I Found A TINY HOTEL.. So I Went Undercover! (Roblox)

Feb 20, 2020
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I Found A TINY HOTEL.. So I Went Undercover! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • Me: uhhhh

    Dylan PooranDylan PooranDay ago
  • Me:

    Dylan PooranDylan PooranDay ago
  • Son of a biscuit 不不不不不不不

    Osama BarjousOsama Barjous3 days ago
  • I love poke

    Angel PerezAngel Perez4 days ago

    Kyle TarrenceKyle Tarrence5 days ago
  • Used star code poke

    Purva ShindePurva Shinde7 days ago
  • I love how i say he should say 5 as hes age then ge did say 5

    Ninja PlayerNinja Player8 days ago
  • The big doooooooooor

    Aldo CahyonoAldo Cahyono9 days ago
  • What's an idiot you know you can just teleport out of that cage

    Minutes With MicahMaliqMinutes With MicahMaliq11 days ago
  • What are the little window door things called

    LIL FOXYLIL FOXY11 days ago
  • Poke, it was SO funny when you crashed to a Lamp post and when you said "Son of a.... Biscuit." I was dieing laughing, I couldn't even stop. Your the FUNNIST youtuber ever Poke.

    Game LegendGame Legend13 days ago
  • Why is there so many stuff called on me in USworlds like yes I mean old awesome Why is this why people put army stuff like yes army all the stuff like armies armies yes Im you are dont know

    GeT gOoD kIdGeT gOoD kId14 days ago
  • Poke

    Kaliah JacksonKaliah Jackson14 days ago
  • YA

    Roblox Adopt me vidsRoblox Adopt me vids14 days ago
  • Happy new year!!

    Leah AnnLeah Ann15 days ago

    Bryce-Kayden KimuliBryce-Kayden Kimuli16 days ago
  • Poke: Obviously he is fine! *swipes hand* Larry: Bro I'm trapped Poke:Oop- Me: Seriously, Poke thought that the owner was a "Son of a biscuit" but dude, wow, your the son of the biscuit! P.S. Me: *cries* Me: *watches Poke* Me: *stops crying*

    Elisa Cav 123Elisa Cav 12318 days ago
  • :)

    Sheri WilsonSheri Wilson21 day ago
  • How do go to the roof?

    Mairah Moon nightMairah Moon night22 days ago
  • Your so cool

    Ray MRay M22 days ago
  • I is biscuit !

    My Artistic TreasuresMy Artistic Treasures22 days ago
  • I love how poke spells you wrong and spells yiou

    Paul HordijenkoPaul Hordijenko23 days ago
  • you can glitch out :)

    Kaiisha LeeKaiisha Lee23 days ago
  • Im 9 so that mean 6 when i started

    Anisa JanaeAnisa Janae23 days ago
  • I bern poke fan for 3 years

    Anisa JanaeAnisa Janae23 days ago

    Abdulrhamanabdulrasistvgtrfeuxjzknab t BahAbdulrhamanabdulrasistvgtrfeuxjzknab t Bah23 days ago
  • they make these vids a big deal when you could just reset and come back.

    Red kinda SusRed kinda Sus25 days ago
  • Hay you can teleport to your home

    Matt SandersMatt Sanders25 days ago
  • Thats like a baby hotel lol like the vid that he make

    Muhammad RassyaMuhammad Rassya26 days ago
  • The girl said HI YT accidentally Kick Uww

    danica sanchezdanica sanchez27 days ago
  • poke you r so cool and im a fan

    Alfredo GarciaAlfredo Garcia27 days ago
  • Nooo way I was saying poke is gonna say he is 5 and he did

    Zaeh ShearerZaeh Shearer27 days ago
  • lol

    ZachAsHarry - RobloxZachAsHarry - Roblox28 days ago
  • 1:09 poke crashed

    Undertale_hang ytUndertale_hang yt28 days ago
  • Lol

    Penguin BoyPenguin Boy29 days ago
  • Whenever poke needs an age as a kid he says 5! Like in the parents only home!

    Oreo Cookie GamingOreo Cookie GamingMonth ago
  • Wouldn't tiny owner know if Larry checked out? Why did he say "Idk probably left he's gone"

    Oreo Cookie GamingOreo Cookie GamingMonth ago
  • transilation wifi gratis is free wifi gratis is indonesia ]

    Fitzgerald NeoAres LengkongFitzgerald NeoAres LengkongMonth ago
  • Why didnt you do your door glitch where you just like sit down something and glitch out of the door

    Fix the king Gaming in Roblox GamerFix the king Gaming in Roblox GamerMonth ago
  • I think the cafe was Indonesian and it says free wifi or wifi gratis

    ReinaraReinaraMonth ago
  • Bro if you got trapped in there you should have glitched out

    Jake IversonJake IversonMonth ago
  • Who came from hyper

    thegreatspuggthegreatspuggMonth ago
  • I think bloxburg is his favorite game in Roblox and I Love his videos and it was funny that he said ahhhhhh when he ran into the pole with is car lol 伐

    Kristi HaugeKristi HaugeMonth ago
  • When he says tall means growing up Me being the size of my 18 year old brother and Im 11

    Yeet cat YEETYeet cat YEETMonth ago
  • Maybe they should Reset jeez

    Venice SecretVenice SecretMonth ago
  • I used star code poke

    banao banaookbanao banaookMonth ago
  • She no

    Ann marie BrionesAnn marie BrionesMonth ago
  • Son of a biscuit 互

    Kyle Benedict ObraKyle Benedict ObraMonth ago
  • I New it is what it is its gonna be five

