Frying GUMMY Candy.. Will It Taste Good?

Aug 4, 2020
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Frying GUMMY Candy.. Will It Taste Good?
Zack "Poke" is a USworldsr with over 5.5 Million combined Subscribers across 2 channels, consisting of Real Life Content such as Pranks, Challenges, and more!

  • 9:25 save ticket

    Elijah Meade zenan IIElijah Meade zenan IIDay ago
  • Poke chocolate and. Melt

    kydi2014 chenkydi2014 chen6 days ago
  • I dare you to cut your hair

    Melvin SanchezMelvin Sanchez9 days ago
  • Lol

    Crimson Shadow DragonCrimson Shadow Dragon10 days ago
  • subscribe :)

    Ashy GameriscoolAshy Gameriscool15 days ago
  • I think I have a cru** on Eliene

    HenryyaddaHenryyadda15 days ago
  • Is that Oreos?

    HenryyaddaHenryyadda15 days ago
  • Cute your h

    Adau AgakAdau Agak18 days ago
  • Bro the nest still there😂😂😂😂

    jimmy zalpajimmy zalpa19 days ago
  • 🙁🙂☺😇😃😄😅😆😂😁😀

    mohammad rizalmohammad rizal24 days ago
  • 🙁🙂☺😇😊😄

    mohammad rizalmohammad rizal24 days ago
  • i dont like your hair...........

    mohammad rizalmohammad rizal24 days ago
  • ...

    mohammad rizalmohammad rizal24 days ago
  • I have been shouting “can you later close the door “ a billion times

    Frosty GamerFrosty Gamer28 days ago
  • Right

    Phuong OngPhuong OngMonth ago
  • Wow poke

    jacqueline dickersonjacqueline dickersonMonth ago
  • Ummmmmm ur hair is life when a lab experiment blast then this happen this is like when I was 4 my elder sis was like this

    Jasmit AfrinJasmit AfrinMonth ago
  • The people talking about him not posting roblox videos he has another channel called *PokeRoblox*

    sophiasophiaMonth ago
  • do you even need to do that he is the best

    Phu NguyenPhu NguyenMonth ago
  • Your hair is trash

    Fahad AdnanFahad AdnanMonth ago
  • Amagine everybodys comment has 1000 likes

    Xxxtentaction and Juice worldXxxtentaction and Juice worldMonth ago
  • I saw ur boogers when u were smelling it lol

    Joshua DauJoshua DauMonth ago
  • 1:07

    Jeremiah ReyesJeremiah ReyesMonth ago
  • You need a haircut lol

    Role-play and GamingRole-play and Gaming2 months ago
  • Wow

    Brandon SunBrandon Sun2 months ago
  • Compare him from 3 years all the way to 2020 he changed

    La Tanya YazzieLa Tanya Yazzie2 months ago
  • Wow that looks tasty😋😋😋😋😋

    Ma. Consuelo SalesMa. Consuelo Sales2 months ago
  • the haircut look okk

    Jaylen McGowanJaylen McGowan2 months ago
  • Not trying to be rude but just so you know the air fryer is going to work better if you use frozen things and stuff because the one i have works best when i use frozen french fries and stuff like that P.S. I love your vids❤️

    Angie’s LPSAngie’s LPS2 months ago
  • no you dont need hair cut your fine

    HyperEricHyperEric2 months ago
  • poke those are not off brand takis they are made by the takis company

    Shaun Kemp-ScottShaun Kemp-Scott2 months ago
  • Me, watching him bake: *🤦🏼‍♀️*

    Supreme LevinSupreme Levin2 months ago
  • Hey Poke I love your videos! I have an idea for you, I think you showed do a build Battle with a fan! Or me! By the way I’m a fan. 😆

    LizLiz2 months ago
  • I like the Birdsnest on his hair

    Mas - RobloxMas - Roblox2 months ago
  • Hey Paul goes running a freaking play Blocksburg my friends they’re acting kind of weird lately they always stop invite me to their house but I really want you to figure out what’s going on

    Mari GarciaMari Garcia3 months ago
  • I like how poke says McDonald's as the buttons

    Patrick CampbellPatrick Campbell3 months ago
  • Welcome To Pokes Cooking Show

    sooraj134sooraj1343 months ago
  • Guyssssss... he has another roblox channel, got to his channels then BOOM :) hope this helps

    JxnnaJxnna3 months ago
  • We will miss ur long hair aka (the nest) You and ur gf is adorable! Couple goals :)

    JxnnaJxnna3 months ago
  • 1:53 i see ur blur and also no rating on those stix

    Venus object cosmos earth 2.0Venus object cosmos earth 2.03 months ago
  • I’m not lying

    Selenia GalindoSelenia Galindo3 months ago
  • I saw it he cried over it it’s Oreos

    Selenia GalindoSelenia Galindo3 months ago
  • Air fryer : starts bleeping Poke : WOULD U SHUTTT UPPPPP

    annathegamerannathegamer3 months ago
  • This*

    The Roblox Hamster GamerThe Roblox Hamster Gamer3 months ago
  • EEE POKE POKE POKE EOKE why am i commenting his .-.

    The Roblox Hamster GamerThe Roblox Hamster Gamer3 months ago
  • ??? Wdym rafeal ur wierd

    Marta KMarta K3 months ago
  • Heh it looks like Poke is doing mukbang now

    7alzi7alzi3 months ago
  • Why are you being like guava juice

    Lakeeva StanfordLakeeva Stanford3 months ago
  • did zack said megalondon

    JuneTheGamerJuneTheGamer4 months ago
  • Yo did he say off brand talkies there talkies but skinny

    Dr BenzDr Benz4 months ago
  • You don’t need to tell him what to do it’s his own decision

    Analia_perfect AlvaradoAnalia_perfect Alvarado4 months ago
  • I just watched one vid of pokes and I subbed like his vids are so cool I only watched one and u subbed same with Dylan's channel but I been a fan of Dylan longer

    Kyla monelliKyla monelli4 months ago
  • 2:54 are you making cake?

