I SCARED My Best Friend While He Was Filming...

Oct 25, 2020
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I SCARED My Best Friend While He Was Filming...
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    PokePoke2 months ago
    • Ok if it makes you happy

      Susan FisherSusan Fisher10 hours ago
    • Poke0 Ok

      Alejandra TorresAlejandra Torres15 hours ago
    • Poke

      Alejandra TorresAlejandra Torres15 hours ago
    • How I unfriend you poke on Roblox

      Tara TimmonsTara Timmons5 days ago
    • Hi poke I have ur Roblox merch in game and I love it.

      Solihull Well Being ClinicSolihull Well Being Clinic5 days ago

    Jackie FloresJackie Flores6 hours ago

    Jackie FloresJackie Flores6 hours ago
  • XD I should do it to

    Fate ClanFate Clan9 hours ago
  • ...

    nina Jerusalemnina Jerusalem15 hours ago
  • P

    Alejandra TorresAlejandra Torres15 hours ago
  • poke ur copying crainer old outro song

    Chris Gaven Limar TanggolChris Gaven Limar Tanggol20 hours ago
  • when poke was typing random stuff his voice was deep

    herb mageleherb mageleDay ago
  • I Love your videos

    Julie SmithJulie SmithDay ago
  • Why is there a toilet

    Tayla DelmoreTayla Delmore2 days ago
  • Love pokeeeee

    aquan the roblox player craftaquan the roblox player craft2 days ago
  • Ok

    aquan the roblox player craftaquan the roblox player craft2 days ago
  • Poke what happened to minfecraft

    Alpha_ZMCAlpha_ZMC2 days ago
  • 6:00 a literal toilet.

    Galaxy StudiosGalaxy Studios2 days ago
  • No

    The Falin’sThe Falin’s2 days ago
  • Mo

    The Falin’sThe Falin’s2 days ago
  • Yo i always scare my Sister

    D0nutPlayzOfficalD0nutPlayzOffical2 days ago
  • Poke you r NICE☺️☺️

    jacqueline dickersonjacqueline dickerson3 days ago
  • I was exidid for this vid

    TheQuickPrinceTheQuickPrince3 days ago
  • nice prank

    Kevin AdityaKevin Aditya3 days ago
  • Plot Twist:Hyper accually posted this to YT

    Arthur ChenArthur Chen3 days ago
  • 4:16 How 2 hax lolz

    Aijsfhoasr _owoAijsfhoasr _owo3 days ago
  • Is that Hyper?

    Lîså ÇhåñLîså Çhåñ3 days ago
  • Who watching in 2021

    tails the foxtails the fox4 days ago
  • I am new to watch your videos and I know you're who you are talking about Carey's boyfriend

    Howerd CounsellHowerd Counsell4 days ago
  • I have your old profile pic lol

    EastonEaston4 days ago
  • Fg

    Benjamin BentleyBenjamin Bentley4 days ago
  • I never knew that they shared a like ware house for filming I thought they filmed in there house but ig they u greescrren

    amber drumhelleramber drumheller4 days ago
  • Hi poke i LAVE U 😘😍😘

    Marlon CercadoMarlon Cercado4 days ago
  • erhm guys the language of his channel is croatian in this vid i think he's croatian?

    Reginald CopperbottomReginald Copperbottom5 days ago
  • did he just call the keyboard a computer-

    YusufYusuf5 days ago

    MauventuresMauventures5 days ago
  • Poke how I on-trend you Roblox

    Tara TimmonsTara Timmons5 days ago
  • Hulk how I unfriend you on Roblox

    Tara TimmonsTara Timmons5 days ago
  • I love you poke

    Tara TimmonsTara Timmons5 days ago
  • Cool

    Pink SxpphirePink Sxpphire5 days ago
  • Im poor i dont even have 20 dollars

    Nisaiah CunninghamNisaiah Cunningham5 days ago
  • I was laughing so much!

    Matt The Yeet KidMatt The Yeet Kid5 days ago
  • i just hope he not quitting roblox/youtube

    Amber GathAmber Gath5 days ago
  • Hi

    Anthony Sanchez RubioAnthony Sanchez Rubio5 days ago

    LisalienLisalien5 days ago
  • You should have typed im watching you... RUN AWAY. Then alt f4 then creepy music

    Mobilethebacon eMobilethebacon e5 days ago
  • Tip : poke should rick roll

    kpcheskhakpcheskha5 days ago
  • He should use alt+f4

    White DummyWhite Dummy5 days ago
  • poor dylan he was sooooooo scared

    izzy jenningsizzy jennings5 days ago
  • Dylan’s background was pokes background lol 😂

    jolietmarkerjolietmarker6 days ago
  • Thats a pog logitech

    BlackLeafBlackLeaf6 days ago
  • Hahah pock your so funny hah

    JSSS SisJSSS Sis6 days ago
  • Just saying I haven't watched you in a while

    big noobbig noob6 days ago
  • 12345678910112l you get the wet smell of the water in your head and rate it to a normal level and you don't have enough time for me if I do it again thay I have qu time to go to the doctor to get the surgery done before the game and then the doctor would have

    muhiden osmanmuhiden osman6 days ago
  • Use * code hyper & poke & zephplayz too :D

