I Called Police To Arrest Roblox Robbers..

Jul 7, 2020
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I Called Police To Arrest Roblox Robbers..
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  • Poke: THEY'RE EATING MY PIE?!!!!!!!!! Poke after see's them eating his pie: *Calls 911*

  • When u go to bloxburg can u really call the cops on the computer?

    Thalya TilusThalya Tilus9 days ago
  • The break in package sounds like a package to help u break in...

    Damika TownerDamika Towner13 days ago
  • I have

    iiceygiiceyg17 days ago
  • Lol love this vid

    j jj j18 days ago
  • Lol lol lol lol lol lol

    mansour Mansourmansour Mansour21 day ago
  • what is that police button-

    Penguin GamezPenguin Gamez21 day ago
  • No

    Yasameem AlsanatYasameem Alsanat22 days ago
  • pokeeeeeeee

    patricia calahaisonpatricia calahaison22 days ago
  • Me

    Kyrah RomanoffKyrah Romanoff22 days ago
  • 😡😠

    Vir MalhotraVir Malhotra25 days ago
  • No one eats my pie

    St. Michael HicksvilleSt. Michael Hicksville27 days ago
  • Yea yea yea yea yea

    St. Michael HicksvilleSt. Michael Hicksville27 days ago
  • Lol

    St. Michael HicksvilleSt. Michael Hicksville27 days ago
  • I have Cameras inside my house and outside my house

    Christine FontanezChristine Fontanez28 days ago
  • i think that was a prank get prank

    Mohamad SaidMohamad SaidMonth ago

    Jayce HollandJayce HollandMonth ago
  • poke i saw a edit in the call police i saw it

    nathan enriqueznathan enriquezMonth ago
  • funny

    Karen KwongKaren KwongMonth ago
  • They’re eating my pie no one eats my pie

    Karen KwongKaren KwongMonth ago
  • I have one in real life well 6 of them surrounding my house

    animalfourlegsanimalfourlegsMonth ago
  • i have camers

    TheAMWOTheAMWOMonth ago
  • ok the call police button is just edited there also we can't see your mouse on it but under it

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • i have

    jacks boyjacks boyMonth ago
  • I gonna guess one of the burglars is that security guy

    Super mii U bros 2Super mii U bros 2Month ago
  • I wl Wonder if zack has kids in his basement

    Pepper JevilPepper JevilMonth ago
  • Umm poke that does not seem fair

    Emiliana Baque LindaoEmiliana Baque LindaoMonth ago
  • from the beginng the screen is not frozen tho

    Norman OonNorman OonMonth ago
  • I have one in my house in roblox Polk

  • Really!!!! You know a break in package is a real break in how did u not know that!!!! lol!!!

    Hijaa shahHijaa shah2 months ago
  • Hahahhhahahahahaha lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bj PesaycoBj Pesayco2 months ago
  • Hey I a kid using my moms account but did zilgon the USworldsd change your house

    Rachel KRachel K2 months ago
    • Side in bloxburg

      Rachel KRachel K2 months ago
  • Bruh he edited the call police button cause his cursor went in

    Dereck EspinosaDereck Espinosa2 months ago
  • i am a big fan

    Nathan Dos SantosNathan Dos Santos2 months ago
  • i have some

    Nathan Dos SantosNathan Dos Santos2 months ago

    Bulbasaur Jax QuinnyBulbasaur Jax Quinny2 months ago
  • I have security in my house

    Katie StoneKatie Stone2 months ago
  • Oh ya poke ur real name is Zack

    Kaeleigh PeraltaKaeleigh Peralta2 months ago
  • Comment if this if you love poke ✌BTW I'm on my moms youtube acc so

    Shayla BarclayShayla Barclay2 months ago
  • Play liberty county it is a cop civilian game

    Glenn SemaneroGlenn Semanero2 months ago
  • Idiot, you can’t rob in Bloxburg.

    Joseph RyanJoseph Ryan2 months ago
    • Police? No way!

      Joseph RyanJoseph Ryan2 months ago
  • lie

    Deanne LoweryDeanne Lowery2 months ago
  • plz don,t next time pppppppplllllllllllzzzzzzzz i stil like you tho ok

    Deanne LoweryDeanne Lowery2 months ago
  • you lied about the police buten poke!!!!!!!! do notttt lie ok?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Deanne LoweryDeanne Lowery2 months ago
  • Can u play mm2?

    TextingStory 1TextingStory 12 months ago
  • I love just watching it

    Mackenzie and Mia S and fMackenzie and Mia S and f2 months ago
  • Hi

    Rae MorseRae Morse2 months ago
  • I think the break in packeg means that people break in your house

    Mason PearsonMason Pearson2 months ago
  • Poke please add me I beg you

    Mason PearsonMason Pearson2 months ago
  • I have ca eras and alarms and a husky to protect us and a little dog that is not friendly and it’s guard dogs

    Fishii Plays omg1590Fishii Plays omg15902 months ago
  • I have security on mi bloxblurg account because I was being rob to so I put security camera bro mi roblox account name is lightning deamon

    Nazrul IslamNazrul Islam2 months ago
  • I have scuirity ’ don’t know how to spell ’ at my home

