I Was In A BLOXBURG MOVIE.. Director Had Evil Plans! (Roblox)

May 2, 2020
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I Was In A BLOXBURG MOVIE.. Director Had Evil Plans! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • Poke you don’t need to be in a movie your already famous

    Freddy FazbearFreddy Fazbear11 days ago
  • Yh i saw the last guest ur so awesome dudebro

    ZionPlayzZionPlayz14 days ago
  • I'm on team sloth poke I love the vid's !

    Eleanor YagerEleanor Yager15 days ago
  • Director sanchez: CUT CUT CUT UNNACEPTABLE UGH😡 The gye private chatting him: poke please add me for my 7th birthday🥺

    naima moukkesnaima moukkes18 days ago
  • My sisters name is Alyssa Sanchez! LOL

    ItsFlowingMoonItsFlowingMoon19 days ago
  • 3:24 Undertale act button

    Digna Dela rocaDigna Dela roca21 day ago
  • ?

    michelle matrianomichelle matriano24 days ago
  • Use star code poke or ROBLOX will ban you.

    bruh the chickenbruh the chicken24 days ago
  • poke i’m still your fan and all But i know u use ur friends to HELP i with ur vids non of that stuff really happens.

    BangerTyler RobloxMemeBangerTyler RobloxMeme25 days ago
  • ,★

    Minerva QuitoMinerva Quito29 days ago
  • Poke next time don't tell what happens so it is a mistory

    Kelsie HammondsKelsie HammondsMonth ago
  • I am loughing so hard i cant stop on the first part and then on the trap i shut my mouth up and say " Im gonna shut up right now...This is making me mad>:(....I dont like the youtubers got betrayed like that...

    Rithryme DoyRithryme DoyMonth ago
  • He also did that movie about the jenna girl who made an army of oders

    Nikayla HoehnNikayla HoehnMonth ago
  • DUDE why was a SEVEN YEAR OLD on roblox trying to add you?

    Charly ParsleyCharly ParsleyMonth ago
  • POKE YOU HAVE NOT GIVE ME MY ROUBX PLS gift me my roubx i use your star code it poke

    Mikel OlisahMikel OlisahMonth ago
  • If there movie mistake in poke

    Burning GodzillaBurning GodzillaMonth ago
  • If there movie mistake in poke

    Burning GodzillaBurning GodzillaMonth ago
  • PokePlay

    Sourcing fanSourcing fanMonth ago
  • poke if somuone kapcher you just teleport to home lol or whayt antil they live

    TomekQ YTTomekQ YTMonth ago
  • maby you can plan a youtube vido with a girl that hase blue hair

    Katiya GannKatiya GannMonth ago
  • Why is there always someone doing something evil or following you?

    Dakota ThomasDakota ThomasMonth ago
  • pokes chat when he joins: new hotel come stay! my chat: ABC FOR A RICH MOM ABC TO COME TO MY CAFE ABC FOR A CUTE BABY

    Madeline MagersMadeline Magers2 months ago
  • who else thinks someone is undercover try inf to trap Poke maybe someone named Molly or Brice form the haters league?

    Addisyn HrubyAddisyn Hruby2 months ago

    Tyler TikaramTyler Tikaram2 months ago
  • inside theres a easter egg in the entrance of the building its the act button from undertale

    Michelangelo CiccarelliMichelangelo Ciccarelli2 months ago

    Bridget KushnerBridget Kushner2 months ago
  • Walk

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • If u knew there was a trap why would. U work

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • Add not and

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • And someone pretens. Its there birthday so poke can and them

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • 8min34sec

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • Ur shooting movies what did they ever do to you

    GlockG FMGlockG FM2 months ago
  • i went in bloxburg and i found somting realy weid

    Kate PerronKate Perron2 months ago
  • Is must be they working for mollybasketrabbit

    ITZ AFIQITZ AFIQ2 months ago
  • I laugh when you where trying to say a bad word but becouse you can't say it and you didn't say it lol🤣🤣😂😂😅

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez2 months ago
  • At first you didn't now what was happening but then they trapped you

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Yuu wahyuu

    Erna SulistyowatiErna Sulistyowati2 months ago


    Radimir DimitrovRadimir Dimitrov2 months ago
  • it has the act option from undertale 2:20

    ProGamingMinionProGamingMinion2 months ago
  • All of my all time fav moments. Lol his reaction!: 3:17 We goin’ in full caps baby! 5:36 I guess serena’s food! 5:58 CUT CUT CUT CUT! I’M A KAREN 🌝🙄😏😌🤡 9:08 OH COME,ON WHAT NOW?! 10:24 BOOM GOES THE CANON 🤯 💥 11:29 Btw poke ilysm keep up the AMAZING work!✨⚡️🌟

    aluralliealurallie2 months ago

    Nathan The GamerNathan The Gamer2 months ago
  • Everyone use star code poke

    Atticus gamingAtticus gaming2 months ago
  • the act picture is from undertale

    Reginald CopperbottomReginald Copperbottom2 months ago
  • poke which character where you in the last guest ?

    Bakugou simp XDBakugou simp XD2 months ago
  • HEY FANS OF POKE!!! This is a late comment but use star code poke! :))

    Andria SanchezAndria Sanchez2 months ago
  • I know this is 5 months ago hehe...My last name is Sanchez but I'm not crazy Hehehehe love u poke!

    Andria SanchezAndria Sanchez2 months ago
  • Director: it’s romance drama Poke: ;-; Poke’s Mind: you gotta be kidding me ;-,

    Titanium Wolf But Gacha LifeTitanium Wolf But Gacha Life2 months ago
    • Casually liking my comment :)

      Titanium Wolf But Gacha LifeTitanium Wolf But Gacha Life2 months ago
  • Who were on last guest ????

