I Found A SECRET FLOOR.. People Were Trapped Inside! (Roblox)

Jun 11, 2020
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I Found A SECRET FLOOR.. People Were Trapped Inside! (Roblox)
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  • Son of a alien LOL that was Funny!

    Megan HargousMegan Hargous4 hours ago
  • His videos is kinda not real but at least his not like Lisa gaming roblox

    cool rabbitcool rabbitDay ago
  • Funkj711

    Donna MarieDonna Marie2 days ago
  • I you*code poke

    Donna MarieDonna Marie2 days ago
  • How much people did you save

    Donna MarieDonna Marie2 days ago
  • how did they stayed on there when on build mode

    iiclxudyyiiclxudyy8 days ago
  • I love you and your vids and oh I forgot to say use *star code* poke

    Pop unicornPop unicorn9 days ago
  • If you make a construction site in bloxburg you're wasting your bucks cuz you don't need a construction site in bloxburg

    Judejj JJudejj J18 days ago
  • I love your vidios poke

    Harvie CoatesHarvie Coates23 days ago
  • Wow a key a png image lol

    Ryan MooneyRyan Mooney26 days ago
  • Wow I never realised long intro

    Poppy strawberries rose BLACKPINKPoppy strawberries rose BLACKPINK27 days ago
  • Me: ( sees open button ) Poke: (in the hole ) Ok guys I have to go into build mode 1 more time Me:NO OPEN THE DOORS

    Carla ChickeCarla Chicke29 days ago
  • There’s no storm

    Austin :3Austin :3Month ago
  • When you play bloxburg why is it always crazy

    Chasity BarnettChasity BarnettMonth ago
  • Poke: is is he CRYING? Me: nah he prob laughing at the wall.

    Sarah SituSarah SituMonth ago
  • IM NOT AN ALIEN son of an alien. -poke 2020

    thegreatspuggthegreatspuggMonth ago
  • builders: ALIEN ALIEN Me: cant stop laughing

    *shadow wolf*shadow wolfMonth ago
  • Haha poke is a ilien

    Ruby BantayanRuby BantayanMonth ago
  • Poke

  • I never see traps in roblox

    Adelakun FizzyAdelakun FizzyMonth ago
  • Also she found him in adopt me

    Sean ShifflettSean ShifflettMonth ago
  • How are the people who are missing don’t go out of the plot when you go into build mode

    BluSkiesBluSkiesMonth ago
  • Hi

    Anthony's YouTube ChannelAnthony's YouTube ChannelMonth ago
  • hi mr alien poke xD

    Mr CartoonyMr CartoonyMonth ago
  • Use code poke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here 29 hunter45here 29 hunter45Month ago
  • Wait if he was in build mode then shouldn’t have everybody got out

    Alba GarciaAlba GarciaMonth ago
  • The key was just a picture and you edited the scene to make it look like you took it, Worst clip ever.

    Chowdhury FamilyChowdhury FamilyMonth ago
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    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
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    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
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    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
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    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
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    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
  • can i have one mill bucks pls

    Citlali HernandezCitlali HernandezMonth ago
  • Hi poke

    Ruth MercadoRuth MercadoMonth ago
  • go to it it looks cool

    Tien NguyenTien NguyenMonth ago
  • Scripted

    Sabrinne AliSabrinne AliMonth ago
  • The name is poke lol

    Doggo 2.0Doggo 2.0Month ago

    Doggo 2.0Doggo 2.0Month ago
  • Poke/zack today a just got A SLOF STUFF animal

    Doggo 2.0Doggo 2.0Month ago
  • Btw I have noticed that no peeps are tipping POKEEE so he is in a private sever

    Kaidin CavanaghKaidin CavanaghMonth ago
  • Welp humans are aliens now

    Luke PotthoffLuke PotthoffMonth ago
  • h

    Mustafa isgoodMustafa isgoodMonth ago
  • What is that game poke

    Charity ArbolarioCharity ArbolarioMonth ago
  • YOU?!meRaychella

    Sulaiman BeautifuliesSulaiman BeautifuliesMonth ago
  • YouNOPokeroblox$ALALALRaychellaroblox$OMG roblox RaychellaAIAIA

    Sulaiman BeautifuliesSulaiman BeautifuliesMonth ago
  • Poke[let's check the other crane[me its a drill dude

    Theresa LTheresa LMonth ago
  • man why you do that

    wafik dabawafik dabaMonth ago
  • I Dont know how to use star code poke on roblox :(

    Christina BarrChristina Barr2 months ago
  • The most funny word is thank you mr alien poke

    Mr Beast fanMr Beast fan2 months ago
  • I wonder if the tunnle was a mineshaft?

