I Went On A BLOXBURG CRUISE.. What Happened WILL SHOCK YOU! (Roblox)

Feb 10, 2020
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I Went On A BLOXBURG CRUISE.. What Happened WILL SHOCK YOU! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke

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  • OMl poke I’m such a big fan of u pls like this if u like poke 👇👇👇👇

    Megan HargousMegan Hargous13 hours ago
  • Here i am in 2021, missing these videos

    Teresa LinTeresa LinDay ago
  • Last

    /:/ Ruffmatt Studios \:\/:/ Ruffmatt Studios \:\3 days ago
  • Do you know Mosby. Suite life on deck. I heard he went to jail😳

    Amy penrodAmy penrod7 days ago
  • I watch suite life on deck i’m not joking

    Amy penrodAmy penrod7 days ago
  • I news starcode poke all the time ❤️😊

    Amy penrodAmy penrod7 days ago
  • I love you😍😘

    Amy penrodAmy penrod7 days ago
  • Poke i used ur starcode and... Where are u??

    aniix Oliiveaniix Oliive15 days ago
  • can you come over to my house poke hahaha

    EVMEVM15 days ago
  • why have you not been uploading?

    Jake plays 97Jake plays 9717 days ago
  • Sorry about that

    trisha Juguantrisha Juguan17 days ago
  • How’s it going late squad? Happy early New year!

    Captain Emj The BunnyCaptain Emj The Bunny21 day ago
  • i big Fan poke

    kids izan dan alyakids izan dan alya24 days ago
  • Ya poke

    kids izan dan alyakids izan dan alya24 days ago
  • Zack: This doesn't feel like the titanic this feels like the Suite Life on Deck. Me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Zack: I don't think you guys know that show. Me: B R U H. Who doesn't know that show?

    RadChad 22RadChad 2226 days ago
  • The crew got seasick

    Frani and Matti's lego storiesFrani and Matti's lego stories26 days ago
  • It most be acid

    Locz CireLocz CireMonth ago
  • Chemical (z) the z reminds me of zach lol

    Summer KrailSummer KrailMonth ago
  • Its chemical u or x or z the new z is new

    Summer KrailSummer KrailMonth ago
  • Who thinks it would be kewl if the named it *the S.S bloxy* ???

    Glimmershine v1Glimmershine v1Month ago
  • Poke: WHAT. THE. MOM Me: 👁👄👁

    Sandra RadkvistSandra RadkvistMonth ago
  • The titanic is the best

    Bentley StapletonBentley StapletonMonth ago
  • Poke Shane plays pretended to be you

    thomas’s Playhousethomas’s PlayhouseMonth ago
  • I love you poke

    Candice PestkaCandice PestkaMonth ago
  • Light chemical Z

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • This was such

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • I don't know what to say

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • Chemical Z

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • It's literally

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • Yeah

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • Holy moly what the heck

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • That was completely chemicalz

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago
  • Son of a biscuit

    UbaidalamOMGUbaidalamOMGMonth ago

    Sandra HerranSandra HerranMonth ago
  • the green stuff is probley ovecoto

    Ashley McCarthyAshley McCarthyMonth ago
  • i love poke thank you poke POKE!

    Zakaria AhmedZakaria AhmedMonth ago
  • I do not know how in the world the radioactive got there

    Isaak MorseIsaak MorseMonth ago
  • Thats why they wor infected

    Isaak MorseIsaak MorseMonth ago
  • Radioactive can turn you into a zombie

    Isaak MorseIsaak MorseMonth ago
  • The green wos radioactive ☢

    Isaak MorseIsaak MorseMonth ago
  • Hi poke ita chem u he was cleaning up chem u and it started to spread up to the food and they ate the food they got the chemical u

    maryam abou chamamaryam abou chamaMonth ago
  • what the?! it’s weird

    MauventuresMauventuresMonth ago
  • That was chemical u

    Jahir LopezJahir LopezMonth ago
  • It’s covid?!?!!

  • Poke does not like tags when Johnny said ######## poke just CUT it out.

  • If i can make a cruise in bloxburg so i cooming to havr No virus

    gamesofevengamesofevenMonth ago
  • 7:15

    د.سليمان حسيند.سليمان حسينMonth ago
    • 4:43

      د.سليمان حسيند.سليمان حسينMonth ago
  • Hi poke tell me how do you make those trap doors that cant lock

    Mary McGuiganMary McGuiganMonth ago
  • i know what turned them green its chem u

    Noah ClarkNoah Clark2 months ago
  • Maybe is chem X

    Tyler NettlesTyler Nettles2 months ago
  • You poke idiot just teleport to your home you dumbo if your scared

    Gonzalo TrujilloGonzalo Trujillo2 months ago
  • Is zombie z

    Paolo Angelo Ammers TanPaolo Angelo Ammers Tan2 months ago
  • I sub and like

    Jack PlayzJack Playz2 months ago
  • COVID-19 ALERT!!

