I Found A SECRET BOOKSHELF, What's INSIDE Will Shock You!

Sep 29, 2020
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I Found A SECRET BOOKSHELF, What's INSIDE Will Shock You! WATCH Until The END to see what I find behind the Secret Bookshelf..
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    • me!

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    • Ima go get one

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    • Me!!!!

      Stephanie ValleStephanie Valle8 days ago
  • Afamiam you snake

    Gian Luke GutierrezGian Luke Gutierrez12 hours ago
  • 15 minutes to promote your own merch... nice

    Grapefruit gamingGrapefruit gaming23 hours ago
  • A real life bloxburg game

    Prince royalPrince royalDay ago
  • Which is the meaning/brungdndndbdbd

    Voltron MasterVoltron MasterDay ago
  • You look better with a haircut

    Jie AttardJie AttardDay ago
  • Poke I need help building a house on bloxburg

    Ayden WayneAyden WayneDay ago
  • POKE has to be a detective

    ItzFilip WozItzFilip Woz2 days ago
  • F*ck you haters!

    Tabitha gamingTabitha gaming3 days ago
  • “Dude”

    PokechaozPokechaoz3 days ago
  • Hey guys theres a pandemic wear ur mask

    Inigo PaoloInigo Paolo4 days ago
  • Me living in Australia and when he's in the atv he pathetic go on a 4wd track and toughen up. And I'm 11

    QuonsaidQuonsaid4 days ago

    MauventuresMauventures4 days ago
  • First when I saw him opening the chest when it was blurred I thought it was red nikes

    enokiienokii5 days ago

    Louise BoycottLouise Boycott5 days ago

    Eclipse the mystic wolfEclipse the mystic wolf5 days ago
  • can i eat my dogs food like square pet?

    PRO BOY YTPRO BOY YT6 days ago
  • Poke do you have a dog or a cat ?

    Playing Chelsea Levi ChannelPlaying Chelsea Levi Channel8 days ago
  • Poke. We. Have. 2. 🐶 dogs

    Azoz's YouTubeAzoz's YouTube9 days ago
  • hai poke

    beanburgerbeanburger9 days ago
  • Secret Bookshelf like Bloxburg

    Jesus EspinozaJesus Espinoza10 days ago
  • Bloxburg real life version

    Dragonmxk gamingDragonmxk gaming10 days ago
  • Next Friday or Sunday or Saturday

    Ella GraceYTElla GraceYT10 days ago
  • Please join me in bloxburg when I'm on

    Ella GraceYTElla GraceYT10 days ago
  • I have introduced myself I'm Luna I'm a big fan of yours and I really think Molly basket rabbit is up to something big big big

    Ella GraceYTElla GraceYT10 days ago
    • *Have not*

      Ella GraceYTElla GraceYT10 days ago
  • Poke I think Molly Baskin rabbit is been off because she's planning something big.....

    Ella GraceYTElla GraceYT10 days ago
  • No vid so long

    daniel lidaniel li10 days ago
  • No offence Poke but your hair is like broccoli you could do with a hair cut

    BillyRight_2021BillyRight_202111 days ago
  • Think about the cameraman XD

    [ Løømii ][ Løømii ]11 days ago
  • At the 9:00 mark I was like, "SAVE URSELF GET OUTTA THERE"

    Jackson RogersJackson Rogers11 days ago
    • Edited: An ad showed up right before he was going to open the box Xd

      Jackson RogersJackson Rogers11 days ago
  • The end is surprising

    Jacob RichardsJacob Richards11 days ago
  • He called rocks racks

    Raylein DavisRaylein Davis12 days ago
  • I expected baby picturesLOL

    Bacondude;3Bacondude;313 days ago
  • 4:27 this big fat rock looks like a dinosaur head

    ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟɢᴀᴍɪɴɢʀᴏʙʟᴏxᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟɢᴀᴍɪɴɢʀᴏʙʟᴏx13 days ago
  • i say piggy

    Tia fergusonTia ferguson13 days ago
  • you are the best

    Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez15 days ago
  • I love your videos they are awesome

    Sasha JagadichSasha Jagadich15 days ago
  • I’m going to get it but I love your videos

    Lucas FitzpatrickLucas Fitzpatrick15 days ago
  • hi poke

    Lil Nick SamplLil Nick Sampl15 days ago
  • Never thought there would be a IRL bloxburg vid cool :D

    crazimimicrazimimi16 days ago
  • I have the new poke you tooz

    jazmin gonzalezjazmin gonzalez16 days ago
  • I ah e the new poke you took

    jazmin gonzalezjazmin gonzalez16 days ago
  • The a poke hate roblox

    dylan huedylan hue16 days ago
    • A poke hate is in Roblox

      dylan huedylan hue16 days ago
  • how did you download roblox

    Thomas NicodemusThomas Nicodemus16 days ago
  • Why when the part he finds the secret bookshelf he’s just like DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE

    Nawid GamingNawid Gaming16 days ago
    • Well he’s still my fav yourtuber

      Nawid GamingNawid Gaming16 days ago
  • He found another secret thing

    jimmyflame YTjimmyflame YT16 days ago
  • I liked and subbed

    Pierce PattersonPierce Patterson17 days ago
  • Me

    spy Brawl stars duckspy Brawl stars duck17 days ago
  • Jurassic Park lol

    UCN.FredbearFilmsUCN.FredbearFilms18 days ago
  • He went Roblox to real life

    Kennedi WhiteKennedi White18 days ago
  • When they blurred the item inside the box I knew immediately that it was Poke merch :)

