President Was CLONING Bloxburg Players.. I Had To Stop Him! (Roblox)

May 18, 2020
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President Was CLONING Bloxburg Players.. I Had To Stop Him! (Roblox)
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  • I see his box toes ._.

    Seraphina WuSeraphina Wu14 hours ago
  • And also you left your stuffy there at his house when you came over and you should’ve wrote your pass code and name on your stuffy

    Ethan ZieseEthan ZieseDay ago
  • Hey Polk person hacked your account

    Ethan ZieseEthan ZieseDay ago
  • oh no poke that's bad! but fan you do a vid about seeing your comments and can you put me on it

    Laura MatherLaura Mather4 days ago
  • Anyone notice the secret door behind each of the cloning chambers???

    Gravity PigGravity Pig4 days ago
  • poke had eno arms

    David Kurt CollamarDavid Kurt Collamar5 days ago
  • Can you tell me you don’t make a ninja movie like I don’t make ninja

    Kayvon RandallKayvon Randall5 days ago
  • His arm is invisible lol

    Ryan BockRyan Bock7 days ago
  • hey zach when u see your hand float its a sign of rayman is comin

    Theodore Faith LeeTheodore Faith Lee7 days ago
  • That means they ARE feeding The clones

    Tyler HoltomTyler Holtom7 days ago
  • Zack wdym by making a family of happy meals !?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Maria AlexsandraMaria Alexsandra8 days ago
  • You arm

    Jadiel ReyesJadiel Reyes10 days ago
  • The way he sounds when he tried to jump on the trees eww 😬😬😂😂😂

    Brandon wBrandon w11 days ago
  • Lies john heckerson is the true president

    William AftonWilliam Afton11 days ago
  • Some give me money

  • You can see the doors

    Janitza FrancoJanitza Franco12 days ago
  • What is going on with your arm

    Robin PonceRobin Ponce13 days ago
  • "President was cloning" I smell JoJo reference here🤔

    Funny Valentine'sFunny Valentine's14 days ago
  • how many are they making

    Eleanor YagerEleanor Yager15 days ago
  • Why does he stand on the roof eveytime he says hi guys Answer here 👇 👇

    SAMER MrmoraaSAMER Mrmoraa16 days ago
  • TEAM SLOTH FOREVER heheheheheeh

    Itzel BustosItzel Bustos16 days ago
  • I like your wonze

    Eilon ShawEilon Shaw16 days ago
  • I can see the doors in the cage the the same people are just using the same skin lol the dont clone it’s inposible

    Liam MillsLiam Mills17 days ago
  • Who is a mother of a bisscut?

    Avery AwesomenessAvery Awesomeness18 days ago
  • hi poke i want rubux

    2 - A1 Arjun Reddy Alleddula2 - A1 Arjun Reddy Alleddula18 days ago
    • pl

      2 - A1 Arjun Reddy Alleddula2 - A1 Arjun Reddy Alleddula18 days ago
  • Why do you start vids on ur roof?

    Gaming GodGaming God19 days ago
  • Poke wheres your hand?

    song guysong guy20 days ago
  • I think that we're going to get knowledge and stuff about the experiment when he said "we're going to feed a whole family of Happy Meals" like if you agree with me

    Judejj JJudejj J20 days ago

    Heather SuttonHeather Sutton21 day ago
  • Your arm tho.

    Don RDon R22 days ago
  • I know that this is planned out but idc i still loves his videos! :D

    Husky RobloxHusky Roblox22 days ago
  • DOG!

    Zebra gamer fanZebra gamer fan23 days ago
  • poke:im hidine welll (: me:... me:oh ye it like nothing is there..

    Nuno CampeloNuno Campelo23 days ago
  • Poke does a intro normally... ME WHERE THE POKE IS HIS ARM!!!

    Nuno CampeloNuno Campelo23 days ago
  • They are like scp 3008 dash something

    ImAShopHowCanIhelpImAShopHowCanIhelp24 days ago
  • Lol in the cloning process number two I saw a secret door

    Jawad SaadeJawad Saade26 days ago
  • Is funny

    Desiree AstejadaDesiree Astejada26 days ago
  • Hi poke you have no hand

    Desiree AstejadaDesiree Astejada26 days ago
  • Cari called me

    Marcel ArcenalMarcel Arcenal27 days ago
  • Zack: *undercover as a BOX* Me:*thinking of how he pulled that off so long and no one noticed him especially since he's a walking BOX*

    Becky BeltBecky Belt28 days ago
  • my brother likes you

    Chelsey TessierChelsey Tessier29 days ago
  • Hi

    ithinkimbubithinkimbubMonth ago
  • Where is his arm

    Jarvis McClendonJarvis McClendonMonth ago
  • 8:31. You can see a name tag at the right

    Low Jie Long Jared StudentLow Jie Long Jared StudentMonth ago
  • that was crazy

    LittleCam GamerLittleCam GamerMonth ago
  • poke i more than love ur vids sooooo much

    Mujaidal-rhan KaliMujaidal-rhan KaliMonth ago
  • You are amazing

    Olga SalazarOlga SalazarMonth ago
  • y did it do the Skyrim level up

    Meredith BantaMeredith BantaMonth ago
  • EZ

    Meredith BantaMeredith BantaMonth ago
  • 0:00

  • Lol the arm

  • i love your videos poke

    Emelin De LeonEmelin De LeonMonth ago
  • Doyo need komante eare time

    Markus MaurinsMarkus MaurinsMonth ago
    • DONT

      Markus MaurinsMarkus MaurinsMonth ago
  • Wow i thought he would never see his floating hand

