My Family Was Pretending To Be POOR.. I Called Cops! (Roblox)

Jun 25, 2020
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My Family Was Pretending To Be POOR.. I Called Cops! (Roblox)
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  • Over reacted AHAHAH

    Piperpepper213 AccPiperpepper213 Acc19 hours ago
  • Your dumb like me

    Mahendran MarkanduMahendran MarkanduDay ago
  • poke please stop saying "Use Star Code Poke" everyone knows or used ._. ;-;

    Inwoo KimInwoo KimDay ago
  • 8:45 WHAT THE POOR!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌✨

    Harry pooter beanHarry pooter beanDay ago
  • Pokes most said word in his videos : “ what”

    Zara StarZara StarDay ago
  • Love ❤️

    Austin gunAustin gun2 days ago
  • I wonder if he plans this

    Ram Kumar DattaRam Kumar Datta3 days ago
  • I love when he said oh ok oh ok

    laurita andradelaurita andrade3 days ago
  • Poke can you do more admin commands

    Nicolas RojasNicolas Rojas3 days ago
  • I'm cooking dinner for the first time is probably because I'm six years old oops I should of not given that info

    Leona WilliamsLeona Williams4 days ago
  • something ;3

    jay dotsonjay dotson4 days ago
  • when i see the red guy suit i just thinck about he say why are you playing in this is for rich human

    khalis akram07khalis akram075 days ago
  • Lol “WHAT THE POOR?” CRACKED ME UP! LOL 😂 my favorite youtuber

    TheAmonguslifeTheAmonguslife5 days ago
  • Me to

    Hod HareHod Hare7 days ago
  • i think poke forgot to remove the shiny teeth face into sad face cuz they will actually know his in undercover right?

    《Titanus Storm King of the Thunder》《Titanus Storm King of the Thunder》8 days ago
  • People are so weird...

    zeikizeiki8 days ago
  • Poke:Wow there saying that there poor the mom,dad,and son.poke your the son

    Landon FreyLandon Frey8 days ago
  • When they turned into poor mode they had kinda rich clothes

    herb mageleherb magele8 days ago
  • I forgive you

    Suhaan BudhaniSuhaan Budhani8 days ago
  • bro send me some Rubox I don't have one

    Thomas NicodemusThomas Nicodemus9 days ago
  • The Sherlock.

    Simas KamarauskasSimas Kamarauskas9 days ago
  • You didn’t CALL THE COPS the cops called you

    Eva-Kay GoochEva-Kay Gooch9 days ago
  • They goldd diggers

    Aljur OrtizAljur Ortiz10 days ago
  • Cool

    Fnafmangle-andfnaffoxyandfnaf-glitchtrap Toy foxyFnafmangle-andfnaffoxyandfnaf-glitchtrap Toy foxy10 days ago

    Jeremiah CoxJeremiah Cox10 days ago

    Jeremiah CoxJeremiah Cox10 days ago
  • Poke is rich and his girlfriend

    GoCyan 2021GoCyan 202110 days ago
  • She scared meeee😂😂😂😂

    Alex BarritaAlex Barrita11 days ago
  • its 2021

    will lewiswill lewis11 days ago
  • This comment ain't a comment- cos it's been edited ^°^

    ameliaangel123 Roseameliaangel123 Rose11 days ago
  • Poke being a grandma LOL 9:50

    JB Glitches / SecretsJB Glitches / Secrets12 days ago
  • It’s called “scammers” to

    weirdo Even if I do not post us video I’ll tryweirdo Even if I do not post us video I’ll try12 days ago
  • ?????????!

    Tau TuuTau Tuu12 days ago
  • Poki and bpdregors

    Tau TuuTau Tuu12 days ago
  • You can be A baby now in the game

    Jie AttardJie Attard13 days ago
  • 7-:55 LOL

    AYE MM-AAYE MM-A13 days ago

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez13 days ago
  • DA SUN

    NoruxlNoruxl14 days ago
  • Poke you hage to do this in y home pls help

    Farah PadmasariFarah Padmasari14 days ago
  • Did u know poke is growing a beard

    Mhikayla Janelle HernandezMhikayla Janelle Hernandez15 days ago
  • That pan that family is dumb

    Renee MortonRenee Morton15 days ago
  • Poke: but hole

    Imogen RawsthorneImogen Rawsthorne15 days ago

      Imogen RawsthorneImogen Rawsthorne15 days ago
  • love you to

    RiyaRiya16 days ago
  • That wasn't the bestest I've seen by poke

    Kim ThwaitesKim Thwaites16 days ago
  • Z liar

    Rachel RhodesRachel Rhodes17 days ago
  • I know this is acting and maybe not real. But I love It! Keep it up!

    Jacob NguyenJacob Nguyen17 days ago
  • Everyone that tried this 👇

    DarkAnonymous GamingDarkAnonymous Gaming17 days ago
  • I used to Comment all your Vids but I stoped Becuase Ur vids made me have NIGHTMARES So sorry.

