I Made A TINY HOME Inside My Girlfriends Kitchen! (Roblox)

Jun 13, 2020
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I Made A TINY HOME Inside My Girlfriends Kitchen! (Roblox)
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  • wow zack you did a grate job

    ANONAMIS vlogsANONAMIS vlogsDay ago
  • Why do you start our vids on a roof? :)

    Aiden AmbroseAiden Ambrose2 days ago
  • Man yo yo what about the show duh

    Quincy GonzalezQuincy Gonzalez6 days ago
  • New to Roblox or Bolxblerg

    Quincy GonzalezQuincy Gonzalez6 days ago
  • the dumb zack he is doesnt realise that she will already get all the money when she removes it

    Rayyaan Ayoob SaabRayyaan Ayoob Saab6 days ago
  • Wow 😯

    Playing Chelsea Levi ChannelPlaying Chelsea Levi Channel8 days ago
  • I new watching to the end was a bad idea

    RollyTrollyRollyTrolly9 days ago
  • 2:33 idk if the save the trees company is gonna be proud of that

    NoruxlNoruxl14 days ago
  • Hi Pokedigr1 how to subscribe

    Payton VongPayton Vong16 days ago
  • :me playing Roblox i have no house in bloxburg

    Adriana JimenezAdriana Jimenez16 days ago
  • :me math is so hard maybe i should watch poke

    Adriana JimenezAdriana Jimenez16 days ago
  • Wow zack

    Ezequiel Alvarez-bensonEzequiel Alvarez-benson17 days ago
  • Wow zack watching till the end was THE BEST IDEA!!!!! I mean if it was my house I wouldn’t even notice lol

    Jay PlayzJay Playz17 days ago
  • Umm I kinda forgot

    OOF ME plzOOF ME plz18 days ago
  • Wow zack I knew u would make it up to her

    OOF ME plzOOF ME plz18 days ago
  • ,hi poke l love poke

    Dalila BouzermaneDalila Bouzermane23 days ago
  • Yeah I love how you played her back and how she said get out

    jaden Mobile gamerjaden Mobile gamer24 days ago
  • Ok

    John AudyJohn Audy24 days ago
  • 0:15 Look at the back that Black car! With yellow! 0:16 Look it he left that car with 0:17

    Glitter force Gucha lifeGlitter force Gucha life28 days ago
  • Lol spend my money next 🥺

    Kayson Dax Crow ShoeKayson Dax Crow ShoeMonth ago
  • Why start in a roof

    Kayson Dax Crow ShoeKayson Dax Crow ShoeMonth ago
  • wow Zack I watch u give back all the money +more

    Victoria DevonishVictoria DevonishMonth ago
  • I LOVE your videos

    Charlton TingCharlton TingMonth ago
  • That was funny in the end and nice 😂🥰🥰

    Khori and KimayahKhori and KimayahMonth ago
  • He had the phone under the table :/ he looked under there more then once

    Pink DimondPink DimondMonth ago
  • i hope im apart of someting of like this....

    Youtuber VidsYoutuber VidsMonth ago
  • i alway call u in bloxburg u never ever see me

    deepak mehtadeepak mehtaMonth ago
  • Poke:Let me add a stove let me add a fridge Me:Dude it's your vid!you can do what you want!

    Charli PankhurstCharli PankhurstMonth ago
  • Put a like on this comment for how many times he said like wile he was making the inside of the home

    Tucker ThreadgillTucker ThreadgillMonth ago
  • 10:10 The shower..

    iOreosXDiOreosXDMonth ago
  • And my name is euan265

    Jenelyn TeodoroJenelyn TeodoroMonth ago
  • Wow zack i knew i needed to watch till the end see u in next vid zack ;)

    haroun bugriharoun bugriMonth ago
  • Please accept my request on roblox

  • Poke:Come on squeeze- ppppppp Me:umm weird...

    Kirsten VelezKirsten VelezMonth ago
  • I want to scare ur girlfriend to a... hmmm... aha maybe clone thw house behind ur girlfriend's house

    Elizabeth • AftonElizabeth • AftonMonth ago
  • Lol poke do it again please

    Medium wolfyMedium wolfyMonth ago
  • not lying

    Dejuan PlayzDejuan PlayzMonth ago
  • so funny bro not lting

    Dejuan PlayzDejuan PlayzMonth ago
  • Everybody knows how to block people

    mahad bajwamahad bajwaMonth ago
  • Wow cool

    Heather JordanHeather JordanMonth ago
  • Poke go on seedeng account and make a home and make it dumb

    Matthew WardMatthew WardMonth ago
  • Lol

    Accel AlvarezAccel AlvarezMonth ago
  • This is so coool

  • Lani is lucky to have u as a boyfriend

    Beverly KoenemannBeverly KoenemannMonth ago
  • Yeah totally Worth it

    Ava FoleyAva FoleyMonth ago
  • 2:32 @mrbeast 😂

    ReefyReefyMonth ago
  • im a big fan of poke

    Daniel Sebastian TorresDaniel Sebastian TorresMonth ago
  • hello

    halo. aymanhalo. aymanMonth ago
  • Zach you are my fav youtuber!!!!!!!!

    kelseyrae2005kelseyrae2005Month ago
  • "Wow Zack I knew watching the end would make up for spending her money" 13:21

