Apr 8, 2020
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I Saw NEVER SEEN BLOXBURG RULES.. The TRUTH Will Shock Us! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • And i Will Make MORE!!!!!

    hamdan abdihamdan abdiHour ago
  • Yeah poke Why is it spreding and i was the one that made it i helped the person Who made it LOL i am Part of them i send soo many vitmens and there all bad for you and it hit bloxburg Reaily

    hamdan abdihamdan abdiHour ago
  • 6:14 we believe china is trying to take down earth

    Not SufferVengeanceNot SufferVengeanceHour ago
  • Hi

    reeyansh Malgaonkarreeyansh Malgaonkar8 days ago
  • I found a cure for the chem z if u wanna join my game here is my user:firehozer

    Padma SomanchiPadma Somanchi11 days ago
  • It’s Carona

    Ryan WanlessRyan Wanless11 days ago
  • This sickness sounds like coronavirus but you don't tern blue

    Larry HansenLarry Hansen12 days ago
  • sneakybilly is part of chemical z crew and im scared bc the chemical z crew is going after me and my friends

    Jemar VencerJemar Vencer13 days ago
  • Your skin will turn green.

    Aaron WoodAaron Wood21 day ago
  • This is not the end of these chemicals... Chemical P is coming the green liquid is not going to be green, it happened to my house... It's blue liquid. Stay safe and please don't leave your home in bloxburg

    Aaron WoodAaron Wood21 day ago
  • WoW

    Adam seddikiAdam seddiki23 days ago
  • chemical Z Z for zack c for cari

    Hoang RichardHoang Richard26 days ago
  • Hey poke I saw someone name is andresitosantizo he robed houses

    Andre SantizoAndre Santizo26 days ago
  • Poke:Spreads through food!? Infernalisk:Uh oh...

    Infernalisk Stokes-UnderwoodInfernalisk Stokes-Underwood27 days ago
  • *coronavirus*

    20212021Month ago
  • does poke know his shirt was green so it was invisible

    Decoded PlayzDecoded PlayzMonth ago
  • I see through your shirt..

    Shadow gacha Glicher -0-Shadow gacha Glicher -0-Month ago
  • BECAUSE theres virus dont near other people okay poke and just stay home and stay safe.

    chofila palmachofila palmaMonth ago
  • in bloxburg

    Olivia EyermanOlivia EyermanMonth ago
  • in bloxburg

    Olivia EyermanOlivia EyermanMonth ago
  • this is corona

    Olivia EyermanOlivia EyermanMonth ago

    Olivia EyermanOlivia EyermanMonth ago
  • lol

    Olivia EyermanOlivia EyermanMonth ago
  • Hey poke i saw mollybasketrabbit is trapping people in her secrets cell

    Humaira NoorulaminHumaira NoorulaminMonth ago

    Ashmina ChowdhuryAshmina ChowdhuryMonth ago
  • well true

    Ashmina ChowdhuryAshmina ChowdhuryMonth ago
  • Did u know chem z I can’t get chem z AND there is No chem z

    spacersspacersMonth ago
  • Hey punk I tried to friend you but it didn’t work I really want to play Blocksburg with you

    Sabrina HendrieSabrina HendrieMonth ago

    Ranko GajicRanko GajicMonth ago
  • Poke if you dont know who made that CHAMICAL Z it's was ME! AND I WILL NEVER GONNA END HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Ranko GajicRanko GajicMonth ago
  • Poke I think I have Chemical Z on bloxburg. Pls helpI need it!! I am blue ( on bloxburg )and I am getting sooo scared!! Pls help.

    Elodie MaudeElodie MaudeMonth ago
  • 2:45 she had COVID

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy2 months ago
  • who did this😢🤬😡!

    David KaufmanDavid Kaufman2 months ago
  • There’s should be a foundation in blox called the S.V.I.C Securing Virues/chemicals In Containment

    TheTeamFortressBlox ___TheTeamFortressBlox ___2 months ago
  • Y’all this is not real none of these chemicals in bloxberg are not real

    demon joshydemon joshy2 months ago
  • i hait this guy

    Debras DollarsDebras Dollars2 months ago
  • Yup it,s the corona virus

    RaamoRaamo2 months ago
  • I think it,s the virus corona i think it is becasue there is a virus corona today so yeah thats it

    RaamoRaamo2 months ago
  • Poke: Chemical U is back Me: Chemical Corona is back !! Subscribe to Poke guy support him !!

    Ha KimleangHa Kimleang2 months ago
  • Lol coronavirus

    KxemonSSPlayzKxemonSSPlayz2 months ago
  • poke its not chemical u it's Corona Virus Like Covid-19 And Yeah lol

    SoFtIE_BoBaSoFtIE_BoBa2 months ago
  • it sounds like chemical u has a cousin and i think chemical u wants its cousin to get its revenge by making people get infected and making them blue mad sleepy and horrifying witch they are not and uh how are you going to save bloxburg from this infection/virus?

    Noah ClarkNoah Clark2 months ago
  • chemical z we call it chemical zombie

    Frank LinFrank Lin2 months ago
  • Look at his shirt on his webcam

    BIG YEETERBIG YEETER2 months ago
  • Thanks for that Zelda music editor!!

    Cheeky_ChachiiCheeky_Chachii2 months ago

  • His shirt matches the green screen

    blackbandit81blackbandit812 months ago
  • Poke just so you now I'm not infected......