    Russ JamesRuss James2 months ago
  • in all his vids he role plays lol

    ThegamingbrosThegamingbros2 months ago
  • At 8:20 you said first word of my username yoyo lol

    Quaker FunQuaker Fun2 months ago
  • joke i love poke

    Bong BuenaventuraBong Buenaventura2 months ago
  • i hate poke

    Bong BuenaventuraBong Buenaventura2 months ago
  • I am a fan I’ve you

    Antonia ChavezAntonia Chavez2 months ago
  • :Me are they okay like why are they crying :Poke are they okay are they crying

    Denise ChaneyDenise Chaney2 months ago
    • :Me still thinking if they're crying 🤔 :Poke like are they crying for real

      Denise ChaneyDenise Chaney2 months ago
  • Poke is de best he found al de time ey srecit

    Gonny KolenGonny Kolen2 months ago
  • Poke uploads

    David TooDavid Too2 months ago
  • I installed a Angry Birds Gk mod Bc Rovio took all my fav old games away... *no viruses included btw* THEY TOOK MY FAVORITE OLD GAME AWAY MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINED...

    Anwar AliAnwar Ali2 months ago
  • Poke is so kind

    Freddy KeenFreddy Keen2 months ago
  • Poke I need help in atopt me because there is hacker

    Siqi HuangSiqi Huang2 months ago
  • Easiest way to get out Log out

    Jairuz YuanJairuz Yuan2 months ago
  • .

    JesusnotfoundJesusnotfound2 months ago
  • . Yes

    JesusnotfoundJesusnotfound2 months ago
  • Ahi is that guy banging his head on the wall that making him more crying oof

  • Ur kind

    HootHitHootHit2 months ago
  • Poke why do you always on your roft???

    john ejay afunggoljohn ejay afunggol2 months ago
  • I love how of u look at chat there are no words and ppl in blox burg never stop talking also also there are no houses witch means there in a private sever

    wolfgaming ytwolfgaming yt2 months ago
  • Why is the builder call you a alien XDq

    who is lolwho is lol2 months ago
  • I feel bad for the sad Builder

    Phil The Player ,Phil The Player ,2 months ago
  • How randomly started a youtube channel bcz they were so bored like if u did I'm a small yt u can sub if u want if u don't is ok 🥰🥰

    StephBuilds!StephBuilds!2 months ago
  • use code: poke

    Kedleysed OKedleysed O2 months ago
  • 1:40 look at his face lol

    Puri PascualPuri Pascual2 months ago
  • What that name game in roblox

    Buton则绒图我Buton则绒图我2 months ago
  • It's the "Alien" for meh💀😂

    Cute_ BgCute_ Bg2 months ago
  • Bruh this dude has my nickname 🤣

    razorheadrazorhead2 months ago
  • When i saw clyde i thought he was a prisoner and laughing on the wall i thought he was broke....

    Boy AndinoBoy Andino2 months ago
  • Hi poke

    Florencia SanchezFlorencia Sanchez2 months ago
  • How do he friends get in there

    veronica teraveronica tera2 months ago
  • This is how many times the builders says poke an alien I I I V

    AP gaming from The SamersAP gaming from The Samers2 months ago
  • I love your videos he has his merch on Roblox go get it

    Gadget n GizmoGadget n Gizmo2 months ago
  • Get

    Pinay HeartPinay Heart2 months ago
  • Those where slaves they were hiding underground

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Evan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Evan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
  • Your cute! Lol

    Brylee MillerBrylee Miller2 months ago
  • plot twist: clyde and donny trapped them and they wanted to build the rest so the got allot of money. they trap poke and he has to escape with the builders - with help, he calls the police and they arrest donny and clyde

    Cupcakes :3Cupcakes :32 months ago
  • So you are you have you do make videos but can you cool down with the talking please

    Oksana PukalskaOksana Pukalska2 months ago
  • La Alalalla

    brown Leungbrown Leung2 months ago
  • Firstly why did they build rocks and a shed like why

    Sarp BayatliSarp Bayatli2 months ago
  • You r going to get so much adven and do build mode have fun finding all thos thinks

    Ryu ChanRyu Chan2 months ago
  • What heck is happening? 😺

    Amal AbdinurAmal Abdinur2 months ago
  • These are actors. They can escape by rejoining?

    Dominic GinterDominic Ginter2 months ago
  • Solo yolo

    Emmett Barlow-WoodwardEmmett Barlow-Woodward2 months ago
  • That tunnel is probably the foundation of the hole building So when he deleted them planks some of the building could of collapsed

    Pug GalaxyPug Galaxy2 months ago
  • Why dont they teleport to there home and there’s no one els in the server so very suspicious

    Hidde tijgerHidde tijger2 months ago
    • Am i right

      Hidde tijgerHidde tijger2 months ago
  • i want your merch but i cant not buy it cuz im in phlipines and im a filipino i dont have any dollars and i have some pesos that money from philipines

    Raiden BoBRaiden BoB2 months ago
  • Why are you always on top of your roof

    Reign Nathalie JesuroReign Nathalie Jesuro2 months ago
  • I see something

    Mikaella117 Athea17Mikaella117 Athea172 months ago
  • Weil es ein play Blocksberg und mein Haus war so creepy iPod mein Haus in is just Kojima

    Marias mariaadMarias mariaad2 months ago
  • Poke your are a hero

    Ariana BenitezAriana Benitez2 months ago
  • Go to 7.29

    Sebastian Villar BestSebastian Villar Best2 months ago