in that school

    Danny CheungDanny CheungMonth ago
  • Who’s the mother?

    Jasmine WanJasmine WanMonth ago
  • Make more awesome vids

    Emily-jean ValenciaEmily-jean ValenciaMonth ago
  • I love the videos when you make about baby poke and do you still know a mysterious woman

    Pickle•Alicja BaraPickle•Alicja BaraMonth ago
  • once my clasa mates called me the dumbest cause i was the youngest even though i have solved the toughest riddles

    Funtime with AnshulaFuntime with AnshulaMonth ago