I Was CAPTURED on BLOXBURG.. Friends Had To Save Me! (Roblox)

Mar 11, 2020
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I Was CAPTURED on BLOXBURG.. Friends Had To Save Me! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • What si This poke

  • Poke ur private club is not private anymore lol btw u could just jump and waalaa case closed

    Sanniva MohantySanniva Mohanty4 days ago
  • Poke i was there win that happen

    Crystal GreenCrystal Green9 days ago
  • You like poke

    Crystal GreenCrystal Green9 days ago
  • Help I'm stuck by them

  • As a hacker, i need bloxburg for this moment,

    Irene munar cansinoIrene munar cansino9 days ago
  • Him: who am I going to call Me: ghostbusters Him: Paul Me: dang, your no fun

    Mattie HortonMattie Horton11 days ago
  • Poke plz add me friend I'm a big fan I'm subscribed

    Mason BarnardMason Barnard11 days ago
  • Why don’t you teleport to your house?

    Kevon PalmerKevon Palmer11 days ago
  • poke : 5:15 yeah they just locked my door. Also poke : 7:29 yeah i dont think they locked mine either.

    Alan EtukeAlan Etuke12 days ago
  • How do u make a thing u sit trough

    RedSebYTRedSebYT13 days ago
  • My biggest fan is poke🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Mely EspinasMely Espinas14 days ago

    Fried ScoobisFried Scoobis16 days ago
  • This how many times Poke said "what the." 👇

    Mark BrowerMark Brower16 days ago
  • HI

    it's me Manveerit's me Manveer17 days ago

    roblox obbyroblox obby17 days ago

    roblox obbyroblox obby17 days ago

    roblox obbyroblox obby17 days ago

    roblox obbyroblox obby17 days ago
  • How many times did poke say “what the”? If u know poke has to pin this

    Ayren CalantocAyren Calantoc17 days ago
  • Your cats are so cute

    Scott KonrathScott Konrath17 days ago

    lovely join Sanna Antonio Love Leahlovely join Sanna Antonio Love Leah17 days ago
  • When Poke’s friend saves him: THATS MY BEST FRIEND THATS MY BEST FRIEND!

    John EdlinJohn Edlin19 days ago
  • Me: Mom I broke my I-pad Mom: How did you break it??? Me: Poke told me to smash the like button!!

    John DorazioJohn Dorazio19 days ago
  • Use star code poke

    Fareed BasharFareed Bashar20 days ago
  • I play a play the

    Keitrans HydeKeitrans Hyde25 days ago
  • Poke:I feel bad guys! :( Meh: OH! YOU BETTER NOT FEEL BAD THIS GUY LITERALLY CAPTURED YOUR FRIEND!!! (Like if u agree for poke to not feel bad no offense poke)

    Jane LimkakengJane Limkakeng27 days ago
  • Can you give me 100ml robox

    Ejaz Asif KhanEjaz Asif Khan27 days ago
  • from cerenity himno PDF

    Rob BackmanRob BackmanMonth ago
  • Hipoke my beautiful nameis 9cerenity how are the flat Roblox

    Rob BackmanRob BackmanMonth ago
  • Yo what up peeps

    Patrick SeliskePatrick SeliskeMonth ago
  • Noooo poke was captured

    Riff ROtsRiff ROtsMonth ago
  • What the its my friend....

    Kyle Benedict ObraKyle Benedict ObraMonth ago
  • do not say a bad word

  • My roblox name is saamjack

    wolfforlife wolfingwolfforlife wolfingMonth ago
  • mnk,n

    Ashton PersaudAshton PersaudMonth ago
  • If you got kidnapped just leave the game

    Rohayu AhmadRohayu AhmadMonth ago
  • i got kidnapped from sneakybilly3 and i went to the same place and one of my friends got me out too

    samuel zepedasamuel zepedaMonth ago
  • The code never work

    Giovanni RanaGiovanni RanaMonth ago
  • I don’t have roblox money

    SYTSniperSYTSniperMonth ago
  • My brother is in bloxburg qnd saw them

    Daniel ZaneDaniel ZaneMonth ago
  • U just RESET!

    Xuanch GamzXuanch GamzMonth ago
  • All spirited litterally I mean scripted

    Jihsue YimJihsue YimMonth ago
  • Jk I’m a sub lol I got you so bad I think

    Naima and Nahla's Everyday LifeNaima and Nahla's Everyday LifeMonth ago
  • That guy in the blue car is a legend lol

    ASeagullWhoDoesntHaveAProfilePicASeagullWhoDoesntHaveAProfilePicMonth ago
  • What is Paul’s Channel name

    Nina JuddNina JuddMonth ago
  • I am a fan

    2 cousins on a game2 cousins on a gameMonth ago
  • Me when I see those accounts: block block there!

