I Found My Girlfriend's SECRET Roblox Base!

Jun 1, 2020
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I Found My Girlfriend's SECRET Roblox Base!
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  • Umm i dont like you l like lani better sprry

    Ruby Morales TrejoRuby Morales Trejo12 hours ago
  • i still feel bad that her account got hacked i can tell shes still on her old account because she doesnt have 3 Zs

    Wilson WUWilson WU2 days ago
  • "Nature has its benefits" until poke breaks in her secret

    Nathan LaFolletteNathan LaFollette4 days ago
  • Poke

  • Poke: Am I stuped Random: yes zack you are the button was there the hole time!

    Romi_28 AnimationsRomi_28 Animations9 days ago
  • Who wants to see all this old days again because poke stops with those rp's?

    Efe_Playz ʟoveγouツEfe_Playz ʟoveγouツ10 days ago
  • Poke do you need a gamepass to make Secret?

    Troll erTroll er12 days ago
  • Poke can I have some bloxburg money I want like 100k pls

    Troll erTroll er12 days ago
  • Lol

    Brittany LeaBrittany Lea14 days ago
  • Your girlfriend is so nice

    Charlton TingCharlton TingMonth ago
  • I LOVE LOVE your videos so much

    Charlton TingCharlton TingMonth ago
  • I wonder why people don’t pokes vids 🤔

    Tahanan nadege CablaneTahanan nadege CablaneMonth ago
  • Bruh r u blind?????????? I literally saw the button

    EllaTheCuteBunnyGamerEllaTheCuteBunnyGamerMonth ago
  • At 7:19 I saw a hand

    Lillian C.GarciaLillian C.GarciaMonth ago
  • My best friends birthday is December 6

    Zaeh ShearerZaeh ShearerMonth ago
  • I found it

    Christian KalinChristian KalinMonth ago
  • M fav colour is green

    valeria montanarivaleria montanariMonth ago
  • I am sad you well I heard you hate your fans

    stephanie hilariostephanie hilarioMonth ago
  • Zach i already knew it i know wheres the button

    Roegel Jann GelarRoegel Jann GelarMonth ago
  • Dude I saw the button 20 mins ago

    Lil SoleyLil SoleyMonth ago
  • Yooooooo

    Bhavin VaidyaBhavin VaidyaMonth ago
  • Tell me Tell me Tell me

    Mark BakerMark BakerMonth ago
  • subscribe to poke and his girl friend

    Javion ButlerJavion ButlerMonth ago
  • Happy birthday Lani!

    Dhruvy111Dhruvy111Month ago
  • Stark homepoke aka Zack

    jacqueline dickersonjacqueline dickersonMonth ago
  • My username is silambamp

  • Pls

  • heyy

    Lyndon ShapumbaLyndon ShapumbaMonth ago
  • My wifi doesn't work

    Michael KidahaMichael KidahaMonth ago
    • 😭😭😪😥😔😟🥱🤔I will say they pay for the modem

      Michael KidahaMichael KidahaMonth ago
  • aahhh cute

    Michaela DominiqueMichaela DominiqueMonth ago
  • Hi poke so you told you name is poke but is zack pls notice me

    Matthew RiveraMatthew RiveraMonth ago
  • The book was in the 2 room

    Lyss BleifussLyss BleifussMonth ago
  • Cut your hair

    Raphael De GuzmanRaphael De GuzmanMonth ago
  • POKE

    Accel AlvarezAccel AlvarezMonth ago
  • I knew it already

    LIM SI QING MoeLIM SI QING MoeMonth ago
  • i thought she was cheatting on you

    Diana BaizDiana BaizMonth ago
  • Why does your girlfriend make you do this like I don’t like you go to the videos I’m just saying I do love your videos I’m not saying I don’t like LANY but I do like Laney but I don’t like her videos when she’s like mean to you in

    Amanda DelormeAmanda DelormeMonth ago
  • And I like your girlfriend to but I mostly love I love I am Ali love I mean I just love all your videos you’re the best poke and wishing for Christmas I can see you and I’m wishing for all your stuff for Christmas because I am a big fan I love all your videos please friend me on Christmas I’m hoping for you to friend me on Christmas please

    Amanda DelormeAmanda DelormeMonth ago
  • Because I’m a big fan so I liked and hit the subscribe button

    Amanda DelormeAmanda DelormeMonth ago
  • I love your videos poke and wishing for Christmas I can see you

    Amanda DelormeAmanda DelormeMonth ago

    sherwin peraltasherwin peraltaMonth ago
  • Wow that looks hard

    Lily MarshallLily MarshallMonth ago
  • Yellow

    Creative GirlsCreative Girls2 months ago
  • Poke:nap time get out.. Me:hahahahhaha 😂

    Mercy RatunilMercy Ratunil2 months ago
  • Does it look like he has make up on or is it just me

    Bryson WardBryson Ward2 months ago
  • I love ur vids

    D FD F2 months ago
  • How u get the shirt I big fan

    Paige StewartPaige Stewart2 months ago
  • I love lani and you

    Creative GirlsCreative Girls2 months ago
  • i saw the button a loooonnngggg time ago

    Evelyn OngEvelyn Ong2 months ago
  • my birthday is literally december 6th also

    Celeste MendezCeleste Mendez2 months ago
  • I will use star code lani and then I will go on my old acc and put star code poke! :D

    bammo24bammo242 months ago
  • OK!

