I Saw KIDS ONLY TREEHOUSE.. So I Went Undercover! (Roblox)

May 4, 2020
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I Saw KIDS ONLY TREEHOUSE.. So I Went Undercover! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • Nobody: Poke: *Making everyone's quarantine better*

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    • poke ty for vids i love ur vids i like it that play roblox

      Cymon Dave BadandoCymon Dave Badando4 days ago
    • I know right!

      Mr. NoobMr. Noob7 days ago
    • This is so true

      t logt log9 days ago
    • yes

      Dark Storm 153Dark Storm 15310 days ago
    • @Juan Ramirez Wait actually!!

      Marissa SagastumeMarissa Sagastume21 day ago
  • poke my birth day is may 21first

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  • (𓁹α΄₯οΈŽπ“Ή)

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  • I love you poke can I be a youtuber?

    Jojo SaadJojo Saad2 days ago
  • Poke guess what when I say wow,thing abd I say son of a mum lol like u πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Megan HargousMegan Hargous3 days ago
  • poke this vids is scary im so scared

    Cymon Dave BadandoCymon Dave Badando4 days ago
  • Kid olny tree house

    MauventuresMauventures6 days ago
  • Nice one you are awsome

    mathias maningmathias maning6 days ago
  • This is the best I like these videos you need more videos with Sammy

    GALLVENGALLVEN6 days ago
  • E

    TheFlomas plays robloxTheFlomas plays roblox7 days ago
  • Pls give poke 5million subscribers pls it’s Es u know just pls

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  • The night for that music to come out I like that music I don’t know I forgot what it’s called whatever oof oof oof

    Inayen MurgaInayen Murga9 days ago
  • Yo there’s legit a broken car toy on his desk!! πŸ˜‚

    t logt log9 days ago
  • Flipping son a va biscuit

    Beth MuzzerallBeth Muzzerall9 days ago
  • Nobody: Poke: making everybody’s life inside better

    Gio PGio P10 days ago
  • Go poke he can make anything fun

    Alex BarritaAlex Barrita10 days ago
  • is no one gonna relize this was POSTED ON STAR WARS DAY

    Rylee PriceRylee Price11 days ago
  • ok i well SUBSCRIBE

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  • Sa

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  • But when you go in build mode it kicks ppl out

    Pepsi GuysPepsi Guys11 days ago
  • Well on bloxburg I'm poor no home and no money

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  • Hi Hi myself

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  • I love ur kids i have been watching u for about 2years and i am subscribed!

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  • When I watch pokes vids when am sad it always makes me fell better!!!! And u also have his merch when I hug the sloth it was makes me fell more better!!!

    Aubree HernandezAubree Hernandez13 days ago
  • Hi poke

    Bebe RussellBebe Russell13 days ago
  • It's set up lol if u go in build people on the plot go to the mail box and he had zero buget

    GGalaxy GamingGGalaxy Gaming15 days ago
  • This is so cool why do you make a ninja show

    Kayvon RandallKayvon Randall15 days ago
  • Hi

    Elisa HoxhaElisa Hoxha16 days ago
  • Yo

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  • To poke I’ve been down lately since my grandma died to cancer and now my dog is sick I’ve been wondering if I could play with you if you want to play with me my roblox username is choochisbeast

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  • 😎 he acts to cool for school

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  • That is one badddd kidddddd

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  • Why dose he want to. trap his parents

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  • Your the BEST UTUBER

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  • Ya

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  • Lol I have a stuffed bunny named sammy

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  • POKE : biscuit and a bird in the bed

    just _do _itjust _do _it19 days ago
  • Opps

    Jill DowneyJill Downey19 days ago
  • Why r u strap that

  • Poke is the beast and Poke is the best

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  • Poke makes me very happy and he is very inspiring bit he will never notice me because this was made like 7 or 8 months ago

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  • Poke

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  • I HATE YOU HA >:)

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  • Ya I know funny hehehe

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  • hey im a kid the way to make kids happy is CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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  • hahaha

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  • Someone said in the chat use star code POKE

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  • Hey punk I'm a USworlds to

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  • γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·β˜ΊοΈŽοΈŽγ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›Ψͺγ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·:π™΅πš’πš—πš πšπš‘πšŽ πšπš’πšπšπšŽπš›πšŽπš—πšŒπšŽ-☺︎︎Ψͺ

    JaydenX-RobloxJaydenX-Roblox24 days ago
  • This isn’t about the treehouse it’s about Sammy trapping who’s parents ;-;

