I Found My Girlfriends SECRET Club, So I Went Undercover! (Roblox)

Jul 9, 2020
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I Found My Girlfriends SECRET Club, So I Went Undercover! (Roblox)
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  • poke I love your videos but I need more videos...please make more ( :

    Hannah ReevesHannah Reeves16 hours ago
  • Why don't you just leave?

    Max EmmanuelMax Emmanuel2 days ago
  • lol "biggest blox burg rock LOL

    AceAce4 days ago
  • that is a true bf right there!!

    anqelixcanqelixc5 days ago
  • :((((((((((((((

    punkeleton rarepunkeleton rare7 days ago
  • Totaly This vid is the best one that i seen so by the way hi

    Samara SamilSamara Samil7 days ago
  • When he wanted to open the bookshelf and ad came in -

    remy the cøwremy the cøw7 days ago
  • I love bloxbug

    Elyza PinkElyza Pink9 days ago
  • Am gonna miss these videos 🥺

    Leggo my EggoLeggo my Eggo9 days ago
  • Your vids are soooo fun

    Alex BarritaAlex Barrita10 days ago
  • Make sure to use star code poke

    Noah WalstonNoah Walston13 days ago
  • I mean laniplayz

    avigael Dsaavigael Dsa15 days ago
  • I saw the channel Lanipayz!

    avigael Dsaavigael Dsa15 days ago
    • I mean laniplayz

      avigael Dsaavigael Dsa15 days ago
  • I started laughing so hard when Zack said “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? TAKING MY ROCK” lol

    ItsMeRachaelItsMeRachael16 days ago
  • My user name is Kingwold898

    Raghad AlshsikhRaghad Alshsikh17 days ago
  • My user name is Kingworld

    Raghad AlshsikhRaghad Alshsikh17 days ago
  • ROCK!?!?!

    j jj j19 days ago
  • When he said 5..4..3..2.. add there was a add

    j jj j19 days ago
  • I dont know where to get your merch poke

    Darwin VazquezDarwin Vazquez19 days ago
  • Poke: I wonder how pokes boyfriend would feel about this Me: boyfriend

    Nevaeh McDowNevaeh McDow22 days ago
  • Poke: mom!! Me:wait she’s your MOM Poke:I mean Elaine Me:oh ok PHEW!

    Lawrence AderiyeLawrence Aderiye23 days ago

    Enrique SinghEnrique Singh23 days ago
  • What I heard the five nights at candy’s jumpscare when u said white

    Greyson RabaraGreyson Rabara25 days ago
  • Is no one talking abt that shirt? 🗿🗿

    AngelAngel26 days ago
  • I have retainers in and it is hard to talk normally but I’m okii with it!!

    Glimmershine v1Glimmershine v1Month ago
  • * him counting down* 4 3 2 andd!! add time .

    quinn francesconiquinn francesconiMonth ago
  • Eric was the only person in this room poker

    robloxrobloxMonth ago
  • Why is your hair messy

    taym mutrajitaym mutrajiMonth ago
  • Poke go go go

    Joshua BahenaJoshua BahenaMonth ago
  • I Love how he says sham on meeee he way he says it

    Daniella TrevinoDaniella TrevinoMonth ago
  • Poke where is slothy he is missing

    Avanish PonsAvanish PonsMonth ago
  • I was wondering if you can friend me on Roblox

    Paul BohannonPaul BohannonMonth ago
  • Hi poke I I am new

    Paul BohannonPaul BohannonMonth ago
  • L

    Neil DarmaninNeil DarmaninMonth ago
  • dude your girl is creepy

    Math Homework GamingMath Homework GamingMonth ago
  • Was this live

    Bunny RaRaBunny RaRaMonth ago
  • Go save your girl poke !

    Roszila OmarRoszila OmarMonth ago
  • I watched every for u upload ed I'm a big fan :)

    Cyrelle Jacob PadorCyrelle Jacob PadorMonth ago
  • lani: zack! me: i never knew your name was zack

    nightmarenightmareMonth ago
  • The people who disliked are the people who are triggered that this was a joke and was a part of the club

    O o F I E s ツO o F I E s ツMonth ago
  • Hello your my favorite youtuber!!! I love your vids!!!

    Hammy The hamsterHammy The hamsterMonth ago
  • Hey poke I like your videos and I have blocks I can play blocks per because I wish some of my robot but I want to see you anime USworldsr

    Zulema WilliamsZulema WilliamsMonth ago

    Nayely HernandezNayely HernandezMonth ago

    Nayely HernandezNayely HernandezMonth ago
  • I love your vids so much I got your murch

    Nayely HernandezNayely HernandezMonth ago
  • You look like FaZe rUg with th🅰️t h🅰️ir

    Storm TrooperStorm TrooperMonth ago
  • Nobody Not even a single soul Poke:I FOUND THE BIGGEST ROCK!!!

    Alba GarciaAlba GarciaMonth ago
  • Poke:i undercover in lani's fan club house Me:Why the title is Girlfriends did you cheat on Lani and have another girlfriend

    Luke EspedidoLuke EspedidoMonth ago
  • Your so funny with a "ROCK" hahahaha

    Nica IyakNica IyakMonth ago
  • i got an add right before he said 1 LOL

    aurolixiaaurolixiaMonth ago
  • What’s up Sam

    Peggy GreavesPeggy GreavesMonth ago
  • Ha ha ha The duck song was really funny I am 😆

    Peggy GreavesPeggy GreavesMonth ago
  • Why isn’t Poke wearing Actual shirt

    Peggy GreavesPeggy GreavesMonth ago
  • ask ur grilfriend in realife

    Ashannalee TITIALIIAshannalee TITIALIIMonth ago
  • Bruh dude No one has cooties cooties on even real so yeah.