    Fam LamsFam Lams18 days ago
  • Dani bani

    junior playzjunior playz18 days ago
  • I never get to see you in Blocksburg I want to see you and I’m trying to friend request you I’m a big fan

    Angela GardinierAngela Gardinier18 days ago
    • I hope u get to meet him

      1000yani1000yani16 days ago
  • Love the new poke merch gonna get it

    Jacqueline McDuffieJacqueline McDuffie19 days ago
  • Nope

    Ryan PhommanyRyan Phommany19 days ago
  • Lol

    Ruth MendozaRuth Mendoza19 days ago
  • Im on my moms phone ok poke play with me on roblox poke by

    Rachel FRachel F20 days ago
  • Hey 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧me a poke poke you’re my favorite USworlds or in the world

    Kayvon RandallKayvon Randall20 days ago
  • my brother hates poke but hes gone so hes not a hater now LOVE YOUR VIDS THOUGH

    DaveyBoi BrownDaveyBoi Brown20 days ago
  • Wow lol

    CarlosCarlos20 days ago

    Chelsey SURPRISEChelsey SURPRISE20 days ago
  • Yep poke playing somuc blox burg 10000000000000000

    kenalvaro deniswarakenalvaro deniswara21 day ago
  • I just saw poke copy’s flamingo a bit

    Bradley RomanelloBradley Romanello21 day ago
  • 1930: There will be flying cars in the future Poke: bloxburg in irl

    sjohnlouis 10sjohnlouis 1021 day ago
  • Poke ur the best youtuber ever

    Evan MonkEvan Monk22 days ago
  • Lol poke has new guy

    Ali_ HDAli_ HD22 days ago
  • Me

    Salinah PiniSalinah Pini23 days ago
  • Hi poke

    oof oofoof oof24 days ago
  • I saw the cameraman

    Shadow PokemonShadow Pokemon24 days ago
  • This is like bloxberck

    Yassin NasserYassin Nasser24 days ago
    • This is like bloxburg

      Yassin NasserYassin Nasser24 days ago
  • *Merry day after Christmas!* 🎄

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  • *Merry Day After Christmas!* 🎄

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    • Yesterday was the 27ᵗʰ-

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  • *Merry Christmas!* 🎄

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  • i have all your merch

    cody browncody brown25 days ago
  • Poke, Its Just a key

    Declan & Fiona GamingDeclan & Fiona Gaming25 days ago
  • The door

    Zak HefnerZak Hefner25 days ago
  • Having watch poke for an year until I made this account

    Weak Slav / Слабый славянинWeak Slav / Слабый славянин27 days ago
  • MY SIS can join ur naberhud

    P r i n c e s sP r i n c e s s27 days ago
  • I love the new merch but you burned my eyes with the fire works no actually I don’t think it’s the fire works I think it’s how fire the new merch is lol love your vids byee:D

    Nancy RomeroNancy Romero27 days ago
  • Wow real bloxburg adventure!And a secret bookshelf!

    Chloe dainne pilaresChloe dainne pilares27 days ago
  • LOL Bursting fireworks in day

    KaranScapeKaranScape27 days ago
  • How do you meet how do you meet

    Yolanda GYolanda G28 days ago
  • That’s the biggest house in the world is that a mansion

    Yolanda GYolanda G28 days ago
  • What is happening and what you’ve found a secret bookcase and I don’t even have anything I have a secret only have a cold I don’t have a safe what is happening to my life why do you need to read it because I’m crying or you better be supported but I got a kitty toy kitty kitty is named sparkles my Teddy is named blue am I other big Teddy is named snow I’m at images just wanna do the gloom and agrees then when it does go to college I’m crying

    Yolanda GYolanda G28 days ago
  • bloxburg in real life me:o my gosh I remembered when you maked your vid where your "roblox parents" left and you had your babysitter.

    marcus world Evangelistamarcus world Evangelista28 days ago
  • Poke before you with tofuu

    Nauga WiranataNauga WiranataMonth ago
  • Who else thought she was pregnant?😂

    Joann AldrichJoann AldrichMonth ago
  • noooooooooooooooo troll vid

    djiandrew mendozadjiandrew mendozaMonth ago
  • I know

    Lolita coco CuteLolita coco CuteMonth ago
  • I wanna see u in robbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Love the pup tho :) :D

    Angelina BorregoAngelina BorregoMonth ago
  • I think they were in a secret mabe 🤔

    Eli LeriEli LeriMonth ago
  • I am a huge fan of you poke

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  • ok so now poke just doin bloxburg irl okay i stan

    Isaac ZumannIsaac ZumannMonth ago
  • What in da world how is Andrew being able to install a secret room

    CJ MCJ MMonth ago
  • In adopt me I’m rich and only rich in adopt me so yahoo

    Jazzaline LoveJazzaline LoveMonth ago
  • But new merch aaaaaaa

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  • But no not a pregnancy test 😳😳

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  • I thought it was a pregnancy test because I thought she was pregnant. ???

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  • Ayo it’s just like in BLOXBERG like the book shellf so cool😎 you are awesome poke

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