Jul 31, 2020
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Zack "Poke" is a USworldsr with over 5.5 Million combined Subscribers across 2 channels, consisting of Real Life Content such as Pranks, Challenges, and more!

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    austin fryaustin fryDay ago
  • I’m your biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest fan

    Peyton JacksonPeyton Jackson2 days ago
  • Me 39

    Mohamed HamedMohamed Hamed3 days ago
  • Ok

    Mohamed HamedMohamed Hamed3 days ago
  • The the oranges you guys forgot

    Emily-jean ValenciaEmily-jean Valencia3 days ago
  • This is way back 22 is so young

    Emily-jean ValenciaEmily-jean Valencia3 days ago
  • U have to poke the needle through the side

    Gamer GalGamer Gal3 days ago
  • I feel like Poke ruined his countertop...

    Dianna GuerraDianna Guerra4 days ago
  • 😁😁😏

    Tramonte HensonTramonte Henson7 days ago
  • . ,..!

    Murtada HashimMurtada Hashim9 days ago
  • Hi poke

    Morgan LightMorgan Light9 days ago
  • i did it at the age of 10 and accidentally dyed my skin red :(

    MatPlayzMatPlayz9 days ago
  • Hi

    Popular Prevost playsPopular Prevost plays9 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Madelein van TonderMadelein van Tonder10 days ago
  • Pokey can’t believe you’re dead now

    Sarah AmissahSarah Amissah12 days ago
  • Hi poke how old are you

    Pizza PlayerPizza Player14 days ago

    Reaganplayz_robloxReaganplayz_roblox15 days ago
    • Sssniperwolf be like

      Reaganplayz_robloxReaganplayz_roblox15 days ago
  • Yeeeeé÷÷www÷÷e÷et

    Alondra GamaAlondra Gama16 days ago
  • This was really cool btw where did u buy the dye

    V1bezV1bez17 days ago
  • I have never watched you for, 2 YEARS And now your a whole new person!

    Paris FanParis Fan17 days ago
  • It’s been so long and he is a new person btw he did not do the orange 🍊

    Shaheena YasminShaheena Yasmin17 days ago
  • pink even I'm a girl I don't like pink

    Aeryn RenardAeryn Renard24 days ago
  • I'm 29 lol

    William WaltersWilliam Walters27 days ago
  • i love water melon and i would NEVER eat that

    Alison ScalesAlison Scales27 days ago
  • Lani: throws it at his stomach but hits his arm Poke: oww that definitely hurt Me: bruh it hit your arm

    Nevaeh McDowNevaeh McDowMonth ago
  • Pink matches. You :D.

    Gaming2010YTGaming2010YTMonth ago
  • He got a perm 🤔

    DitrixDitrixMonth ago
  • Pink orange is mini grapefruit

    Adria PetersAdria PetersMonth ago
  • So cool

  • in the beginning poke said we are turning this watermelon to blue it is time for the watermelon we are turning this watermelon to purple and not blue no blue watermelon anymore

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • Poke/Zack:i want todo this to the fruits that have water me:doesn't alll fruit have water in it???if not you will be eating dry fruits and dry fruits aren't nice

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • Hehe

    Little VLOGSLittle VLOGSMonth ago
  • Its under the orange

    Jun BunaoJun BunaoMonth ago
  • Pink next

    Eden adue WondimalemEden adue WondimalemMonth ago
  • zack: lays them down me:just eat them thats why there their

    sharon panettasharon panettaMonth ago
  • the watermolon looks like a tomoto

    sharon panettasharon panettaMonth ago
  • Me stops watching poke for a very long time me HE IS 22!?!

    Arya's Best Day EverArya's Best Day EverMonth ago
  • Are you gonna cut that beard off?

    Cj HeCj HeMonth ago
  • wuch this and see your moth

    Milena Anders-BarronMilena Anders-BarronMonth ago
  • pink

    Milena Anders-BarronMilena Anders-BarronMonth ago
  • Do they go up??

    Meca SendrijasMeca SendrijasMonth ago
  • Do fruts die

    Meca SendrijasMeca SendrijasMonth ago
  • Ok nice

    gomalvogomalvoMonth ago
  • hi poke not to be rood but you need a cut :)

    bentley broussardbentley broussard2 months ago
  • Polk you need to help me right now a hacker is after my Roblox account you need to give me a robot number so I can call

    Stacey ConnorsStacey Connors2 months ago
  • everyone: get a new haircut me: no no no, we need to let the bird eggs stay there until the spring when they hatch... sorry zack

    MerebearMerebear2 months ago
  • Mmmm juicy watermelon

    Sweet honey beeSweet honey bee2 months ago

    Sweet honey beeSweet honey bee2 months ago
  • Im not even close to 22 i dont even know what 22-9= is i dont know my math *ok thats embarrising a 4th grader not knowing math*

    Sweet honey beeSweet honey bee2 months ago
  • im older now

    Ahsan KABIRAhsan KABIR2 months ago
  • im just the girl and that boy is my dad

    Ahsan KABIRAhsan KABIR2 months ago
  • poke ur the best and ur chanle is the best

    Ahsan KABIRAhsan KABIR2 months ago
  • Me bance zun zun zun zun zun zun me bance zun zun zun yum yum yum me baaaaaaaaaaaaa zu zu zu zu zu zu

    MewMew DesuMewMew Desu2 months ago
  • Being honest I don’t miss the old poke I like the new one no hate lol

    Dank meme ShrekDank meme Shrek2 months ago
  • Love you 🤪 😘💕💗💓💞💖❣💝💘❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎

    maddie playzmaddie playz2 months ago
  • Im happy for you poke! :D keep doing these, we will watch it!