    DavidDavid2 months ago
  • bro its not a big deal dude huh i am a big fan

    roblox obbyroblox obby2 months ago
  • hey bro want to hop on adopt me huh suddenly realized that I am not sure if you have any questions or comments i know that adopt poke i want to tell you something in adopt me lol

    roblox obbyroblox obby2 months ago
  • i like that poke in won day poke / nathan / ik dik / baby poke but locus is dumb ok dont sub ok poke he dumb enough for me i wll get you a kid i wannt you to love me lol

    roblox obbyroblox obby2 months ago
  • Moroco

    Nasma MadaniNasma Madani2 months ago
  • uhhhh who are u u look like poke but huh? ur ur u-ur la

    jade dichosojade dichoso2 months ago

    Madhuja MukherjeeMadhuja Mukherjee2 months ago
  • my berthay is in setember 23 2011

  • you went pass the button is pink the min is 10:47

    chor yimchor yim2 months ago
  • i see the pink before you turn your camera 😂

    Mujaidal-Rhan KaliMujaidal-Rhan Kali2 months ago
    • poke your not idiot your youtuber😎

      Mujaidal-Rhan KaliMujaidal-Rhan Kali2 months ago
  • I. Saw. It

    Todd WidupTodd Widup2 months ago
  • 100% its easy

    Rayuwani Mohamad KamalRayuwani Mohamad Kamal2 months ago
  • Wow I really want a neon fireable flyable unicorn

    Sabrina HendrieSabrina Hendrie2 months ago
  • Can I send you a friend request

    Kolossal KustomzKolossal Kustomz2 months ago
  • I lovee your vids I wish I could play with you in bloxbuge

    Kolossal KustomzKolossal Kustomz2 months ago
  • ong hi

    Yah'kile ReedYah'kile Reed2 months ago
  • It was so funny when he missed the button

    Roblox BrosRoblox Bros2 months ago
  • 10:14 I saw the pink button

    Cute wolf gril KnifexxxCute wolf gril Knifexxx2 months ago
  • I know poke or zack your girlfriend surprise you is there a challeng but i know you now all of theme becase shes your girlfriend poke

    princess lomondotprincess lomondot2 months ago
  • my birthday is in december

    Suhan RizwanSuhan Rizwan2 months ago
  • Send me friend request my name on roblox is HYPERLOVERjulianna01

    Julianna PattersonJulianna Patterson2 months ago
  • im sharon my mom is letting me lplay on her comuter

    Clarice RudderClarice Rudder2 months ago
  • Bloxberd but i dont have r$

    Aishah ShahAishah Shah2 months ago
  • Poke: Nap time. Get out. Ur GF: rude

    Marte HafstadMarte Hafstad2 months ago
  • I think you are that because you passed the field times so if I come off rude you pass the button so many times it is like bright pink love your videos

    Marilyn RiosMarilyn Rios2 months ago
  • When I was coming home from school they were chanting poke is the best Lol😹

    Linds HanderhanLinds Handerhan2 months ago
  • Zach you are rlly funny

    Danielle AdamsDanielle Adams2 months ago
  • When poke entered that gardan room i saw the pink button XD

    Pusheenpower -RobloxPusheenpower -Roblox2 months ago

    Pyper CosbyPyper Cosby2 months ago

    Pyper CosbyPyper Cosby2 months ago
  • ,• _•

    Ashly XDAshly XD2 months ago
  • Hi I’m ur biggest FAN

    Cj BockCj Bock2 months ago
  • Poke:My gf Elaine has been grinding Roblox. Me:Have played two years and havent even gotten 100k yet in BloxBurg

    Leo AngLeo Ang2 months ago
  • Mr McDonald's are you Mr McDonald's yes or no

    Miguel HernandezMiguel Hernandez3 months ago
  • Wait! No way your girlfriend has birthday at the same day just like My brother but he is only 3 and im 10

    KreekcraftFanAndPiggy FactsKreekcraftFanAndPiggy Facts3 months ago
  • my birthday is right after ur girls mine is december 7th

    Keziah PapatuaKeziah Papatua3 months ago
  • hey poke

    Keziah PapatuaKeziah Papatua3 months ago
  • My birthday is December 15

  • poke finally admitted that hes dumb lol

    a man who wants to hit 1k subscribersa man who wants to hit 1k subscribers3 months ago
  • in 14:40 his teeth is really white

    Hacks Of LifeHacks Of Life3 months ago
  • Lani is the most beautiful girl I ever seen 💜❤️💙

    Sara FarhanSara Farhan3 months ago
  • “Actually zack yes you are the botton was literally right there and you didn’t see it” lol that was so hilarious

    JeremiahJeremiah3 months ago
  • Poke I am indian soooo speak Hindi!

    Dinesh PoddarDinesh Poddar3 months ago
  • troom .moort

    Odelle CasanovaOdelle Casanova3 months ago
  • Im my mom little kid

    Chrissy PoykkoChrissy Poykko3 months ago
  • Your name is zack i no oh i got you there

    Chrissy PoykkoChrissy Poykko3 months ago
  • 🥴

    Camilla ShultzCamilla Shultz3 months ago

    ii_SimpliMadi_iiii_SimpliMadi_ii3 months ago
  • meany to your girlfriend

    lisa bradylisa brady3 months ago