    Ashton Zijian CortiguerraAshton Zijian Cortiguerra2 months ago
  • You don't know my hous3

    Ashton Zijian CortiguerraAshton Zijian Cortiguerra2 months ago
  • Can u do the cruise story please? I really want to see if u know the secret ending

    Shan WenShan Wen2 months ago
  • And again haters more like craters get back😎🔥🔥

    sanay saigalsanay saigal2 months ago
  • If your listening to this your the boss of you your friends are not your boss you do what you want to do your you and you control you and your feelings i am so sorry if my spellings is terrible beaucse I'm only in year 3 please take my word

    julia patersonjulia paterson2 months ago
  • zoom?

    Nixon NgNixon Ng2 months ago
  • Im on maledives thats the rishest people can enter i realy want to u come to my house

    Husnu666Husnu6662 months ago
  • Chem z?

    Karen NoobysKaren Noobys2 months ago
  • Plz plz plz poke

    Karen NoobysKaren Noobys2 months ago
  • I see a little vent I think so

    Jesse NavarroJesse Navarro2 months ago
  • i sow a vent a baby vent

    sans and papuryssans and papurys2 months ago
  • Sorry for asking a wrong splelling

    Sean VelascoSean Velasco2 months ago
  • The virus could clemical A thats wpuld infect like toxic like infecting human into animals called zombie birus toxic waise

    Sean VelascoSean Velasco2 months ago
  • I mean u

    Student Ryan LightStudent Ryan Light2 months ago
  • chem z is what that was

    Student Ryan LightStudent Ryan Light2 months ago
  • When u got in the room and then go to the bed there was a bed

    ButterPinkParty Carmen VillarroelButterPinkParty Carmen Villarroel2 months ago
  • me: does code poke 9 months later: he’s not even here

    Joseph Lord-alamotiJoseph Lord-alamoti2 months ago
  • a cruise?

    Zyre Constanz RodriguezZyre Constanz Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Son of a mom

    bendydubs waynebendydubs wayne2 months ago
  • Cems

    Niamh McGuaneNiamh McGuane2 months ago
  • I use star code poke

    AviationCodyDev_ 757AviationCodyDev_ 7572 months ago
  • Comments: *coronavirus* Me: Chem Z?

    Zion DasmarinasZion Dasmarinas2 months ago
  • Food that turns people into shrieks

    JXCJXC2 months ago
  • I'm so early! I don't know what to say! Sorry poke

    Angel AyalaAngel Ayala2 months ago
  • Poke that was insan

    Ashley MarshallAshley Marshall2 months ago
  • No won know poke swears in he’s Minecraft videos he said s*it and F*ck

  • if you look in chat when you open the door and said Polk I need help

    Kasey WagnerKasey Wagner2 months ago
  • Bro i love you I used star code poke

    Mr Meow Meow ManMr Meow Meow Man2 months ago
  • Hi

    RaptorRexDudeRaptorRexDude2 months ago
  • Lol

    Angelina CandiaAngelina Candia2 months ago
  • Chem z

    Avery vegaAvery vega2 months ago
  • I use star code poke

    Zzsavege YTZzsavege YT2 months ago
  • 3:16 yes poke I’ve watched that show

    Denise StewartDenise Stewart2 months ago
  • Are usestarcode poke

    Annie AshdownAnnie Ashdown2 months ago
  • POKE I am A big big big fan

    Gaberial WGaberial W2 months ago
  • Fishy lol

    christopher slaterchristopher slater2 months ago
  • I use star code poke

    Kellie MarieKellie Marie2 months ago
  • Poke has the fakest videos 🖕🏼

    iFIopsi K.iFIopsi K.2 months ago
  • Cruise caption Heaney: *coughs* me:puts on mask and gloves locks in room

    Robbie CryerRobbie Cryer2 months ago
  • What’s The Roxy Roxy y tore favor

    roblox Game26 esguSC By Robloxroblox Game26 esguSC By Roblox3 months ago
  • What ACTUALLY happened to the s.s Portland... it got turned into this

    FreshoostFreshoost3 months ago
  • The cruise is the Covid 19 ship

    TheGamer_ DudeTheGamer_ Dude3 months ago
  • Hi

    Rachael RiedyRachael Riedy3 months ago
  • I would leave the game already

    Gail Dela PeñaGail Dela Peña3 months ago
  • I know. The boat show!!

    Oluwatimileyin Akindimeji BABATUNDEOluwatimileyin Akindimeji BABATUNDE3 months ago

    Collen GrinsellCollen Grinsell3 months ago
  • I love the titanic

    Sara ASara A3 months ago