    Suleqa AliSuleqa AliMonth ago
  • Poke:"puts walls incorrectly and doesn't notice" Me: bruh

    Ivette EspinozaIvette Espinoza2 months ago
  • Glad i whatched till the end

    Dark Fusion GameZDark Fusion GameZ2 months ago
  • poke you really did end the prank in a great way by giving her that much money i would have been greatful either way because you would have built a part of my house and you would have been i my house i would be so happy LOVE YOUR CHANNLE

    Elizabeth SchlotterbackElizabeth Schlotterback2 months ago
  • Can I friend u my user is Toffss can u help me build ma house??? (on Bloxburge)

    Isla CurtisIsla Curtis2 months ago
  • I want to play with you on blogburg

    Nathias JeffriesNathias Jeffries2 months ago
  • Comment poke is the king of roblox and sub and like

    Nathias JeffriesNathias Jeffries2 months ago
  • None of the star codes you guys tell me are not working friend me poke

    Nathias JeffriesNathias Jeffries2 months ago
  • Cool hahahahaha her face she was soooo mad

    Nathias JeffriesNathias Jeffries2 months ago
  • This is so funny when poke said i am going to do a secrcet in a funny voies

    Ayaris Ortiz PenaAyaris Ortiz Pena2 months ago
  • Hey Zach be careful I’m just warning you there is some hackers out there they might hack you yeah I have a little roebucks and I dressed up as a Bacon to provide the hackers so I bought your merch with my roebucks 😁😁

    Sunsetsfari Girl aka fanSunsetsfari Girl aka fan2 months ago
  • I Love the ending

    Sunsetsfari Girl aka fanSunsetsfari Girl aka fan2 months ago
  • i used star code poke

    Coach Trici ColemanCoach Trici Coleman2 months ago
  • When the tiny house is actually better than your house

    GamingWith SAMMYGamingWith SAMMY2 months ago
  • geat jad zack can you add me on roblox its jadelove211

    Jo-Miyah CissonJo-Miyah Cisson2 months ago
  • plz plz plz

    Harry 8ballHarry 8ball2 months ago
  • At the start... Poke: ladies and gentlemen Me: I thought you said Lani s and gentlemen

    Ninja CatNinja Cat2 months ago
  • Hey

    Callme_bruhCallme_bruh2 months ago
  • Wow I loves watching to the end

    I am FishyI am Fishy2 months ago
  • Poke real name is Zack I think

    Fun WorldFun World2 months ago
  • Why do you want to put a secret house at your girlfriend's house

    MySara MansorMySara Mansor2 months ago
  • Him; : SQUEEZE *farts* me: * laughs so hard that I fall off a chair*

    Rylee -_- YoshimuraRylee -_- Yoshimura2 months ago
  • Why buse poke bo his vids on his roof why🤨🙅🤦

    Natalia LorenzoNatalia Lorenzo2 months ago
  • I am your biggest fan

    Rina MorRina Mor2 months ago
  • I bought is Merch

    Anthony RuelasAnthony Ruelas2 months ago
  • Wow zack

    JXCJXC2 months ago
  • i love you poke i use start code poke

  • wow zach

    rocio romerorocio romero2 months ago
  • i have the white or silver sloth somehow

    lordnoobie30lordnoobie302 months ago
  • the best youtuber

    Toby WardToby Ward2 months ago
  • poke is the best

    Toby WardToby Ward2 months ago
  • Wow Zach

    Amanda LoganAmanda Logan2 months ago
  • big boy needs to lose weight and he acts like a saint wow

    AxellPlayzAxellPlayz2 months ago
  • Zayn

    Zayn AliZayn Ali2 months ago
  • 😳😳😳YOUPoke

    chanel manalangchanel manalang2 months ago
  • Poke

    Xxxrex21 ArismendizXxxrex21 Arismendiz2 months ago
  • Poke is so famise

  • Which is better Tiny party:like Tiny house:comment

    Shisui _uchihaShisui _uchiha2 months ago
  • Make me farn

    Mohammad YasirMohammad Yasir2 months ago
  • My id

    Mohammad YasirMohammad Yasir2 months ago
  • Captain 203567

    Mohammad YasirMohammad Yasir2 months ago
  • i am your bigist fan piz my id is captain

    Mohammad YasirMohammad Yasir2 months ago
  • wo.w zack it...i forgot

    Levic VianaLevic Viana3 months ago
  • poke: maybe a winky face me: it not even look like a winky face

    food squad gamingfood squad gaming3 months ago
  • You made up for it wow zach

    Gaming TwinsGaming Twins3 months ago
  • Poke:hey lain can I have a pizzzzzaaaa😂 lani:noooooooo iceee cream onlyyy

    IVAN SEOIVAN SEO3 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Unnati85mayurUnnati85mayur3 months ago
  • It was so cool

    Milkywxy -RobloxMilkywxy -Roblox3 months ago
  • Poke: Makes a tiny home Me: I've made tiny homes that're 4x4...

    I'm RayneStillPlaysI'm RayneStillPlays3 months ago
  • Lanii: that was mean Poke : (the first prank ever!) Me : Lanii has done too many pranks to poke

    Johens / Dream1Johens / Dream13 months ago
  • Ha ha

    Mark vosskampMark vosskamp3 months ago