I Saved The Bloxburg President! (Roblox)

May 14, 2020
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  • The president of boxburg wants to destroy it

    Emileah ColeEmileah ColeDay ago
  • Sneaky billy's Hair is the same as secretary jordan's😱

    Renz MonteclaroRenz Monteclaro3 days ago
  • Sneaky Billy have a hideout out poke

    • Sneaky Billy

  • Sneaky Billy have a hideout poke

  • sneaky Billy tree have a hideout

  • What

    MauventuresMauventures5 days ago

    Ade ImbreaAde Imbrea5 days ago
  • President:get me outta here! Reset button :yes I do exist... just press me!

    Maria AlexsandraMaria Alexsandra5 days ago
  • I’m a fan and I join the group poke

    Rhoda PitahinRhoda Pitahin6 days ago
  • I have to go to school

    Caiden WallaceCaiden Wallace13 days ago
  • He is evil

    j jj j18 days ago
  • Precedent was actinting sus I believe sneckybilly poke the president was acating sus

    Et RaEt Ra18 days ago
  • Thanks for making quarantine better STAR CODE POKE!!

    Krispin149Krispin14921 day ago
  • notice how poke was jumping on beat during the intro 😂

    bean nuggetbean nugget22 days ago
  • me: presidentcoptos hi me agin: r u the greater of bloxburg

    Bryan FifeBryan Fife23 days ago
  • I was sneakybilly

    Aldrin AlarconAldrin Alarcon24 days ago
  • Im sneaky billy

    Aldrin AlarconAldrin Alarcon24 days ago
  • President is EVIL he might be cloning or making more chemical Z

    Aisha NaveedAisha NaveedMonth ago
  • HI POKE I hope your getting lots of support and I use starcode POKE

    Mary SeguraMary SeguraMonth ago
  • He lit made it after my birthday.

    ak6_iak6_iMonth ago
  • 12:59 is like among who i trust you or you

    Edward LeeEdward LeeMonth ago
  • but i am not evil my sister is the evil one

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • i dont now why but i like everyone that poke hates like BPD Gregors and sneakybillythree i like those 2

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • you grew so much mustach i dont like it

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • The president is real

    Shakiba MAROOFI Maroofi SHAKIBAShakiba MAROOFI Maroofi SHAKIBAMonth ago
  • Is the President Joe Biden lol

    Lucie BennLucie BennMonth ago
  • Why is like poke young

    Don JustinianoDon JustinianoMonth ago
  • poke: I need to undercover to save the president he could have just reset

    17Madla, Jayden17Madla, JaydenMonth ago
  • 619

    WWE FanWWE FanMonth ago
  • i love when you and your frinds play bloxsbarg you guys are the best♥️♥️♥️💕💕

    Fakhira BibiFakhira BibiMonth ago
  • I’m not in Quarantine

    Jonathan GausJonathan GausMonth ago
  • He is FAKEpokee

    Abdullah MamunAbdullah MamunMonth ago
  • Poke have have that red hair

    Freddie MannionFreddie Mannion2 months ago
  • im sorry

    12323-Jafaar Mostafa E Mutabagani12323-Jafaar Mostafa E Mutabagani2 months ago
  • bruh you look bad

    12323-Jafaar Mostafa E Mutabagani12323-Jafaar Mostafa E Mutabagani2 months ago
  • lol bye 00:01

    Rajeev SampathRajeev Sampath2 months ago
  • lol bye 0:

    Rajeev SampathRajeev Sampath2 months ago
  • lol cya 0010

    Rajeev SampathRajeev Sampath2 months ago
  • $24.99

    Sophia De GuzmanSophia De Guzman2 months ago
  • I dunno if he is telling the truth

    Nagima MohammedNagima Mohammed2 months ago
  • I feel bad for the president

    Nagima MohammedNagima Mohammed2 months ago
  • hey poke i finnaly got blocburg and im kinda poor can u pls get me rich plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Kaylee HardingKaylee Harding2 months ago
  • poke im with the bloxberg secret service and next time you need to leave it to us

  • “Sowason bloxburg” 00:01

    ur nans dogur nans dog2 months ago
  • Vote

    Josiah AustinJosiah Austin2 months ago
  • the presibent so sus he side im so sorry for wath acting like sus

    Heden VelacheHeden Velache2 months ago
  • President of bloxburg: please get me out of here Everyone that plays Roblox for years: reset or leave -_-

    Play RobloxPlay Roblox2 months ago
  • You saved flamingo

    Soviet OnionSoviet Onion2 months ago
  • poke can you add friend me in roblox pls my name is police_dave0503

    marco angelo leidomarco angelo leido2 months ago
  • Wich one plz not trump

    Jaysosmooth 30kJaysosmooth 30k2 months ago
  • Isn’t this when trump was president

    King McConicoKing McConico2 months ago
  • mans got a tan

    mc noobstermc noobster2 months ago
  • Poke:Son of a bird... Me:does in laughter

    100K Subscribers Without any videos100K Subscribers Without any videos2 months ago
  • I love how the Squeaky sound of a duck comes randomley

    100K Subscribers Without any videos100K Subscribers Without any videos2 months ago
    • LOL