    JaydenX-RobloxJaydenX-Roblox24 days ago
  • Whys the description the same thing as the thumbnail

    JaydenX-RobloxJaydenX-Roblox24 days ago
    • γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›Ψͺγ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·Ψͺγ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚·γ‹›γ‚· π™΅πš’πš—πš πšπš‘πšŽ πšπš’πšπšπšŽπš›πšŽπš—πšŒπšŽ

      JaydenX-RobloxJaydenX-Roblox24 days ago
  • son of a benjamin benjamin is my name jsjsjs

    BangerTyler RobloxMemeBangerTyler RobloxMeme28 days ago
  • I love you

    Kinsley WardKinsley Ward29 days ago
  • Hi poke someone trapped my sis on the kids school

    nickia Gravesnickia GravesMonth ago
  • Did anyone notice that poke's sloth blends in with the floor?

    Ulyanka UnicornUlyanka UnicornMonth ago
  • My fav part was when he said *son of a buiscit and bird and bed

    JOSHUA 14JOSHUA 14Month ago
  • Poke what is the game name

    Blue Bear GamingBlue Bear GamingMonth ago
  • Hi poke I subskrybujesz and like your vids and I love your vids

    Marta SterniczukMarta SterniczukMonth ago
  • Why are you always on the roof of your house in blocks Berg

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  • 🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀

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  • Lol :)

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  • I love your Videos

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  • And Wish Me Luck Tomorrow Because My Mom Said She's Going To Buy Me A DIRT BIKE!!!!

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  • I live your videos!!

    Luz RiosLuz RiosMonth ago
  • Me: I can barley hear him!! My brain: YEAH BECAUSE YOU DROPPED YOUR PHONE IN THE POOL LIKE 5 MINUTES AGO!!!!!:(

    Taylor RichardsonTaylor RichardsonMonth ago
  • But you didnt go undercoverto go in the treehouse...I will like it though How much likes he get πŸ‘‡

    Shadow gacha Glicher -0-Shadow gacha Glicher -0-Month ago
  • Can u add friend me pls I subscribed you

    Rudy UjandyRudy UjandyMonth ago
  • I love when youtuber make vids in bloxburg because I dont have it TwT

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  • He called you a fat

    Nino TatulliNino TatulliMonth ago
  • Im pro you r not pro ha ha ha

    Vincey PlaysVincey PlaysMonth ago
  • Wow you that to say sun of a biskit and a bird and... bed just wow

    Estrella OralloEstrella OralloMonth ago
  • My name is Sammy

    Krispin149Krispin149Month ago
  • Me: grabs hammer* Mom: Um..why and what are you gonna do with that hammer Me: I’m about to SMASH that like button

    gold bed146gold bed146Month ago
  • Poke you should said some of a mother and Bird, I love your videos and you the u man that make everything better when we doing this COVID

    Deon GilbertDeon GilbertMonth ago
  • Disney character and Finch in chapter 5 before you beat the whole ending of Bendy and the ink machine there's a character named Sammy Lawrence he has the name Sammy and his whole name but kind of different cuz it has Lawrence at the end

    Kaiden MacherKaiden MacherMonth ago
  • I joined team slothforever

    Ashly ThomasAshly ThomasMonth ago
  • Cool poke

    Roblox or Fortnite or Minecraft Mitchell CabusRoblox or Fortnite or Minecraft Mitchell CabusMonth ago
  • i use star code poke

  • Every vid ya make I get so attracted to dem like how a fly gets attracted to a light πŸ’‘

    Woodren FreakWoodren FreakMonth ago
  • Tonight is the night.....

    JohnJohnMonth ago
  • Ur keyboard sounds load lol

    JohnJohnMonth ago
  • 4:19 lol pokes shirt is being affected by the green screen

    whyyousorude0whyyousorude0Month ago
  • You! Are crazy poke I love your vids

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  • I subbed

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  • Who else saw at 6:00 a person jump up at the windowπŸ˜‚

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  • oh im so sory i haf no wy-fi sorey

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  • Nope nope I’m dead

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  • 13:27 your evil and hes evil so win win lol

    Glitch TrapGlitch TrapMonth ago
  • 6:39 it is what it is

    Glitch TrapGlitch TrapMonth ago
  • I might make an Animation of this the leak is when poke gets inside the HOUSE when he said HEY GUYS! IM BACK! he dashed through

    I am NapstablookI am NapstablookMonth ago