Apr 18, 2020
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I Remodeled A RUN DOWN HOME.. What I FOUND In The WALLS Will SHOCK YOU! NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • Me: you told them what to say

    MakingLego FilmsMakingLego Films6 hours ago
  • poke when did u start growing a beard???

    pyschicpyschic22 hours ago
  • Soooo are we gonna talk about how dann got a campfire

    Pierce JenningsPierce Jennings2 days ago
  • Diculted

    MauventuresMauventures4 days ago
  • hey poke i saaw a person trying to be poor there name was OSCARHOUES could you pls chek it out

    Michelle HarperMichelle Harper7 days ago
  • Poke I love you and your vids and oh I forgot to mention to use *star code*poke and can we be friends I use star code poke!!!

    Pop unicornPop unicorn9 days ago

    Mohammed KhanMohammed Khan15 days ago
  • i love all of ur vids but in ur new ones change ur camra how it was in ur old vids thx

    Unicorn lopezUnicorn lopez20 days ago
  • What if there was a secret bunker built by your son🤣😂🤣😂

  • In adopt me my name is girl poke digger every single thing there is poke digger themed your videos are the best and I don't like hipper he is boring but he does have a girl skin in adopt me and that is funny 😂

    Cayden LaneCayden Lane24 days ago
  • Well I have a request for you. And I even joined your group. And it was a struggle. But can you please make a account for my pet snake named hissy. And she is a boll python. And she is on my arm. My name is Cayden.

    Cayden LaneCayden Lane24 days ago
  • Hi zack😀

    Kara BockusKara BockusMonth ago
  • eeeeaa

    SimplyMonkey YTSimplyMonkey YTMonth ago
    • R

      SimplyMonkey YTSimplyMonkey YTMonth ago
  • Just so you know there's not lighting in bloxburg, or fires but it's great content for kids

    Pikachu Gacha girliePikachu Gacha girlieMonth ago
  • Hakdug

    Mark De guzmanMark De guzmanMonth ago
  • cool!! its pretty cool for that expirence

    CocoCocoMonth ago
  • Man a lot of missing people vids hmmm weird

    eggster kideggster kidMonth ago
  • The basement does NOT incude

    dino espanoladino espanolaMonth ago
  • SOOO SAD :(

    Love BunnyLove BunnyMonth ago
  • Your a hater miss I am a fan lol

    Gaming with CaseyGaming with CaseyMonth ago
  • i am for real wearing your sloth onesie

    Tammy CashionTammy CashionMonth ago
  • Hi poke I joined your group on roblox and I want to play bloxburg with you but I don't have roblox... Cuz I am from india

    jyotsna biswaljyotsna biswalMonth ago
  • Haba lol

    isaac gamingisaac gamingMonth ago
  • My question.. is .... how did dan get there if you just got out of build mode :/

    BabyGlizzyBabyGlizzyMonth ago
  • i have a question when poke went into build mode the first time why didnt it kick dan out????????

    mythic island crew robloxmythic island crew robloxMonth ago
  • That was me😁

  • Yes

    Ethan NavaEthan NavaMonth ago
  • I like how he find the secret thing

    Nga DangNga Dang2 months ago
  • Poke: gets 13k views a minute Me:10 use in a minute So can you subscribe to my USworlds channel it is USworldsr

    YouTuberYouTuber2 months ago
    • Do you have cats? This🐈🐱

      audrey catloveraudrey catloverMonth ago
  • My bunny died Im sad 😭😭😭😭

    Zoey GramZoey Gram2 months ago
  • So happy she found da boy

    Allan NamocoAllan Namoco2 months ago
  • So can I be your friend on roblox

    Steph ShackletonSteph Shackleton2 months ago
  • it was so funny when you said build mode so they can get out of there hahaha😂

    Divya AnandaDivya Ananda2 months ago
  • I don't know because i know where

    AishaAisha2 months ago
  • 0:50 use star code poke

    Itz_Gallo GamingItz_Gallo Gaming2 months ago
  • YO am curious

    Monsterr YTMonsterr YT2 months ago
  • Poke is so nice

    John KelleyJohn Kelley2 months ago
  • So a prank on Dylan and Carl and Paul

    Lisa ELLIOTTLisa ELLIOTT2 months ago
  • So cute😍🤗

    Lisa ELLIOTTLisa ELLIOTT2 months ago
  • !!!!!!

    JohnnyBunny HJohnnyBunny H2 months ago
  • I love your videos because your teaching people what they should do and should not do and your very funny I'm a big fan

    Cyndi JamesCyndi James2 months ago
  • ha poke it wolde me a lote to me if you will helep me biuld my home on of my freds sid he was going to bilde it tin theay deletid it am so sad even wit was a strtr home but i likefd it so muc :(

  • Can I be in one of your videos

    Bloopers gaming XoloBloopers gaming Xolo2 months ago
  • Dan went to brook haven

    pokes qalerpokes qaler2 months ago
  • Poke use da mini poke on your arm

    CyanCyan2 months ago
  • I love you ❤️💕😘 poke

    Aj ColemanAj Coleman2 months ago
  • hello Mr poke i love your vids. I am a big fan. i cant use star cod poke Im also sorry i have not bought any merch of yours. if you wat to friend in roblox my name is Mr snowmanR

