So I Became a Cop On Bloxburg.. Bad Idea! (Roblox)

Jul 19, 2020
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So I Became a Cop On Bloxburg.. (Roblox)
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  • U shouldn’t have followed him

    K man the cool plotagon MasterK man the cool plotagon Master22 hours ago
  • i wont tell ANYTHING 5 seconds later answers all the questions

    getmadzgetmadz4 days ago
  • Yes

    Omario NobleOmario Noble5 days ago
  • Bruh he can just reset

    Michelle HillMichelle Hill6 days ago
  • Wow cool edit hahahahahahhahahah LOL but im fan my name in roblox is Mudyqw

    nomde saxornomde saxor7 days ago
  • I wish I could aford a bag like that😦😦

    sefo piosefo pio11 days ago
  • hey poke

    Jahir LopezJahir Lopez13 days ago
  • Did you actually make a mansion or did you load it?

    Angela GardinierAngela Gardinier15 days ago
  • Poke I sub and I like

    Dhyamynne W VictoryDhyamynne W Victory18 days ago
  • U

    David cool ArmstrongDavid cool Armstrong25 days ago
  • I love your vids poke you the best I'm just 7

    Hayden MurrayHayden Murray26 days ago
  • u are

  • poke u are kinda feo

  • Poke I sub

    melly 22 supermariomelly 22 supermarioMonth ago
  • When are the villain gonna get a gun and defend themself against da cops and not get arrested so easily

    Man With A HatMan With A HatMonth ago
  • why is he always on his roof for the intro

    Ameer MassoomiAmeer MassoomiMonth ago
  • i came to watch the 3rd FAKEST! youtuber but that edit bro so realistic!!!! lol!!!! 1:00

    austinethegameraustinethegamerMonth ago
    • brehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      austinethegameraustinethegamerMonth ago

    banao banaookbanao banaookMonth ago
  • Make more vids plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssswsssssss

    Nyah FNNyah FNMonth ago
  • ik hes doing this for the kids I'm just saying to the people who believes him I'm not tryin to mess with y'all childhood

    JustYourOriginalHighSchoolBoy whyJustYourOriginalHighSchoolBoy whyMonth ago
  • man you need a haircut lol

    JustYourOriginalHighSchoolBoy whyJustYourOriginalHighSchoolBoy whyMonth ago
  • hahaahahahahha at 6:09

    beachygirl09beachygirl09Month ago
  • Switch back to your advortor

    Zachariah WestZachariah WestMonth ago
  • Did you say you’re not see her when you’re like about to cry

    Stacy GurewitzStacy GurewitzMonth ago
  • Do you know you’re the best USworldser

    Charlie S QuehlCharlie S QuehlMonth ago
  • Imma change my user to pokeysaurus

    Mark BakerMark BakerMonth ago
  • A old police you where a police?????? LOL

    guest guestguest guestMonth ago
  • Hi poke soooo cooool you saved the day😯

    Khloe CerboneKhloe CerboneMonth ago
  • When did you get that costume

    Emma Romero. c78aqEmma Romero. c78aqMonth ago
  • 5:17 mr mr mr

    Zacko RZacko RMonth ago
  • Only ogs remember The chase I think nobody knows

    Fire BlasterFire BlasterMonth ago
  • 11:32 XD I thought greggors was gonna come in XD

    GoGo Llama TutorialsGoGo Llama TutorialsMonth ago
  • I am you number one fan

    Shuraim AliShuraim AliMonth ago
  • I am a big fan poke

    Shuraim AliShuraim AliMonth ago
  • Hey poke your bloxburg house looks cool and soooooo pretty

    Mary McGuiganMary McGuiganMonth ago
  • this reminds me of lets be cops movie

    Brandon PlayzBrandon PlayzMonth ago
  • Pork please laugh at this message because I got you a month on

    Talk RobloxTalk RobloxMonth ago
  • Great edit 0:58

    watchforkidswatchforkidsMonth ago
  • Anyone who watches poke for the past 2-3 years, have you realise that Poke looks like a bloxburg USworldsr?

    tan mingqiang1tan mingqiang1Month ago
  • Addiin😇🥰5

    Addiin AverrousAddiin AverrousMonth ago
  • i canat believe i usds to believe all of his bloxburg videos were real 🤦‍♀️

    Divine DoveDivine Dove2 months ago
  • I don't have bloxburg and i don't do bad things .