    Georgina cartaGeorgina carta4 months ago
  • The stix are mad by the same person that made talkis

    Subscribe for litterley n0 reasonSubscribe for litterley n0 reason4 months ago
  • Thats cool poke 😃

    Joyce KeiselJoyce Keisel4 months ago
  • you still need a hair cut poke

    Olivia RomeoOlivia Romeo4 months ago
  • This vid turned to a cooking show

    Matthew GarzaMatthew Garza4 months ago
  • Will you continue to do roblox or did you quit I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

    Moon the umbreon Behind the SlayerఌMoon the umbreon Behind the Slayerఌ4 months ago
  • Why are thar no comments????????????????????????????????????????why?????????????????????? I'm only one here???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WHY??????????????

    Kylee LarsenKylee Larsen4 months ago
  • I wanna see how it feels how to get 1m likes plz like this so many likes far 👇🏽

    Miguel Marquez ArellanoMiguel Marquez Arellano4 months ago
  • mslt

    alejandro cazaresalejandro cazares4 months ago
  • Poke THE youTube

    alejandro cazaresalejandro cazares4 months ago
  • DO NOT

    alejandro cazaresalejandro cazares4 months ago
  • go

    alejandro cazaresalejandro cazares4 months ago
  • the btor Alejandro

    alejandro cazaresalejandro cazares4 months ago
  • Hey poke so fun

    José SilgueroJosé Silguero4 months ago
  • Hi

    José SilgueroJosé Silguero4 months ago
  • I liked the long :{

    TheGamerGirl kelsey:3TheGamerGirl kelsey:34 months ago
  • it looks like is on drugs no cap

    ZFEN AMVZFEN AMV4 months ago

    Play-and-Game-timePlay-and-Game-time4 months ago
  • This is wierd but I like it make more pls?!?!

    MythicBabyGrogu XxMythicBabyGrogu Xx4 months ago
  • put some egg on ur head bro

    SHIBA INUSHIBA INU4 months ago
  • AFRO

    Minecraft UsMinecraft Us4 months ago
  • Cut your hair

    Zachvise GamingZachvise Gaming4 months ago
  • You still need to cut ur hair

    GhastifyGhastify4 months ago
  • Me: trying to get every measure meant right Poke: oh nah I don't care just yeet it in there LOL love your vids stay safe

    Ava FilmerAva Filmer4 months ago
  • What why are you not playing Roblox now did you stop make like why why

    wody The MANwody The MAN4 months ago
  • hair*

    engyengy4 months ago
  • his har look like mines

    engyengy4 months ago
  • It was so funny 😂 when poke/zack at the serial and he just was like ewww

    Adriana LedesmaAdriana Ledesma4 months ago
  • Poke please show this to hyper. I hate his vids he has less subs and he's the worst USworldsr so tell hyper

    Allah'Nah Zuh'Riyah Rogers JacksonAllah'Nah Zuh'Riyah Rogers Jackson4 months ago
  • Wow. You finally stopped playing games 😒 remember though like plays is uh..getting a little old

    TheWanderingOceanTheWanderingOcean4 months ago
  • Slothy is a pencil ✏️ Poke is a highlighter Slothy draws a world Poke makes it brighter. ❤️❤️❤️

    mother and kid TVmother and kid TV4 months ago
  • Ur not entertaining anymore

    FiristicGamerFiristicGamer4 months ago
  • Poke is best

    Marlene calixtoMarlene calixto5 months ago
  • Everyone is always sayin* I miss the old poke but poke is being breathe enough to try somthing new if u don’t like him in these vids ur not a true fan love u poke ❤️

    Greyson DeBlasioGreyson DeBlasio5 months ago
  • Poke

    Melissa HinesMelissa Hines5 months ago
  • Poke: I am skilled. Few mins Poke: How do I use this thing?

    shamygamingshamygaming5 months ago
  • Wait what about the special item

    Banana KidBanana Kid5 months ago
  • bro he barely makes roblox vids anymore:(

    Jaylene WhittenJaylene Whitten5 months ago
  • Anybody see his tiktoks tho 😅

    Anali VelazquezAnali Velazquez5 months ago
  • I loveeee stix There Made from takis inventors

    Boggi NaterBoggi Nater5 months ago
  • I wish he would start playing roblox again but I also like these cool vids that he is doing now

    Mai NguyenMai Nguyen5 months ago
  • That the 3 oreo

    tylor bonnetrougetylor bonnetrouge5 months ago
  • The way everyone acts when he says stix are off brand takis, Is the same way my crush thinks about me :(

    Craig ElithCraig Elith5 months ago
    • 🖤💛💗

      Hannah - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪEHannah - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE4 months ago
  • His eyes in the thumbnail 😂😂

    Rupali P.Rupali P.5 months ago
  • Ur almost at 5M congrats!

    Anthony CastilloAnthony Castillo5 months ago
  • Hi poke can u send me a friend request in roblox my name in roblox is jackson010413

    Natasha ZlatopolskyNatasha Zlatopolsky5 months ago
  • you really need to get a hair cut

    Becky SwalesBecky Swales5 months ago
  • E

    Kevin playzKevin playz5 months ago