    Milan DragisicMilan Dragisic6 days ago
  • 6:40 he looks like chandler From mrbeast

    Sprite1Sprite17 days ago
  • Wow I’m totally gonna do that on my friend next hallowen

    Reagan HarnishReagan Harnish7 days ago
  • if that wA$ me i would be runing to a diffant place

    Stephanie BiggsStephanie Biggs7 days ago
  • Poke you are very funny 😂

    Banu XanBanu Xan8 days ago
  • so glad you filmed this cause this was funny!

    iiRiaPlayzsiiRiaPlayzs8 days ago
  • Poke what is your real name

    Phil TrasoliniPhil Trasolini8 days ago
  • Lol 7:37 what star is that

    Rayan QtRayan Qt8 days ago
  • I do not know my password to join the discord group im a big fan ever my brother do know it but he is type it it in but its not working im sorry

    vahon7vahon78 days ago
  • In 7:18 and 7:19 I heard Dylan cursing

    Jasmin Solano-LopezJasmin Solano-Lopez8 days ago
  • Yo poke can you free coloths

    Playing Chelsea Levi ChannelPlaying Chelsea Levi Channel8 days ago
  • It poke the hole time Dylan

    Maliha MohammedMaliha Mohammed8 days ago

    Jeremy AritaJeremy Arita8 days ago
  • Oh hey what’s up poke?

    Roha AliRoha Ali8 days ago
  • im your fan]

    John PurigayJohn Purigay9 days ago
  • go poke can you add me pls]

    John PurigayJohn Purigay9 days ago
  • Lol why is there toilet bowl there 6:03

    CømfiepeachCømfiepeach9 days ago
  • Hi poke

    kaveboykaveboy9 days ago
  • Poke dont play robox the blox woch is gonu hak you woch alt

    AstxrismRvse_AstxrismRvse_9 days ago
  • Hyper must be mad 😡 at poke

    Aimanhaziq2011Aimanhaziq20119 days ago
  • Kid: ThIs Is ScArY Mom: No it's not -Lights turn off- Mom again: DiD i PaY tHe BiLlS? Kid: Uh I don't think so.... Mom: OkAy

    RichieyiddoRichieyiddo9 days ago
  • Why is nobody saying that poke is actually wearing hypers merch beneath his hoodie

    Raheel YaqubRaheel Yaqub9 days ago
    • oh yeahh!!

      FanFan9 days ago
  • Hi

    Ammar KhanAmmar Khan10 days ago
  • Ahhahahaha!cant believe how much Dylan was yawing!lol!

    Mibella EspinozaMibella Espinoza10 days ago
  • Why is his language like this lol

    remy the cøwremy the cøw10 days ago
  • I love your USworlds channelI love kids

    haya alihaya ali10 days ago
  • I love your USworlds channel I love love love love love your channels that you’re making prank Ing something that happens in Roblox

    haya alihaya ali10 days ago
  • Yeah

    Meiyong LeeMeiyong Lee10 days ago
  • 4:25 his voice sounds so deep

    62 leaves62 leaves10 days ago
  • Nina's a loser

    Ethan robloxEthan roblox10 days ago
  • 8

    jd de torresjd de torres10 days ago
  • xd

    Notaro KujoNotaro Kujo10 days ago
  • yyyyyyoooooouuuuuu

    Creative PalCreative Pal10 days ago

    Creative PalCreative Pal10 days ago
  • He look like a crackhead ngl

    destiny jamisondestiny jamison10 days ago
  • Poke quitting bloxburg :

    Star_ NightStar_ Night10 days ago
  • Poke holding the keyboard just like my keyboard

    Sup VodSup Vod10 days ago
  • WHo came here after he quit bloxburg-

    alexandra floresalexandra flores10 days ago
    • Yeah

      Joey HernandezJoey Hernandez10 days ago
    • @torleah Yeah true.

      alexandra floresalexandra flores10 days ago
    • @alexandra flores well , whatever makes him happy

      torleahtorleah10 days ago
    • @torleah Yeah :c

      alexandra floresalexandra flores10 days ago
    • 😔

      torleahtorleah10 days ago
  • I haven’t heard this guy in a long time-

    Skimxsk_ SlumpSkimxsk_ Slump10 days ago
    • Same I just decided to watch him today after like 1 year

      Corrupted TearCorrupted Tear10 days ago
  • I think hyper said zak you little s word

    Hiph HipeHiph Hipe10 days ago
  • Hi

    X1_Hyp4r Roblox accountX1_Hyp4r Roblox account10 days ago
  • I Miss You

    cCryingXcCryingX10 days ago
  • why did he make his channel a personal channel-

    buterasmoonlightbuterasmoonlight10 days ago

    li yanli yan11 days ago
  • we love you poke

    ana romeroana romero11 days ago
  • Poke my dude your hair did not age well

    hokageturbohokageturbo11 days ago
  • Poke stop changing you're channel

    Limuel BasaLimuel Basa11 days ago
  • When are u gonna start posting?

    Kiera PaulKiera Paul11 days ago
  • thats was funny hahahah

    Glusie AgustinGlusie Agustin11 days ago

    Pathfinder Hi.frendsPathfinder Hi.frends11 days ago