    Kelly WilliamsKelly WilliamsMonth ago
  • poke had a son named billy in roblox

    Andres Franco BartolataAndres Franco BartolataMonth ago
  • Poke you dont gave anythng 🤭🤭🤭🤭😭😭🤣👆

    ilovecasapastailovecasapastaMonth ago
  • You are mad poke fans

    ilovecasapastailovecasapastaMonth ago
  • Poke you can escape by reset ing to home lol you just want to make videos

    ilovecasapastailovecasapastaMonth ago
  • hyper lol

    MauventuresMauventuresMonth ago
  • Tap water exe

    dryftdryftMonth ago
  • Bro you're friend's is so nice thank's for making me happy 😊

    CRIS topper art designCRIS topper art designMonth ago
  • In he allways say you sun of a what!

  • Let let’ let’s let’s funny he all ways say what the hack lol that was in 2016 I was 5 years old in she maybe was 18 years old lol

  • I sure hope Christian escapes that other poke fan prision though

    Jayden WilmoreJayden WilmoreMonth ago
  • That was cool

    Jayden WilmoreJayden WilmoreMonth ago
  • Polk I found you on Roblox can I be your Roblox friend

    Cassie PitcherCassie PitcherMonth ago
  • WAIT poke I was trapped by those same people they said I could stay with them and they showed me my room and then the trapped me and then I was forced to work for them so I wish you could film 😅

    SlackFamilySlackFamilyMonth ago
  • He has so many of these videos it seems to just suspicious I mean HOW many people want to kidnap him

    Jacob GreenbergJacob Greenberg2 months ago
  • i hate that bily ......... and his frend

    Nargiz ZaynalliNargiz Zaynalli2 months ago
  • if i see them i wil tel ok

    Nargiz ZaynalliNargiz Zaynalli2 months ago
  • Poke is not only smart, Poke is also dumb. nah jk

    32-bit integer limit • 1 second ago32-bit integer limit • 1 second ago2 months ago
  • Poke you need to rest when you are Kidnap

    1 91 92 months ago
    • Poke I mean you have to do Gest resat

      1 91 92 months ago
  • You know you can tp to ur houses

    Jan BroJan Bro2 months ago
  • Poke is the best

    Steven Cooler 10Steven Cooler 102 months ago
  • Wqgf

    Edlar WarrenEdlar Warren2 months ago
  • Help help

    Edlar WarrenEdlar Warren2 months ago
  • That person name saraihflyplamt12 is my sister what the heck.

    Sophia FloydSophia Floyd2 months ago
  • Im your biggest fan! Please except my friend request! My roblox name is Umka268926! Thank you!!!

    hennasim Simsamhennasim Simsam2 months ago
  • Did paul have channel?

    Dua ZainabDua Zainab2 months ago
  • oh i think poke gonna call ghostbuster but no

    Gerad Evo Mikael IlaoGerad Evo Mikael Ilao2 months ago
  • Can you please do a live please

    Christine vlog carrascalChristine vlog carrascal2 months ago
  • Poke I’m a big FAAAAAAN Of Uuuuuuu

    MaciMarco XoxoMaciMarco Xoxo2 months ago
  • i add babypoke i try to add you at roblox but can not but i am a big fan of you

    aadiethiya logendranaadiethiya logendran2 months ago
  • How have fun being killed not

    Hannah NguyenHannah Nguyen2 months ago
  • I think you are rp

    Khaela BocayaKhaela Bocaya2 months ago
  • YAYYYYY USworlds IS BACKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sara CarlissSara Carliss2 months ago
  • is youtube down for anyone else??

    Sara CarlissSara Carliss2 months ago
  • no

    shirley berebershirley bereber2 months ago
  • Every time I eat and drop somthing my dog just eat it

    aidan patrickaidan patrick2 months ago
  • P8ke just call paul u didnt call hyper insted

    Fritz Nathaniel MoralesFritz Nathaniel Morales2 months ago
  • Wait that’s the same wherehouse as the one when you saved the President

    Caleb BarksdaleCaleb Barksdale2 months ago
  • I think Paul

    Drdead EyeDrdead Eye2 months ago
  • Oh yes I did use star code poke why would I

    Jacob BeltranJacob Beltran2 months ago
  • Poke: *accidentally closes the garage door on mike* Me: well Mike did deserve that

    Gaming With DiamondGaming With Diamond2 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiii I love your videos

    Michelle KeenanMichelle Keenan2 months ago
  • they are so dumb!

    son ngoson ngo2 months ago
  • And that was it

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • And then order trick-or-treaters start to come in my house and it wasn't sneaky Billy

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • Didn't they kicked sneaky bill and I kicked him from the game

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • All of my friends

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • The person that saved me was

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • Trapped me in his house

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • Okay

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • And I said

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • Do you said come with me at my house I don't want any candy

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago
  • Can you disguise as a trick-or-treater

    Jonathan F bossJonathan F boss2 months ago