    Roelito MendozaRoelito Mendoza2 months ago
  • Why Pokes shirt is part of the green screen? lol

    yoshi4973yoshi49732 months ago
  • Coronavirusssssssss stay in ur house!!

    Darken GamesDarken Games2 months ago
  • 6 months late check lol

    Skyler Song HeeSkyler Song Hee2 months ago
  • hi

    Fiona Aiesha BarberFiona Aiesha Barber2 months ago
  • The coronavirus not playing

    Aubrey GrayAubrey Gray2 months ago
  • I saw a blue person he chased me

    Avery vegaAvery vega2 months ago
  • Chem Z is more powerful then Chem U

    Ryan FatimaRyan Fatima2 months ago
  • Chem Z is the most powerful chem

    Ryan FatimaRyan Fatima2 months ago
  • Chemical c!!!!!?!!

    What a girl gotta do RobloxWhat a girl gotta do Roblox2 months ago
  • Ummmm i think thats a start of corona bc everyone says in stay at home

    Michael _ YTMichael _ YT2 months ago
  • Yay covid-19 cuz its great :)

    •inotAsh••inotAsh•2 months ago
  • Oh my gosh coronavirus(hehe not sure)

    Emman HoodEmman Hood2 months ago
  • I watching ur vid every day

    Emman HoodEmman Hood2 months ago
  • Roblox got coronavirus xd

    CarlCarl2 months ago
  • Thisvis like covid but you dont turn blue

    Xx. Hamil_ Krew. XxXx. Hamil_ Krew. Xx2 months ago
  • ?!

    ink sansink sans2 months ago
  • The lab under

    ink sansink sans2 months ago
  • Be careful

    Antoni Gabriel SilvaAntoni Gabriel Silva2 months ago
  • The girl got infected by corona virus

    Antoni Gabriel SilvaAntoni Gabriel Silva2 months ago
  • The bloxburg has a covid 19

    Antoni Gabriel SilvaAntoni Gabriel Silva2 months ago
  • Coronation

    LolTerrorSarcosuchusLolTerrorSarcosuchus3 months ago
  • Os your shirt green? And do you have a green screen?

    Pennys GameingPennys Gameing3 months ago
  • sooo poooke i just want to say i got cemicel z but im in corin tene

    Michelle Browning SalisburyMichelle Browning Salisbury3 months ago
  • Me:corona is look like a ckemical u-2

    Jenlyn RubioJenlyn Rubio3 months ago
  • I saw the same person in a different game

    Mateo CortezMateo Cortez3 months ago
  • I have that in bloxburg

    Adriana CuahueyAdriana Cuahuey3 months ago
  • im poor:(

    Peppa PigPeppa Pig3 months ago
  • its coronavirus

    Peppa PigPeppa Pig3 months ago
  • Hi poke I love your vids

    Ashly Otchia tvAshly Otchia tv3 months ago
  • Poke what happen to the chemical U and poke you didint notice your house at the beginning there was a green water

    claire therese corrienteclaire therese corriente3 months ago
  • Bro if ur watching this in 2020 it be all like yo we’re already locked down. XD

    Madison ReillyMadison Reilly3 months ago
  • My friend LaurenGraysen Is a scientist but she quit And LaurenGraysen Made Chemical Z.

    mollybasketrabbitmollybasketrabbit3 months ago
  • Covid

    Stan LeeStan Lee3 months ago
  • I love you poke I hope can you give me roblux and my roblox name is youngtrell110

    Shameka HenryShameka Henry3 months ago
  • lol i got scared

    Jada WilliamsJada Williams3 months ago
  • It's about Corona vayrus

    Yukee TabagYukee Tabag3 months ago
  • did anyone else see poke's shirt?

    EmmiiwsEmmiiws3 months ago
  • It’s ECHOISdaboss

    *_*#NERD#*_* -kid*_*#NERD#*_* -kid3 months ago
  • Why are you always on the roof

    Tong Fatt LeongTong Fatt Leong3 months ago
  • It’s crony ⬇️

    leigh waltersleigh walters3 months ago
  • This me 🏄🏻‍♂️

    leigh waltersleigh walters3 months ago
  • Why can we see fro your 👕

    leigh waltersleigh walters3 months ago
  • Pool in Blocksburg and made my character squeal and I never was do you know how I can fix it

    Mason FreemanMason Freeman3 months ago
  • Why is his shirt invisible

    Simon KerneySimon Kerney3 months ago
  • I was the doctor you now

    Veronica PribadiVeronica Pribadi3 months ago
  • This is like covid

    E. PdoE. Pdo3 months ago
  • If you know how to join poke or like whats hes playing now plss let me know in my reply and i will reply ur comment

    Uhlrque Jay JaboneroUhlrque Jay Jabonero3 months ago
  • Boy I remember

    Tropical NationTropical Nation3 months ago
  • I use star code poke and i subscribe and join hes group actually i love his group and star code cause i love sloth

    Anita SabadoAnita Sabado3 months ago
  • Poke I'm a fan

    Wyatt bakerWyatt baker3 months ago
  • Hi

    Tieeysha BeachTieeysha Beach3 months ago
  • Why would he not talk to anyone but there are a lot of views

    DanyMarales RobloxDanyMarales Roblox3 months ago