ROBLOX AD Brought Me Here.. Where I'm Taken Will SHOCK YOU!

Apr 20, 2020
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  • Poke yay poke yay poke yay

    mark torres10mark torres10Day ago
    • I agree

      mark torres10mark torres10Day ago
  • its corona yass he dont get corana

    jordan youngjordan young2 days ago

    Mya SahibMya Sahib19 days ago
  • I am the parcor king

    Collin KelleyCollin Kelley20 days ago
  • Replie to this comment if you hate poke to

    Higor OliveiraHigor Oliveira23 days ago
    • Wow your here get a life and stop hating on my boy

      Higor OliveiraHigor Oliveira23 days ago
  • Poke:this is so sick! Me:this looks unexpected

    auto h sauto h s24 days ago
  • Cem z is like coved 19

    Robloxian Is CoolRobloxian Is Cool27 days ago
  • 5:30 legend of zelda breath of the wild

    Tonita ValenciaTonita ValenciaMonth ago
  • Me seeing the chat: everyone on this server must protect sir poke Me:hahahahahahahahha

    Summer KrailSummer KrailMonth ago
  • Is chemical z real

    STAR DuhhhSTAR DuhhhMonth ago
  • Hi

    catinakohlhoffcatinakohlhoffMonth ago
  • 4:59 poke:did I just fall 200 feet or something Me:you literally are like 12 feet down

    Big Turds Are Huge TBig Turds Are Huge TMonth ago
  • AHHH... IF I SEE A BLUE PERSON I CANT RUN i don’t have a house ahhhhh

    HydroXHydroX2 months ago
  • Poke- i’m the parkour master Denis-l am the master master of Obbys pink Leaf- what about me?

    Kirry KoalaKirry Koala2 months ago
  • Poke vids in 2020 in a nutshell: _____ WILL SHOCK YOU!!! _____ WILL SHOCK YOU!!! _____ WILL SHOCK YOU!!! _____ WILL SHOCK YOU!!! -^-

    Amy DavidsonAmy Davidson2 months ago
  • Chemical Z is like COVID-19 So is chemical z covid In Roblox

    Fareefta KhanFareefta Khan2 months ago
  • When he does the parkour I was like come on poke it's so easy

    Alex TomashevskiyAlex Tomashevskiy3 months ago
  • Ane youn relisste he have 4M rubux

    Booster ManBooster Man3 months ago
  • is that covid-19?

    WONG PEARLIE MoeWONG PEARLIE Moe3 months ago
  • Me:I’m not scared of chemical z Infected:*coughs* Also me:AHHH COVID IM GANNA DIE

    Rogieson NoradaRogieson Norada3 months ago
  • who else heard those coughs.

    Double_YTDouble_YT3 months ago
  • Are all da chemicals gone??

    Gacha_xx TuberGacha_xx Tuber3 months ago
  • Play roblox piggy

    Mohamed HeshamMohamed Hesham3 months ago
  • Poke poke poke poke poke poke poke pls plya roblox piggy

    Mohamed HeshamMohamed Hesham3 months ago
  • poke i found a poke hater club

    aswdiiyaswdiiy3 months ago
  • haha sound roblox ahahha

    azozxx56 adazozxx56 ad3 months ago
  • Lol

    Lolo_ LoloLolo_ Lolo3 months ago
  • Oo

    Lolo_ LoloLolo_ Lolo3 months ago
  • umm its just a game why is this so scary?

    Javon BoudreauJavon Boudreau3 months ago
  • Poke it’s spreading in other games

    Adrian OMGAdrian OMG3 months ago
  • his vids are set up

    Anson AndersonAnson Anderson4 months ago
  • Dude I only have 96Friends And you have 164!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe OcchinoJoe Occhino4 months ago
  • in bloxburg i,m blue

    mami khiangtemami khiangte4 months ago
  • Poke:if u see blue people stay away Me:wut i talked to a blue person in Roblox today-_-

    YoYo ShumYoYo Shum4 months ago
  • in game

    lolo kramarchuklolo kramarchuk4 months ago
  • if you find this...this is how you get bloxburg admin:press...shift,control,and x

    lolo kramarchuklolo kramarchuk4 months ago

    AlexYT_Gamer1 tekliAlexYT_Gamer1 tekli4 months ago
  • i like it when he always says baby idk why HAHAHA

    Ansherina CastilloAnsherina Castillo4 months ago
  • Poke im infected with chemical Z just join me on blox burg i need to ask some question plsss i need your help my username:REVENGER471

    Tince Novida WennyTince Novida Wenny5 months ago
  • I know something about chem U metal dose not help at all

    Ola_ QuinnOla_ Quinn5 months ago
  • I am poor in roblox

    Blaine MartinBlaine Martin5 months ago
  • That's really cool 👇

    Nathan LopesNathan Lopes5 months ago
  • Poke I like poke but hes fay👇

    Nathan LopesNathan Lopes5 months ago
  • Another random time : 10:17

    Harvplayz GodHarvplayz God5 months ago
  • Lol

    Harvplayz GodHarvplayz God5 months ago
  • Random time : 900:90

    Harvplayz GodHarvplayz God5 months ago
  • Oof

    3JDre3JDre5 months ago
  • I saw an ad about the USSR

    Skyhuntergamer8284Skyhuntergamer82845 months ago
  • Me: CORONA

    ArcticsYTArcticsYT5 months ago
  • 7:45 bruh he's the best!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brytney LopezjuarezBrytney Lopezjuarez6 months ago

    Shirley PeterShirley Peter6 months ago
  • When poke parkour in here 7:10 he keep trying then I laugh straight here 8:13 lol

    Jandee CajesJandee Cajes6 months ago
  • Use starcode poke!!!!