    Sophia FloydSophia Floyd2 months ago
  • Guys be happy with your family and your friends DO NOT BE RUDE be nice to other people and your friends and family that is how you be it and feel happy with them just be nice and happy for your life for your family for your friends and bed you sleep on just be nice and happy not rude guys ok have a great time and day now bye bye!!!✨🎉🎀🍊

    Grace GonzalezGrace Gonzalez2 months ago
  • They’re not invisible braces it’s a retainer

  • Poke your videos are amaseng

    Marc HinojosaMarc Hinojosa2 months ago
  • Zack about to open the bookshelf in the meeting room* 5,4,3,2, add:use the brand new shampoo it is 15$ dollars only make sure to buy it

    Faith And faithFaith And faith2 months ago
  • Poke: playing roblox . Everyone: rushes to comets and playing roblox

    Samin AlikhaniSamin Alikhani2 months ago
  • why do girls always say boys have koodies how is that a big problem???

    Momoka WangMomoka Wang2 months ago
  • Lol your hair is messy but it’s okay

    Angie DePaulAngie DePaul2 months ago
    • Rude.

      Melbha HeraldMelbha Herald2 months ago

    Catherine JumadainCatherine Jumadain2 months ago
  • Why do you always start your roblox videos on your roof

    Lindsey PerkinsLindsey Perkins2 months ago
  • I give you hope

    Juan CastroJuan Castro2 months ago
  • bruh i got braces both up and down

    Evill_demon_QueenEvill_demon_Queen2 months ago
  • Iam just here?

    Joemie PrudenteJoemie Prudente2 months ago
  • why do you always start on the roof ??????????

    Quacks YoutubeQuacks Youtube2 months ago
  • this viduo is sooo interesting! i accidently clicked on this vid and im soo glad i did!!!! also i love how he sayes a love an mother and biscute!

    Emily MeredithEmily Meredith2 months ago
  • Editor:WHAT

    Haylea PorterHaylea Porter2 months ago
  • I do use star code poke

    Jacob BeltranJacob Beltran2 months ago
  • ASAP 9"really poke👎🏻"this is how much people think poke did the right thing👇🏾

    UniTubeUniTube2 months ago
  • I got so mad when poke said 123 then the end came

    Ian MelhuishIan Melhuish2 months ago
    • Hi

      Ian MelhuishIan Melhuish2 months ago
  • Poke: **yawn** ya so cool 😑 Me: YOU DONT KNOW HOW GIRLS HAVE TO LIVE AND PLUS YOUR A BOY JEEZ >:( Me: sorry For having soo many caps

    Lil potato wolf. LaylaLil potato wolf. Layla2 months ago
  • "imagine if pokes boyfriend knew about this!" - poke 2020 3:44

    Jose TorresJose Torres2 months ago
    • 👎

      JolteonRepliedJolteonReplied2 months ago
  • so 26k likes

    kingpin409kingpin4092 months ago
  • I love your videos

    elyse hinshawelyse hinshaw2 months ago
  • Wait nvm

    elyse hinshawelyse hinshaw2 months ago
  • What kind of girlfriend is that?

    elyse hinshawelyse hinshaw2 months ago
  • She can leave the game

    Crazy yeah World 2647Crazy yeah World 26472 months ago
  • On my moms phone

    Renitta CottonRenitta Cotton2 months ago
  • Poke plz friend me my name on roblox is shawn_mendes

    Renitta CottonRenitta Cotton2 months ago
  • Shame on MEE!! Hahaha!!

    Angelique CastellonAngelique Castellon2 months ago
  • im a fan ofe u

    Jackelin BaezJackelin Baez2 months ago
  • I am a girl

    Hana shawkiHana shawki2 months ago
  • sorry wrong spell for me........................................

    Brenda SawallichBrenda Sawallich2 months ago
  • uhh.....that house is linins house and girls only?....... dude what?

    Brenda SawallichBrenda Sawallich2 months ago
  • wow im a kid cause this is my moms acount.....and poke's girlfriendis in a club girl?......

    Brenda SawallichBrenda Sawallich2 months ago
  • poke: there doing the entire rainbow me: brown isn't in the rainbow

    marko gamingmarko gaming2 months ago
  • Doesn’t Poke have like, 1 million alt accounts already?

    Its MeIts Me2 months ago
  • 9:35 3! 2! 1! **advert pops up**

    lexterplayzzzlexterplayzzz2 months ago
  • Cooties? LOL!! Ilysm btw

    aluralliealurallie2 months ago
  • I like hyper girlfriend

    Dylan hyperDylan hyper2 months ago
  • The first time I watched poke I was like this is lame and when I kept watching the vid its the most best thing ever poke is my best youtuber ever

    Net FlixNet Flix2 months ago
  • Ok I got the food 🥘 was you

    Viveca MorganViveca Morgan2 months ago
  • you said oh what if POKES BOYFRIEND?!?!

    Ends GamerEnds Gamer2 months ago
  • You shouldve realtalk them with trashtalk

  • Those Girls dosent let you come in I don’t know why And lani Or lain It was There and then she or he Those 2 girls Was Robing Your girlfriend But I’m so sorry Sorry went she was in prison and that let me happy went you rescked Your wife Grilfriend.........

    Glitter force Gucha lifeGlitter force Gucha life2 months ago
  • Flamingos better

    MMY GAMINGMMY GAMING2 months ago
  • 10:54 uhh why his girlfriend didn't go to her house or reset XD

    _egghunt_egghunt2 months ago