    Rishaan BathaniRishaan Bathani2 months ago
  • lol

    jameson707jameson7072 months ago
  • Poke you so smart

    jameson707jameson7072 months ago
  • Subtitle: what is up guys it is folk here

    catmancatman2 months ago
  • Pokeek

    {•Sleepy Totoro Blox•}{•Sleepy Totoro Blox•}2 months ago
  • Yup

    Sandra ToribioSandra Toribio2 months ago
  • Suleima SantibanezSuleima Santibanez2 months ago
  • I like how you always do your videos on the roof

    It’s me Now!!It’s me Now!!2 months ago
  • hi i am big fan

    Bhaskar ArenghBhaskar Arengh2 months ago
  • I hate poke

    Reini BanowatiReini Banowati2 months ago
  • Please accept my friend request ipad7145

    Amir's Wild AdventuresAmir's Wild Adventures2 months ago
  • When poke said what’s up guys I was like WOOOO ANOTHER VIDE0 Edit: thxxx

    Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
    • Sorry that all the reply’s are from me!

      Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
    • Thx

      Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
    • This is great!

      Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
    • Woooo

      Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
    • Yeah!

      Mimi BreezyMimi Breezy2 months ago
  • awww you are so nice Poke helping everyone Im a fan

    adamkellyhollieadamkellyhollie2 months ago
  • Hi ladies and gentlemen what about pets we watch youtube two i love you poke my username is fanofpokeforlive23 no spaces

    Grace SosaGrace Sosa2 months ago
  • You didn’t remodel their house!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ by the way gigantic fan of y’all!!!🤗🤗🤗🥰

    Avery RojasAvery Rojas2 months ago
  • Yes

    Jaycee PagaranJaycee Pagaran3 months ago
  • Hey girl you're looking cool and that's pretty nice

    LankyboxLankybox3 months ago
  • I'm going with this guy

    Alyana WilliamsAlyana Williams3 months ago
  • Poke means the best pokemon trainer

    Hyper fireHyper fire3 months ago
  • I choked on a grape and I almost died when you find the whole!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😒😒😒😒😒

    Hilda TimothyHilda Timothy3 months ago
  • HOW IS DAN IN THE HOUSE DURRING BUILD MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    FlamingoFlamingo3 months ago
  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑aswd

    Badrul IslamBadrul Islam3 months ago
  • I am shocked I am shocked right now I’m not happy

    Yu RainyYu Rainy3 months ago
  • poke i just want to say you are a verey nice porson

    Laura LewisLaura Lewis3 months ago
  • I will you want to meet you in real life but since Covid no

    Kevin BarryKevin Barry3 months ago
  • Your mean

    Steve Javelin MarchSteve Javelin March3 months ago

  • His videos are the best I watch it all the time

    Jasmine ScottJasmine Scott3 months ago
  • can you plz give me rubux cuz I don't have any of it give me 26 rubux I wanna play it

    Jeremiah DecoteauJeremiah Decoteau3 months ago
  • Sometimes

    Sarah and Yara ChannelSarah and Yara Channel3 months ago
  • I love how every single time you go on Blocksburg you solve a mystery

    Sarah and Yara ChannelSarah and Yara Channel3 months ago
    • Bloxburg*

      ItsFlowingMoonItsFlowingMoon14 days ago
  • Poke has 10,000 brains

    Christian Caleb E. SaudesChristian Caleb E. Saudes3 months ago
  • This is sad. Thank you Poke for helping this person

    CactusMasterSCactusMasterS3 months ago
  • Bro plss give 123genaro3 it is a robuxian but only 7 :( if your kind enough will you ? 😢

    the Editorial Showthe Editorial Show3 months ago
  • How could Dann still be in the cave? He would’ve got kicked out when poke was in build mode...

    InqusitGamesInqusitGames3 months ago
  • Hi sloth how are you

    Ning Ngo TingNing Ngo Ting3 months ago
  • and is. lain. okay

    Ning Ngo TingNing Ngo Ting3 months ago
  • poke. is. this girl. okay

    Ning Ngo TingNing Ngo Ting3 months ago
  • poke you saved prison on blow drug

    Ning Ngo TingNing Ngo Ting3 months ago
  • It make him more money 💰

    Ezekiel miguel CumpaEzekiel miguel Cumpa3 months ago
  • Don’t sub or like

    Ezekiel miguel CumpaEzekiel miguel Cumpa3 months ago
  • Poke I'm a huge fan, did you coincidently said mouse instead of house at 1:45? I mean it lol

    PastelGamer GirlPastelGamer Girl3 months ago
  • So I can play bloxburg I really want to play bloxburg

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • I met

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • Roblox

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • Twenty five

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • Can u give me tw

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • I'm poor

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • I watch u on utube

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • I'm ur fan

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • Poke

    Halona BrooksHalona Brooks3 months ago
  • he save people and he's being nice he will be have a 10 stars

    ꧁tigr̸y̸ [unif̸o̸r̸m̸]꧂꧁tigr̸y̸ [unif̸o̸r̸m̸]꧂3 months ago
  • Bruh that can't happen

    Romelia MoralesRomelia Morales3 months ago
  • How many time you going to say so I was on