    Paris FanParis Fan17 days ago
  • He called it📞

    Nihal Skandan KuruvemulaNihal Skandan Kuruvemula17 days ago
    • Rings

      Nihal Skandan KuruvemulaNihal Skandan Kuruvemula17 days ago
  • Imagine calling the cops because your parents are pretending to be poor

    Hamburger HamburgerHamburger Hamburger17 days ago
  • Im one of the first comments in 2021

    P4RK3RRBLXP4RK3RRBLX18 days ago
  • Awesome he might be a bad guy nothing right now. Poke

    Kayvon RandallKayvon Randall18 days ago
  • Hi poke.I been watching you since I was 7 I’m 9 now

    AdayWithGrace 1AdayWithGrace 118 days ago
  • i hope you are the great day ever

    AndremAndrem19 days ago
  • Almost eveyone in roblox is wierd

    Max BodenhamMax Bodenham19 days ago
  • Poke don't be silly! You are not the biggest idiot on the planet!! Those scammers are the stupidest, dumbest, and the giant biggest losers/idiots

    RobloxBlazeReactsRobloxBlazeReacts19 days ago
  • Why would you forget to be a kid 😆

    lynne calaylynne calay19 days ago
  • Poke I love your vids Can I have robust my user highfresh333

    Lev Gal WertmanLev Gal Wertman19 days ago
  • LOL, he wasn’t even a kid XD

    TheRealLoganTubeTheRealLoganTube20 days ago
  • All your vid is scripted lol

    Panikato LaylayPanikato Laylay20 days ago
  • They would have seen u and the cops charting

    Tiernan OcallaghanTiernan Ocallaghan20 days ago
  • Poke ik u set it up

    Tiernan OcallaghanTiernan Ocallaghan20 days ago
  • bruh what a dum the people can see the chat lol sorry

    lale poypoylale poypoy20 days ago
  • At 6:04 the teen... she said”oh, we’re very poor though” but why do they have a house?

    Tessa MckayTessa Mckay20 days ago
  • These are all scripted

    Melissa CrickmoreMelissa Crickmore20 days ago
  • The family: gets 50,000 from pretending to be poor Me “Should I do it now?”

    Unstoppable GamingUnstoppable Gaming20 days ago
  • Ahem, ahem, I have a word public world, Poke, yes Poke has called a female daughter a male son 8:17

    Mila McCordMila McCord20 days ago
  • Hey I hate poke actually I hate poke

    Play4saysPlay4says21 day ago
  • 8:18 did he just say son THATS THE DAUGHTER

    Lee Van Cleef MauricioLee Van Cleef Mauricio21 day ago
  • what they are rich but acting poor for money thats a gold diggers

    Kayden HerronKayden Herron21 day ago
  • The family we gonna be the richest people in Blocksburg People with a lot of roebucks Who said you had more money

    Eli AndersonEli Anderson22 days ago
  • You're involved in something

    Cardin OchanjiCardin Ochanji22 days ago
  • Who wants help get poke to 5 Million. I subed from him all myy home devieces

    SanskritiGSanskritiG22 days ago
  • Roof

    cousuritecousurite23 days ago
  • poke : son of a biscuit me : so a cookie

    thexlegendx101thexlegendx10123 days ago
  • btw why code?

    Yejoon HeoYejoon Heo24 days ago
  • no your not i went to school whif slipers XD

    Yejoon HeoYejoon Heo24 days ago
  • The first word is ur life

    Onur ErzanOnur Erzan24 days ago
  • Yes

    Ahmed AhmedAhmed Ahmed24 days ago
  • Do you actually scam pets in adopt me!

    Rajvir KaurRajvir Kaur25 days ago
  • Way to go Poke!!!

    shaheem aljafryshaheem aljafry25 days ago
  • You no sorry me too

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez26 days ago
  • I have a joke why is the ender dragon cool bc the ender dragon is poke😎😎😎

    Chloè JansmaChloè Jansma26 days ago
  • :o

    Elmer 2012Elmer 201227 days ago
  • 8:12 Poke: The mom, the son, Me: *You* *mean* *the* *daughter?*

    Nylaa does YTNylaa does YT27 days ago
  • Hi poke I’m your biggest fan and I What to play robox with you but ti bo not let me and I’m following you in USworlds please can I play with you but my pone borek but it oh ok because I got a new pone and what your nema on robox I will give you my nema on robox it

    Dwight De jesusDwight De jesus27 days ago
  • U know da game sorry

    Emma GreenEmma Green27 days ago
  • Not heer

    YoManDoggyYoManDoggy28 days ago
  • Here*

    YoManDoggyYoManDoggy28 days ago
  • Father:WE GOT SO MUCH uhh blessed Me:you were going to say money Me again:WHO RAISED YOU!?

    Paul HordijenkoPaul Hordijenko28 days ago
  • you are the best

    Sachchit MishraSachchit Mishra28 days ago
  • poke:ok guys im going to knock on the door **realizashon** IM NOT EVEN A KIDDDDDD read more *poke* *2020*

    •creampuff_demon••creampuff_demon•28 days ago
  • His face looks like cancer

    B And G VideosB And G Videos29 days ago
  • U call to much

    Doug RayDoug Ray29 days ago
  • The Family be like: oh, WE Just got less, Just a less. Flahsback: WE, GOT- The Annoying about bloxburg: When you're rich: People Start to Rush the door

    dausmira dausmiradausmira dausmira29 days ago
  • I like your videos

    JaycoolagameplaysJaycoolagameplaysMonth ago
  • Poke

    blox gamingblox gamingMonth ago
  • See new

    blox gamingblox gamingMonth ago
  • They said “don’t go in the basement” it’s just like the parents who are secretly babies...

    Peachy _vibesPeachy _vibesMonth ago
  • 💪🏿

    SonicPlushWorldSonicPlushWorldMonth ago