    Yassin NasserYassin NasserMonth ago
  • I love his scream and crash at 1:11

    Jarimayah CordovaJarimayah CordovaMonth ago
  • I hear except of I was in blox,I hear so si swas on bloxburg XD

    Viraj ChauhanViraj ChauhanMonth ago
  • I伐u

    S-senpai stopS-senpai stopMonth ago
  • Low-key cute

    Matthew DamisaMatthew DamisaMonth ago
  • When he said u biscuit I got hungry

    Lil SoleyLil SoleyMonth ago
  • Oh me gosh

    Adi Shah ShahAdi Shah ShahMonth ago
  • with what i swear i thought yiu were 14 but your 21

    Ice cream Lover IceIce cream Lover IceMonth ago
  • Poke you need to learn how to drive and get your driver's license by the way I love your videos

    Gbely QuinonezGbely QuinonezMonth ago
  • Poke Im a big fan

    Jade SchefferJade SchefferMonth ago
  • Poke:let me done wait no *then clicks kick out*

    The Outro KidsThe Outro KidsMonth ago
  • Ok

    Mr IvanMr IvanMonth ago
  • I used star code poke everyday

    Akio KunAkio KunMonth ago
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    WWE FanWWE FanMonth ago
  • I do not wanna join a army

    Asifur OrnabAsifur OrnabMonth ago
  • And kid nap it and trap it for being bad

    Deanna BarreraDeanna BarreraMonth ago
  • And the baby' starts crying

    Deanna BarreraDeanna BarreraMonth ago
  • You can say *hits baby

    Deanna BarreraDeanna BarreraMonth ago
  • Brent RobinetteBrent RobinetteMonth ago
  • i love poke so much he is AWSOME! i watch his vids EVERY TEN SECONS no but im serius he is THE BEST he looks very nice i would love to meet him he da best dude everybody like his vids im traped in blox burg its not fun AT ALL ive been in there for 3 monthes please help me poke im traped will give you bloxbux ive been watching vids for 3 years for real you da best im onna friend you please accept it

    janelle beldenjanelle beldenMonth ago
  • Your friends are still here

    August PippinsAugust PippinsMonth ago
  • Home by say

    August PippinsAugust PippinsMonth ago
  • Believe they were talking about you

    August PippinsAugust PippinsMonth ago
  • Poke Go To House

    Andrew HUmbersonAndrew HUmbersonMonth ago

    Andrew HUmbersonAndrew HUmbersonMonth ago
  • 3:03 Like bro the doors are literately windows

    Andrew HUmbersonAndrew HUmbersonMonth ago
  • Sorry but Im not using star code idk how -

    XxMaple heartxX :3XxMaple heartxX :3Month ago
  • Nu mens no

    Andrei MoldovanAndrei MoldovanMonth ago
  • Ohh G V Gg Ffffff I

    Jackie MedinaJackie MedinaMonth ago
    • What!

      audrey catloveraudrey catloverMonth ago
  • Hi I am Jackie.

    Jackie MedinaJackie MedinaMonth ago
  • I love how he uses the word biscuit

    wolfy maywolfy mayMonth ago
  • I love your vids poke, I wish I could be in your gameplay

    Isabel HernandezIsabel HernandezMonth ago
  • Poke in ur freinds room there I saw a line that must be a door!

    Yoavs Gaming ChannelYoavs Gaming ChannelMonth ago
  • USE * code poke

    TracyTracyMonth ago
  • Im only 19.

    Sophia FloydSophia FloydMonth ago
  • Dont forget to use code poke when buying robuks

    Tessa McgurkTessa McgurkMonth ago
  • I love your videos I do 歹歹歹歹

    Super TopSuper TopMonth ago
  • Noooooooo

    Sarbast BarwariSarbast BarwariMonth ago
  • 8:03 thats so raven Who remembers that show

    HydroXHydroXMonth ago
  • Are u a part of that 100 to 200K people using Star Code Poke? Like if so!

    HydroXHydroXMonth ago
  • why did u not call ur frinds TO HELP?

    Asenk ProductAsenk ProductMonth ago
  • Is there friend Scary Larry

    XBL-SycloneXBL-SycloneMonth ago
  • Lol

    mike's xdmike's xdMonth ago
  • Fans: owwwww, car crash.. :( Me: Poke is making us funny bc he's funny :D

    SpxrkiesmSpxrkiesmMonth ago
  • Hyper always says his star code is the best in Roblox can I use your star code poke

    baby Yotababy YotaMonth ago

    Mana-Ariki GotzMana-Ariki GotzMonth ago
  • Hahaha l lafed when that happened

    Faz_ JeremyFaz_ JeremyMonth ago
  • hey yo poke i found this bloxburg daycare one of the walls look weird they llok like thier is a secret wall. his username:Traladude

    dark fire workdark fire workMonth ago
  • Hatur nuhun PuntenHatur nuhun PuntenMonth ago
  • Hey Poke can I add you on Roblox Im big fan

    LegendPlayzLegendPlayzMonth ago
  • I use star code poke and guess what if I can log in to my other acc I will use it on there aswell

    Kaneplayzc936 CharlestonKaneplayzc936 CharlestonMonth ago
  • i do not like the tiny ownr go to jeil >:(

    Austin Steve EstelaAustin Steve EstelaMonth ago