    Nu NiangNu Niang2 months ago
  • Dude just tp to your house its not that hard srry to be mad

    Dosvan DominguezDosvan Dominguez2 months ago
  • I hope poke like this comment

    한국어나는한국어나는2 months ago
  • Are youstarcode poke

    Erick FiencoErick Fienco2 months ago
  • Mr. Police house got robbed...please helpp..**lol**

    GasterGaster2 months ago
  • Tp your house

    Julian VJulian V2 months ago
  • sub to pewdiepie

    Cayden AlleyneCayden Alleyne2 months ago
  • they were in my game one day

    Caraline ColeCaraline Cole2 months ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Patty mayo FansPatty mayo Fans2 months ago
  • thats why poke wants to be a cop because you need to save the city and help people and your family and i want to be a copgirl i want to wach dis i like this and subbb

    Kriztel Kaye MaudeKriztel Kaye Maude2 months ago
  • First time subscribed

    Jered WickmanJered Wickman2 months ago
  • He can just reset his self to get out

    Anthonylee GoreAnthonylee Gore2 months ago
  • You trusted them!?!

  • Who Miss Poke Old Intro?

  • So cool

    Luisa ChowdhuryLuisa Chowdhury2 months ago
  • and dont forget to subscribe poke channel

    aeida zahiliaeida zahili2 months ago
  • I laughed so hard at 11:53

    Cardenas Aaron ManuCardenas Aaron Manu2 months ago
  • :)(:

    ꧁ʏᴜʀɪ ɢᴀɢᴀʀɪɴ ꧂꧁ʏᴜʀɪ ɢᴀɢᴀʀɪɴ ꧂2 months ago
  • Poke there is somebody acting like there you and scamming people

    Jenny RoseJenny Rose2 months ago
  • Poke:.....I’m a cops the I’m a cat haha me:are you kidding me I’m sorry I’m not a human I’m a cat

    IVAN SEOIVAN SEO2 months ago
  • Poke haircut need sorry but miss your hair i you biggest fan I watched my first ever poke videos yesterday

    S last MarioS last Mario2 months ago
  • Whats up

    carlos pradocarlos prado2 months ago
  • Do not help them bro

    Mark ColeMark Cole2 months ago
  • Hello

    Bianca AcostaBianca Acosta2 months ago
  • You should I just went in poke digger1 when you talk to who the your friend police man

    Kim DownesKim Downes2 months ago
  • poke

    Kim DownesKim Downes2 months ago
  • Bloxburg Police Department BPD BPD Pokediger 1 Rank: Co- Captain

    SCP-999 :3SCP-999 :32 months ago
  • man why did u not glich out?

    Mini dead pool 2 sMini dead pool 2 s2 months ago
  • do u type the code like this POKE or poke

  • Hi poke

    Jessica’s liJessica’s li2 months ago
  • Plisss add me in roblox :3

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  • I SUBSCRIBE to all ur vids everyday

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  • Poke do a part 2 plz

    Jason OrtizJason Ortiz2 months ago
  • i am are real officer in bloxburg but u under arrest for fakeing! as are officer

  • play greenville

    Luv1103Luv11032 months ago
  • You can just reset if your traped

    Quackyice pizzaQuackyice pizza3 months ago
  • Maybe colonel

    yaya0906yaya09063 months ago
  • Hi

    Alonzo NguyenAlonzo Nguyen3 months ago
  • Ok

    Fernando ObanaFernando Obana3 months ago
  • But right now I found real poke digger one I found him he’s playing right now

    Bloopers gaming XoloBloopers gaming Xolo3 months ago
  • 1:21 imagine this being an actual bloxburg update, that would awesome!

    TheMarioKid [Content n stuf]TheMarioKid [Content n stuf]3 months ago
  • You better run.......Me:RUN!!!!!,

    Millie DavisHughesMillie DavisHughes3 months ago
  • Poke I'm poor my name is hthfvfbxhf y what robuks

    Juan HermadezJuan Hermadez3 months ago
  • poke i want to play what you

    gary leegary lee3 months ago
  • U upload vid 5 days after my bday

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  • Lol

    iLoveQuraniLoveQuran3 months ago
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  • bro you are two gullable

    Sarah StricklandSarah Strickland3 months ago
  • i think you could lose the hat

    Futurecookie 6948Futurecookie 69483 months ago
  • Uhm...

    GalaxyGalaxy3 months ago

    CowCowCowCow3 months ago
  • The criminals quarantined in jail

    Ze Yan, Jonathan NgZe Yan, Jonathan Ng3 months ago
  • I expect criminals stole a trillion cause criminals they steal for years

    Ze Yan, Jonathan NgZe Yan, Jonathan Ng3 months ago
  • I know it’s plan

    Cat WardCat Ward3 months ago
  • Bro every roblox bloxburg vid of poke intro at the roof Haha lol." Every time"

    Light yagamiLight yagami3 months ago
  • I became a bloxburg cop before and it was a bad idea

    Dragon PlayzDragon Playz3 months ago