    Babar KhanBabar KhanMonth ago
  • Hii Poke!💖🥺Your One Of My Favorite USworldsrs Stay Safe:)

    Chxrry ColaaaChxrry ColaaaMonth ago
  • Why do you look like prestonplayz but with a beard😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅😅😅

    Kenny _PlayzKenny _PlayzMonth ago
  • he not spawning i see in he cell back invisible door he look like walls

    Mr Creeper Gaming HDMr Creeper Gaming HDMonth ago
  • Poke had no arm lol

    Amanda. D'AngeloAmanda. D'AngeloMonth ago
    • 👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨

      Amanda. D'AngeloAmanda. D'AngeloMonth ago
  • isn't it illgel to use science on people? because that what it say on videos most

    nightmarenightmareMonth ago
  • The chicken one was funny

    KK gamer girl sparklesKK gamer girl sparklesMonth ago
  • if you can see in the cells there is a door like a secret door in every cell and all the bethanyknee is hiding behind those and when the lights switch on and off they quickly come out of those door

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • Can i ask What starcodes do?

    Fathar FRAFathar FRAMonth ago
  • Who else notice? *There's a door behind the clones and that's were they come from*

    ItzIrishbutterflyItzIrishbutterflyMonth ago
  • wait what about pokes user name was it showing on top of his head they could have known

    ahmad muhammadahmad muhammadMonth ago
  • huh in the bigining pokes hand was gone

    ahmad muhammadahmad muhammadMonth ago
  • Poke your right arm is gone!

    Darshna BhaktaDarshna BhaktaMonth ago
  • wait.... i ate his arm last night what!? how did he not go to the doc?! bruh. " 1:28 " SAY WUTTTTTTT

    alae ammaralae ammarMonth ago
  • Can i just tell sorry I’m very very late for the live if you don’t know I’m a kid I’m a 7 year old and I used your code it didn’t work

    I'm DeadI'm DeadMonth ago
  • 80Persent should it be 100Persent

    Lucie BennLucie BennMonth ago
  • can they clone dogs instead

    Lucie BennLucie BennMonth ago
    • pls

      Lucie BennLucie BennMonth ago
  • Pokes other arm is invisible

  • Pat 2

    Zeus BoadiZeus BoadiMonth ago
  • Holy mother of a biscuit.........I love it

    chloechloeMonth ago
  • BethAnyknee

    rickroblox Talsmarickroblox TalsmaMonth ago
  • BetthAnyknee

    rickroblox Talsmarickroblox TalsmaMonth ago
  • Did you even see the arm is missing 😂😂

    Fatima MangeraFatima MangeraMonth ago
  • done

    Chinchinmae MalaqueChinchinmae MalaqueMonth ago
  • Do you have one arm because your skin hasn’t quite loaded yet so you have to reset..

    Xavier cummingsXavier cummingsMonth ago
  • There behold a wall when they are cloning

    Murderkillersean1Murderkillersean1Month ago
  • No arms allowed in Among us

    EmilyHartley ScarEmilyHartley ScarMonth ago
  • Among us hand

    EmilyHartley ScarEmilyHartley ScarMonth ago
  • Me:you can look at the chat Poke:🤦🏼‍♂️I am dumb

  • Poke started off with only one arm🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Clara EngelkingClara EngelkingMonth ago
  • i saw the wall open

    deeqa abdideeqa abdi2 months ago
  • it was weird why you bump into trouble IK NOW

    deeqa abdideeqa abdi2 months ago
  • I know you make content BUT DUDE now your going over the bar who cares if he is cloning yes it hurts an little bit but there is no problem

    scorefor1scorefor12 months ago
  • This is almost real life!

    JohnPlaysJohnPlays2 months ago
  • Jordan:I am not doing this for bloxburg I am doing it for money 💴 Poke:WHAT!?!? You are doing it for the cure?!?! President:What we are looking for a cure?!?! Me: Wow 😑 Just wow 😑 Why do you do this to me? Mmm?

    NightcoreEmmaNightcoreEmma2 months ago
    • Lol he is mean so mean 😭

      NightcoreEmmaNightcoreEmma2 months ago
  • Poke: My Arm......

    Solomon JoyaSolomon Joya2 months ago
  • Poke means feed all clones humans

    Kaneplayzc936 CharlestonKaneplayzc936 Charleston2 months ago
  • Um did anyone else see this but if you look at 8:31 and look at the wall you can see a b. Did anyone else see this?

    John HainesJohn Haines2 months ago
  • Zack one of ur avatars arm I'd invisible

    Nagima MohammedNagima Mohammed2 months ago
    • Is*

      Nagima MohammedNagima Mohammed2 months ago
  • Sorry😶

    Marica JukićMarica Jukić2 months ago
  • They cut ur arm lol🤣🤣

    Marica JukićMarica Jukić2 months ago
  • In the tank there is a hidden door in each

    BIG YEETERBIG YEETER2 months ago
  • Wait secretary Jordan? IVE BEEN IS GAME!!!!

    It’s ashlynIt’s ashlyn2 months ago
  • Hi

    Matthew DowsonMatthew Dowson2 months ago
  • Poke your videos change for me the quarantine. You changed my life sad to happy. Also guys make sure to use star code poke. Subscribe to poke and leave a like if you enjoyed I did so I’m leaving a like.

    Bryan PaguayBryan Paguay2 months ago
  • Roblox

    David cool ArmstrongDavid cool Armstrong2 months ago
  • Zwhere is you arm

    Phalrath TessPhalrath Tess2 months ago