      Mickey ninjago moviesMickey ninjago movies13 days ago
    • @Yocali Muñoz no your not its of not off btw ;-; not trying to be mean but like how would u just say “HEY IM THE OWNER OF BLOXBURG” and expect people to believe u with no proof

      chase lipmanchase lipman15 days ago

      Yocali MuñozYocali Muñoz26 days ago
    • It's maybe cause poke said a bad word and they use that to cut it out

      Clone_wars_hq 9Clone_wars_hq 9Month ago
  • Ok

    EdEd2 months ago
  • It's funny when he said son of a buiscit

    Hiro PlayzHiro Playz2 months ago

    Jonah AndersonJonah Anderson2 months ago
  • jorden sneaky billy three

    froggie 02froggie 022 months ago
  • Nerd

    JohnJohn2 months ago
  • Poke is bloxburg hero

    Ringgo James HataRinggo James Hata2 months ago
  • And I a van of hyper

    David StandleeDavid Standlee2 months ago
  • It’s funny when he said “ Son of a bird” he had me dying lol😂😂😂🤣

    SiimplyBunnySiimplyBunny2 months ago
  • Poke is making my LIFE better

    Dragonkid6643Dragonkid66432 months ago
  • I have a feeling

    cool Moodcool Mood2 months ago

    cool Moodcool Mood2 months ago
  • 12:43 the president had a red thing idk what it is

    Zachary FernandezZachary Fernandez2 months ago
  • The TRUE president is flamingo he’s better than you

    R0B10XR0B10X2 months ago
  • He was viewing security cameras and right once he clicked on a new camera, it had an add about trump, that is so weirdddd

    TheNoobKing YTTheNoobKing YT2 months ago
  • Who saves Donald Trump he's racist

    christian ramoschristian ramos2 months ago
  • sloth

    Joshua MacasJoshua Macas2 months ago
  • President is real if the president is evil the president would kidnap you

    Mohammad KabirMohammad Kabir2 months ago
  • Me ; I want to see what the end is quicker o right skip till the end

    Beth BergmanBeth Bergman2 months ago
  • slo

    Cool 47Cool 472 months ago
  • Pinnch poke u o me a coke

    Erica PalmerErica Palmer2 months ago
  • Jeenks

    Erica PalmerErica Palmer2 months ago
  • I now where you live

    Lolo_ LoloLolo_ Lolo2 months ago
  • Son of a bird..

    IVAN SEOIVAN SEO2 months ago
  • poke just now l saw you playing a game l wanted to join the game but it was saying l must leave the game

    richard mufutumaririchard mufutumari2 months ago
  • wait my name is billy :P

    Rg SalazarRg Salazar2 months ago
  • Are you poke roblox or what

    Ken DíazKen Díaz2 months ago
  • Dang poke has a beard

    Darth A AyderDarth A Ayder2 months ago
  • Black lives mattrr

    Do not read my profile PictureDo not read my profile Picture2 months ago
  • Hi poke

    Alexander HoangAlexander Hoang2 months ago
  • Paul I am your fan please can you give me roblox please I put like my friend and my sister and brother I need you I'll give you my money at all can you give me roblox please 99 OK thank you

    عقرب Scorpionعقرب Scorpion2 months ago
  • Poke: son of a bird Me: dying of laughter 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Nina PlutaNina Pluta2 months ago
  • President

    Eternal Faith Christian ChurchEternal Faith Christian Church2 months ago
  • It’s me Jaylonn and I am the cousin

    jackie fullwoodjackie fullwood2 months ago
  • My cousin has been watching this since she was four and I’ve been watching this for years now I’m a very big fan.

    jackie fullwoodjackie fullwood2 months ago
  • 3:27 hehe everybody knows it’s you bc of the SnakyPOKEY!!five.....like the *Pokey* thing that’s !. It like everybody knows that it’s you poke Chanel BROO!!! Huh.just say SneakyBro. Nothing to special. Like that nobody know why r u ! :)

    Mily EmilyMily Emily2 months ago
  • He is probably

    Haji Mirza Sohail BaigHaji Mirza Sohail Baig3 months ago
  • poke. I. LOVE. YOUR. VIDEOS. !!!!!!!!

    Kellin Kyrie ManarangKellin Kyrie Manarang3 months ago
  • Poke looks black kinda I mean😂😂

    HyperHyper3 months ago
  • srry but he is

    Hibatullah Aje-gbadunola ObasaHibatullah Aje-gbadunola Obasa3 months ago
  • Poke umm can you friend me in roblox my bro'

    Carl Jacob CapatiCarl Jacob Capati3 months ago
  • Poke:Im trying to be thuggish Also poke: Gee whiskers!

    CruCru3 months ago
  • i luagh when u say billy berrin

    prince Torresprince Torres3 months ago
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Esmeralda ToledoEsmeralda Toledo3 months ago
  • Hi poke I’m a big fan of you I use star code poke

    Greater Zion East Campus ChurchGreater Zion East Campus Church3 months ago
  • Poke: Making everyone's quarantine better

    Jesus AyalaJesus Ayala3 months ago
  • I have to stop sneaky billy

    Veronica PribadiVeronica Pribadi3 months ago