Daughter TOOK Her Mom.. I Had To Save Her! (Roblox)

Apr 2, 2020
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Daughter TOOK Her Mom.. I Had To Save Her! (Roblox) NEW SLOTH PLUSHIE OUT NOW!! hellojuniper.com/poke
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  • When I play bloxburg I get poopy serversπŸ˜…πŸ₯²

    Xd_freshd6 9Xd_freshd6 95 days ago
  • It's like adopt md5

    Georgina BenitoGeorgina Benito5 days ago
  • I’m like can she read? Lol

    Jailbreak prosJailbreak pros7 days ago
  • How do you get a green screen?

    Jailbreak prosJailbreak pros7 days ago
  • Poke: comment down below if you’ve broke your arm. Me: hmm, my sister has broken her arm.

    Kieran WheatleyKieran Wheatley9 days ago
  • Haha

    the power of buteythe power of butey16 days ago
  • What is your neighborhood name in Blocksburg

    Angela GardinierAngela Gardinier19 days ago
  • The fact that he said he hates famous people when he has 4.66m subs so he is famous xD

    GD RedGD Red20 days ago
  • who would take there mom

    Tami-leigh GriffinTami-leigh Griffin22 days ago
  • I broke my right arm from falling of a chair

    Va'Cheylon GovenderVa'Cheylon Govender23 days ago
  • Hahahaha hahahahahahah Hahahahahhaha evil

    Cousin gaming squad Gaming channel RobloxCousin gaming squad Gaming channel Roblox24 days ago
  • I love poke

    Naderge SainteloiNaderge Sainteloi26 days ago
  • Tbh...if my mom did this do me I would hate her with NO SHAME...

    Glimmershine v1Glimmershine v128 days ago
  • In school my mom wont even let me play in the playground shes so protective

    Princess Shannea RocolasPrincess Shannea RocolasMonth ago
  • Poke:Imagine bot going out for 5 months Me:CoRona VirUS

    Pet loverPet loverMonth ago
  • The mom saying that her daughter has been inside since 5 months Me: I've been inside my house since corona was here -_- (almost a year)

    Mia LopezMia LopezMonth ago
  • Sum one sed in the chat that poke is the worst but poke is the best

    Ben PierceBen PierceMonth ago
  • 3:16 there is a poke hater pinn me

  • In the chat someone said Poke is the worst

    Gaming With AhnafGaming With AhnafMonth ago
  • Hehehe

    LikeMiaLikeMiaMonth ago
  • I have broke my arm before

    LikeMiaLikeMiaMonth ago
  • Also I’m in Blocksburg I found a scammer only Club They make you answer questions before you enter it I tried to enter to go undercover it is super creepy in there I manage to pass it in then you’re not a scammer and then I opened a bookshelf and when I go on a surprise for you and I was like no and then they pushed me to close the door and locked it so I reset my character

    Phil ThompsonPhil ThompsonMonth ago
  • Do you know you are famous

    Phil ThompsonPhil ThompsonMonth ago
  • Sad 😒😭😭😭😭😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😭😭😒😭😭😒😭😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😭😒😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😒😒😒😒😭😒😭😒😭😒😭

    Brayan PerezBrayan PerezMonth ago
  • Yes poke

    Brayan PerezBrayan PerezMonth ago
  • Poke- I know how much freedom means to you Me- U want freedom?! Try the American revolution!?😎

    Roger and Carol WilliamsRoger and Carol WilliamsMonth ago
  • I LiKe BoOkS

    Roger and Carol WilliamsRoger and Carol WilliamsMonth ago
  • Who else watching 2021 like if so

    Roger and Carol WilliamsRoger and Carol WilliamsMonth ago
  • Pone!!

    Lilian PinedaLilian PinedaMonth ago
  • Who else noticed the roof?

    kawaii artkawaii artMonth ago
  • i do

    Mariana QPMariana QPMonth ago
  • I sprained my arm because of soccer! :)

    Susan BoonSusan BoonMonth ago
  • I broke my arm someone pushed me when I was in kindergarten

    Gavin RushloGavin RushloMonth ago
  • iv never brok my arm in my 9 years of living

    Pikapikaman 5870Pikapikaman 5870Month ago

    Sela BestSela BestMonth ago
  • POKEhiπŸ˜‡

    Meil yasmine UmaliMeil yasmine UmaliMonth ago
  • I do

    Angelica ArriagaAngelica ArriagaMonth ago
  • How likes lanis chanel and poke chanal

    Angelica ArriagaAngelica ArriagaMonth ago
  • Ummmmm poke did you have a rubox can I have plsπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Heavenly grace GaHeavenly grace GaMonth ago
  • You had to save a REALLY MEAN MOM!??!?