    Beth BergmanBeth Bergman2 months ago

    JevilGamingJevilGaming2 months ago
  • Weird guy: Give us 20K Me: Im leaving Them: No money for us Then. Why wouldnt you Just report the house?

    OlivierOlivier2 months ago
  • poke442number1fan

    Sir'Charles MannSir'Charles Mann2 months ago
  • Poke is we can do that to

    Rainiel RobledoRainiel Robledo2 months ago
  • poke was strong

    Rainiel RobledoRainiel Robledo2 months ago
  • U know guys no offence but poke plans all his vids because I unlocked bloxburg nothing like this happens

    Greedygoodme - all things goodGreedygoodme - all things good2 months ago
  • why poke did not just reset

    Felix CliftonFelix Clifton3 months ago
  • my birthday is in 24 October, YAY!!!! so is almost my birthday

    Florina TanuwijayaFlorina Tanuwijaya3 months ago
  • Me seeing a 7 year old say poke can u plz donate

    Pedro RodriguezPedro Rodriguez3 months ago
  • woooooooooooooooo GO POKE

    Amreen SinhaAmreen Sinha3 months ago
  • I use star code poke every time

    Amreen SinhaAmreen Sinha3 months ago
  • How does the star code work, like what does it do

    Claire CoriClaire Cori3 months ago
    • Nothing

      Zac lixerZac lixer3 months ago
  • Please accept me in roblox roblox_pro3573

    GreenvipersGreenvipers3 months ago
  • 2:15 act in undertale

    Nguyen CuongNguyen Cuong3 months ago
  • Non

    magda trzcinskamagda trzcinska3 months ago
  • Dude you just reset and you will be fine

    Sweaty FrogSweaty Frog3 months ago

    SparklePony93SparklePony933 months ago
  • I Love your vids

    eroslinxeroslinx3 months ago
  • poke you should get this game it’s Among us

    Olivia ParkOlivia Park3 months ago
  • poke should have said my everything

    Stacy BurrellStacy Burrell3 months ago
  • You are the best don’t waste money if you get trapped just leave the game some youtubers waste money for this situation

    Dhanya C VDhanya C V3 months ago
  • Hi, Poke :D, Luv ur Vids

    Clio Alecia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔClio Alecia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ3 months ago
  • LOL

    Ashley.xAshley.x3 months ago
  • type in peter plays 123

    Jean PocketJean Pocket3 months ago
  • yo poke he set this up he harrid tham for a vid so ummmm he just harred tham to do the vid

    Jean PocketJean Pocket3 months ago
    • ill send web ill even do a cool pic and ill do nerf guns even do a cool name

      Jean PocketJean Pocket3 months ago
  • M poke

    Tadoroki HeekoTadoroki Heeko3 months ago
  • Coding you are because you keep saying # but sometimes you can’t see description roblox

    LeafFighter1LeafFighter13 months ago
  • SURE

    Robot channelRobot channel3 months ago
  • you are telling me you were in the guast. I love that movie

    Alex Gamer xAlex Gamer x3 months ago
  • I used star code poke !

    『 RxsBxrry Bxbbles』『 RxsBxrry Bxbbles』3 months ago
  • Spoiler at the start! What the heck!

    J PlayzJ Playz3 months ago
  • Did you guys know about the sign says ACT. That sign is from undertale!!! 💀💀💀.

    Jun BustamanteJun Bustamante3 months ago
  • Poke do not go to things because sometimes you can get trap and you have to leave the game and... it can be me or you can get like haters like boy haters

    Kortani StarKortani Star3 months ago
  • You are a great you tuber!!!

    Amy CornaireAmy Cornaire3 months ago
  • And shout out

    John Darell EstaJohn Darell Esta4 months ago
  • Wow nice vid

    Lonem IpsumLonem Ipsum4 months ago
  • I hope lani doesnt see this hehe 😳

    Madeline BrinMadeline Brin4 months ago
  • Poke I sub to your in i join your group

    Jerome playzJerome playz4 months ago
  • poke saying you will never know him saying it one second later

    Bennett RabonBennett Rabon4 months ago
  • Hi poke keep up the content

    Evie ArmstrongEvie Armstrong4 months ago
  • I have seen a poke hater game in roblox plz check it

    moonomg playzmoonomg playz4 months ago
  • Can I have your phone number it’s my brothers dream to talk to you.please.thanks

    Laura BerrelesLaura Berreles4 months ago
  • Hey poke I am your fan but I sent you a friend request my name in roblox is berreles100.

    Laura BerrelesLaura Berreles4 months ago
  • Poke why you start in the sileng

    Anwar BaAnwar Ba4 months ago
  • Serena and Nate from gossip girl...?

    Emilia SalistraEmilia Salistra4 months ago
  • Director Sanchez:It’s romantic drama Poke:oh uhhhh ok

    Creeper SHOWCreeper SHOW4 months ago
  • .-.Poke Dont come in a working Here sake

    Joel MercadoJoel Mercado4 months ago
  • I can’t believe this

    Alizon Bunay ChumainaAlizon Bunay Chumaina4 months ago
  • Favorite

    Fatima Louise CrutoFatima Louise Cruto4 months ago
  • I love it when poke said favorit and the director just said is she food LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Fatima Louise CrutoFatima Louise Cruto4 months ago
  • Cool

    Aileen SanchezAileen Sanchez4 months ago