    Aishatu AhmedAishatu Ahmed2 months ago
  • Three cams

    Sonia RodriguezSonia Rodriguez2 months ago
  • I have three in my house

    Sonia RodriguezSonia Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Hi poke do you play Minecraft you do put me on your friends list please poke please please and please poke

    Kamila’s House of FunKamila’s House of Fun3 months ago
  • What’s your roblox name

    Nathan HutchinsonNathan Hutchinson3 months ago
  • I fo

    E. BiedaE. Bieda3 months ago
  • PFT

    blow your mindblow your mind3 months ago
  • Can I be ur security guard my roblox username is umernavee plz I wanna play at OCT.19 TIME is 7:30

    blow your mindblow your mind3 months ago
  • There no cal Police butten

    Carolin KrawietzCarolin Krawietz3 months ago
  • Just called the 911

    shah p3trashah p3tra3 months ago
  • Poke not cool they were just testing ur security they were innocent I mean you didn’t have to arrest em. Could’ve told em that it was a coincidence

    Roblox GamerRoblox Gamer3 months ago
  • I have a security camera

    Nathan GalphinNathan Galphin3 months ago
  • And poke can u please tell the kids this is just role-playing your making them look real dumb

    monkey D. Hallymonkey D. Hally3 months ago
  • oof...lul

    Jenny Sanchez-GarciaJenny Sanchez-Garcia3 months ago
  • Hi

    Cyfn YtCyfn Yt3 months ago

    Sohni JollySohni Jolly3 months ago
  • I do

    iisnowbear iiiisnowbear ii3 months ago
  • I Do

    Talal Majali MajaliTalal Majali Majali3 months ago
  • Poke why are u not making vids on this channel

    Arnav ShelarArnav Shelar3 months ago
  • i do in real life

    Bradley ChituckBradley Chituck4 months ago
  • can give me rubox plz plz my name is jeffphantom509

    Hijriyyah LumnaHijriyyah Lumna4 months ago
  • Me: oh no!! My cousin: not the pieeeee Me: really?!

    Mona AmeperosaMona Ameperosa4 months ago
  • Hey that’s mean they just actors!

    momikyu momikyumomikyu momikyu4 months ago
  • I have a sicurty

    Michael McAuleyMichael McAuley4 months ago
  • Nice edit of the call the police- you know why i know its and edit? the mouse isnt in the screen

    Shouto TodorokiShouto Todoroki4 months ago
  • My friend has cameras in there house the couot me falling

    Moon•bunnyMoon•bunny4 months ago
  • Poke: I got a call police button! The Button: am not same font Me: I have found many wrongs.

    ShadowShadow4 months ago
  • Plays

    nunnem thomsongnunnem thomsong4 months ago
  • I hate why poke only plats bloxburg

    nunnem thomsongnunnem thomsong4 months ago
  • I have a security system

    Robert PerezRobert Perez4 months ago
  • Hair cut

    James CardusJames Cardus4 months ago
  • Poke I wish that you was not trolling I know thst call police thing was not real.. I saw a lot of things like this but I wished that you was not doing it :/ wow

    Tamim AladdinTamim Aladdin4 months ago
  • umm he needs to get those robbers 👍

    zenola grayzenola gray4 months ago
  • YOU HAVE 1.5M$??!?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY?! I HAVE ONLY LIKE 2K :( I WISH I HAD ALOT LIKE 10K :( OR MORE :( my user is also botthebes46189 :(

    eyad khaledeyad khaled4 months ago
  • i have a camra cuz i am 9 and I am just a kid so i cant stay home alone

    Hedaya ElkouraichiHedaya Elkouraichi4 months ago
  • This is so funnny

    PenguinVSCO PlaysPenguinVSCO Plays4 months ago
  • Btw I’m a big big BIGGGGG fan of you I love youre vids! Keep up the awesome work

    Cute_cookie085 CookiesalldayCute_cookie085 Cookiesallday4 months ago
  • Pls friend me my username is T0asty_x

    Cute_cookie085 CookiesalldayCute_cookie085 Cookiesallday4 months ago
  • 0:23 And 0:22 why is your footage frozen?

    Mason Vlogs _YTMason Vlogs _YT4 months ago
  • I need roblox

    Victor DikeVictor Dike4 months ago
  • I thought poke had a bigger house

    Thomas JayThomas Jay4 months ago
  • Can't play case 25rx

    Neville CraigNeville Craig4 months ago
  • poke is da best like really

    Juvic JarillaJuvic Jarilla4 months ago
  • Yay I have it

    Morph EuMorph Eu4 months ago
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Inga Jona NoadottirInga Jona Noadottir4 months ago
  • 🤴 prince and hi ☺️💓❤️💝💖❤️💓💖💖💓💓❤️💕💓❤️💞💓❤️❤️ you 💖💕❤️💖💓❤️💝💜😘💘

    prince 223prince 2234 months ago
  • The call police button is not real it covered up

    Bubellz YaBubellz Ya4 months ago
  • Poke!i bought that exact shirt you have on!i saw it was 5robux from your roblox group! Ily❤️

    Erin LagerströmErin Lagerström4 months ago
  • I do

    MeAndDudu GamesMeAndDudu Games4 months ago