    Rosemarie JanousekRosemarie Janousek6 months ago
  • Poke is the best

    Rosemarie JanousekRosemarie Janousek6 months ago
  • I have chemical z I feel anger! -_-

    CTinaSurfCTinaSurf6 months ago
  • Sorry poke I don't have information or Twitter but if I get Twitter then ok

    CrimsonCrimson6 months ago
  • ya bosssss

    NaoPointNaoPoint6 months ago
  • Chemical Z:Covid19 Wowwwww poke

    vaniya sherazivaniya sherazi6 months ago
  • I'm your best fan

    Vanessa SupkoVanessa Supko6 months ago
  • great job on 4 mill sub

    Adaleigh DoleseAdaleigh Dolese6 months ago
  • camel Z so bad

    Ammar X GAMERAmmar X GAMER6 months ago
  • Did anyone think of corona

    Legendary Galactic WolfLegendary Galactic Wolf6 months ago
  • So Covid is going around and Kem Z is going around. 🤔. Some food for thought 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Kara CianoKara Ciano6 months ago
  • makes the power puff girls Z

    Christian DurrChristian Durr6 months ago
  • Why cant i see the ad

    aphioeaphioe6 months ago
  • Only notice chemical z is not real so calm down

    Brandon ColeBrandon Cole7 months ago
  • Wowe aaaaa

    Pinkie ryaPinkie rya7 months ago
  • He trap him self in his own jail lol

    peanuctpeanuct7 months ago
  • My favourite part was when you said that's Mcdonald ice-cream machine is working... But you never said that because it will never be true....

    PhoebePhoebe7 months ago
  • I can’t believe he’s not butter!

    Ender’s WorkshopEnder’s Workshop7 months ago
  • who want to help me and everybody to stop this send me a friend demand my user name is okabrine and give me you user name please we have to do semething

    Okabrine LamaOkabrine Lama7 months ago
  • poke I will stop you from stopping chemical Z I am the sister of the creator, just call me Xander >:)

    Bella XolBella Xol7 months ago
  • i was just playin i scared this kid so i gave him donuts to say sorry and then he started to get rlly sick he turned blue and was so angry 0_0

    ꧁Rio꧂꧁Rio꧂7 months ago
  • more like coronaz

    caleb eshicaleb eshi7 months ago
  • Oh no on blox burg I saw som body like this blue and sad

    king_daily50king_daily507 months ago
  • Chemical Z is in my plot there is a big supply of it I need your help removing. PLEASE HELP!!! My rblx name is Jdubb003

    Official AstroOfficial Astro7 months ago
    • i will be your friend because i want to help too my user name is okabrine

      Okabrine LamaOkabrine Lama7 months ago
  • How do ppl Get so Creative into Makein there Themes And how did He get a poster of Blue person

    Mellissa PMellissa P7 months ago
  • Im in the vedeo!!

    gacha life čóòķìßè pielleygacha life čóòķìßè pielley7 months ago
  • Is this real :( I jut peed my pants

    John DuncanJohn Duncan7 months ago
  • Play piggy plissss

    Oneida EscamillaOneida Escamilla7 months ago
  • My outfit is blue...

    Eric ZozioEric Zozio7 months ago
  • poke: just wakes up: gos on roblox: sees it: turns on camara: thinks i didint get ready...🙄

    iiisunny_robloxiiisunny_roblox7 months ago
  • Flerys

    Cause ComicsCause Comics7 months ago
  • Poke I know who doctermiccsherys

    Cause ComicsCause Comics7 months ago
  • Why is Cameron goes he is going to be bad now how do you fix chemical Z is it real camera Z

    Trish PlayhouseTrish Playhouse7 months ago
  • Hi zack

    Gaming Duos ytGaming Duos yt7 months ago
  • I think I've seen 1 blue person in boxburg but I stayed away and I wear a mask.

    ツiAmGxgeツiAmGxge7 months ago
  • im trying to save bloxburg too. i have area under meh home to cure infected ppl. pls friend me meh username is beepbooppro. thx

    BeepBoopBearBeepBoopBear7 months ago
  • i wish you can add me thats my b-day wish name:Gacha_jamesss

    Celia CaballesCelia Caballes7 months ago
  • Chemical C is mean *CORONA* in here am I right? .-.

    [ Shadøw Skyz ] ちゃん[ Shadøw Skyz ] ちゃん7 months ago
  • so , if you watch flamingo , he was trying to be the bloxburg presedent , and it worked..? kinda? barley? idk so i beilive he should be the presedent but no .

    Felicia SommeFelicia Somme7 months ago
  • What if there is a plot twist and the president is behind chemical z

    Slimefan ILoveSLIMESlimefan ILoveSLIME7 months ago
  • My avatar is blue... But my avatar's face is silly fun, but does that still mean my avatar is diseased??? I'm confused.

    liam hartnellliam hartnell7 months ago
  • Poke: theres a graph right here Me:looks like the corona infection chart

    LyliLyli7 months ago
    • Lol

      Manasa VaddadiManasa Vaddadi4 months ago
  • In roblox plz friend me I am a big fan plz friend me

    Guadalupe TadeoGuadalupe Tadeo7 months ago
  • My name is gemgod179

    Guadalupe TadeoGuadalupe Tadeo7 months ago
  • Can you friend me I since you a friend request please friend me I am your biggest fan

    Guadalupe TadeoGuadalupe Tadeo7 months ago
  • Boi corona Cyrus in real life bloxburg it's a virtual game they thinking man this is so real no it's not it's covid 19 with 300,00,00 people

    carrieburress1carrieburress17 months ago
  • this. is basically covid-19

    Brielle's PalaceBrielle's Palace7 months ago
  • I just realized it comes from food a long time ago me and a few people gave Mr U food. O_O

    Tiny fishTiny fish7 months ago