    Jack DillaJack Dilla2 months ago
  • : D

    Erica PalmerErica Palmer2 months ago
  • : o

    Erica PalmerErica Palmer2 months ago
  • Ummm...Do a sweets/hot stuf pls : D

    Erica PalmerErica Palmer2 months ago
  • ur supose to inject the foods by the sides in side for the inside could be color not just the top

    Allys lifeAllys life2 months ago
  • There is an red orange🙂

    Marica JukićMarica Jukić2 months ago

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones2 months ago
  • The eggs kinda looked like Chemical U

    Harla QuinnHarla Quinn2 months ago
  • That so brutal on the fruit ._.

    himiwari :3himiwari :32 months ago
  • you are the bestier youtuber ever i have seen before

    Lolo JamelahLolo Jamelah2 months ago
  • He cant eat paint

    Maria AngelicaMaria Angelica2 months ago
  • Poke is the best youtuber

    Maria AngelicaMaria Angelica2 months ago
  • Poke do you know Among us if you play Among us Can I be the first one to join your server please I’m a biggest fan

    I am the purple guy I am the purple guyI am the purple guy I am the purple guy2 months ago
  • Poke is cool

    Iliana AbeldanoIliana Abeldano2 months ago
  • Poke dont get hert

    Iliana AbeldanoIliana Abeldano2 months ago
  • Poke is the best of all

    Iliana AbeldanoIliana Abeldano2 months ago
  • .

    Davion BurnhamDavion Burnham2 months ago
  • i like to see poke smile lol

    JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂nJULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n2 months ago
    • i love the ending to lol

      JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂nJULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n2 months ago
  • I want to do th watermelon 1

    boy and girl power nboy and girl power n2 months ago
  • What if you inject it in your skin lol

    yoxelinPASTORyoxelinPASTOR2 months ago
  • No one: Literally no one: Not Even Beyoncé: *Poke:* Wears same clothes 24 hours later.

    XxNight WolfxXXxNight WolfxX2 months ago
  • I haven't watched poke in a while and he looks very different I'm shocked

    VexsusVexsus2 months ago
  • We love u poke.

    XxNight WolfxXXxNight WolfxX2 months ago
  • I will not do that becouse i am 9

    M. KenishaM. Kenisha2 months ago
  • Coca cola espuma

    real polish cow wreal polish cow w2 months ago
  • What are you gonna make roblox videos

    The VisionThe Vision2 months ago
  • Zack your watermelon looks like a tomato lol

    Gemma QuekGemma Quek3 months ago
  • I watch him so long ago and he is so different

    Shyann YaterShyann Yater3 months ago
  • wooo poke i ove you you are so cool

    Angel RoseAngel Rose3 months ago
  • By the way I am 12 years old ;)

    K I T T YK I T T Y3 months ago
  • I never new your name was zack

    ClumsyTheFlamingo PlayzClumsyTheFlamingo Playz3 months ago
  • Poke

    Giovani Villeda RamirezGiovani Villeda Ramirez3 months ago
  • Who else is watching this in October 2020

    Jordan GameZJordan GameZ3 months ago
  • He needs a hair cut

    Valerie PriValerie Pri3 months ago
  • I break the rules I do that and I eat that so yummy yummy 😋 😋 😋 😋

    Bacon King Gaming YTBacon King Gaming YT3 months ago
  • I watch this so many time so cool me want eat watermelon

    Bacon King Gaming YTBacon King Gaming YT3 months ago
  • 👁 👁 👃🏻 👄

    Rayan CoolRayan Cool3 months ago
  • Ms dominus

    Rayan CoolRayan Cool3 months ago
  • Poke I was on bloxburg and i saw someone say they needed your help. They said they got kidnapped. Go help them my Dude!

    Adrian MihanovicAdrian Mihanovic3 months ago

    Lilly WeaverLilly Weaver3 months ago
  • love your vids like if you agree oh and poke can you shout out me and i love you kichen

    Stella Claire BallardStella Claire Ballard3 months ago
  • It’s called a waterMellon it’s watery not a juicymellon

    Michelle SkorzewskiMichelle Skorzewski3 months ago
  • Why are u not uploading this month poke?

    Robot channelRobot channel3 months ago
  • that orango didn't look like it hurt

    Hawa AmadouHawa Amadou3 months ago
  • You should have boiled the egg

    Roni ClubRoni Club3 months ago