    Hargunh KaurHargunh KaurMonth ago
  • Lol

    Hargunh KaurHargunh KaurMonth ago
  • Bro i broke my leg while playing football loll

    Sarthakk KkadamSarthakk KkadamMonth ago
  • Hey poke before u talk with MrsTulips I saw someone said "POKE IS THE WORST"

    Farrell MathiasFarrell MathiasMonth ago
  • I love the fact that poke always does like hes a dective in his vids haha

    Arminda IlasinArminda IlasinMonth ago
  • I broke my arm once in my leg once it was the exact same type of break it was painful.

    Rebekkah SimpsonRebekkah SimpsonMonth ago
  • Pain is a part of the life

    John Rafael MindanaoJohn Rafael MindanaoMonth ago
  • Overprotected mom please don't do it on your kids

    John Rafael MindanaoJohn Rafael MindanaoMonth ago
  • _son of a tulip _ by poke

    sanay saigalsanay saigalMonth ago
    • Hahahw

      sanay saigalsanay saigalMonth ago
    • Cool

      sanay saigalsanay saigalMonth ago
    • Bro

      sanay saigalsanay saigalMonth ago
    • H

      sanay saigalsanay saigalMonth ago
  • i never broken anything

    Zoe CoyZoe CoyMonth ago
  • I literally broke my arm in kidzania playing with my son

    Lucien skye yonsonLucien skye yonson2 months ago
  • uh i saw that someone in chat siad poke is the wrost go rhit (me) go riht to the comenet

    David KaufmanDavid Kaufman2 months ago
  • I like your videos

    Cornella JasperCornella Jasper2 months ago
  • I have been stuck inside my home for at least 8 months and i havent went outside not even for a minute πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    Purple Boba UnUPurple Boba UnU2 months ago
  • that 5 montres agos and they talk in about with her son

    Ferhat SellamFerhat Sellam2 months ago
  • I can’t do anything to 😒😒😒😒

    Zoey GramZoey Gram2 months ago
  • Eh 5 months try 9

    Vmoney GamingVmoney Gaming2 months ago
  • Who was that a hole said poke was trash in the game chat

    CatgamerCatgamer2 months ago
  • Poke: Imagine if you can't leave your house for FIVE MONTHS Me: Goes crazy in lockdown, but also like being at home Also me: Well we have all been in for that long ;-;

    Just MorganJust Morgan2 months ago
  • I feel bad for you because a hater said poke is the worst just don’t care his so rude

    linsipeilinsipei2 months ago
  • I can’t leave my house for 8 months COVID-19:((

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya2 months ago
  • Did y’all see in the chat that someone typed poke is the worst!

    SW_girlSW_girl2 months ago
  • Lol you always stand on the roof whenever you do your intro and it’s super Funny! 🀣 Btw I love your channel you have the best videos!

    cherry blxssomcherry blxssom2 months ago
  • Star code cari i choose

    Alison BuesoAlison Bueso2 months ago
    • I choose both!

      cherry blxssomcherry blxssom2 months ago
    • Me to!

      cherry blxssomcherry blxssom2 months ago
    • Me to come

      cherry blxssomcherry blxssom2 months ago

    vinay rajeshvinay rajesh2 months ago
  • This is CRAZYY!!

    Clxxdy DayzClxxdy Dayz2 months ago
  • In chat someone said POKE IS THE WORST

    skila andersonskila anderson2 months ago
  • 😜😜😜😜😜😍😍😍😍😍

    Judy MontoyaJudy Montoya2 months ago
  • Poke Someone says poke is the worst look in chat you’re the best

    ι™ˆηŽ‰ι”‹ι™ˆηŽ‰ι”‹2 months ago
  • I broke my wrist

    nicole Draughnnicole Draughn2 months ago
  • Well the girl said she cant go outside and do anything for 5 months its just atleast im stuck in my home for atleast 10-12 months i havent go outside.p

    Riu andrei SimRiu andrei Sim2 months ago
    • But its normal for me i always use my phone.

      Riu andrei SimRiu andrei Sim2 months ago
  • Let the owner ban him from bloxburg

    RaamoRaamo2 months ago
  • Poke in the chat i saw someone tell POKE IS THE WORST

    RaamoRaamo2 months ago
  • Do you no what is wors then 5 months being in my house for 10 months

    Jenny RobertsJenny Roberts2 months ago
  • Some person said poke is the worst how dare they that's rude to the most funniest USworldsr

    Razia FarooquiRazia Farooqui2 months ago
  • Plz can I have roebucks. Plzz my user name is kinglordzeref

    Arvin KArvin K2 months ago
  • Poke. I love you πŸ’– πŸ’‹

    Mohammad AthaminaMohammad Athamina2 months ago
  • Me

    Cookie LoveCookie Love2 months ago
  • Ok

    Tomi AdebayoTomi Adebayo2 months ago
  • Poke: *SON OF A TULIP* me: MrsTulip doesn't have a son tho...

    KirbMon ツKirbMon ツ2 months ago
  • poke i saw someone say you are the worst the username is rileygirlforever9

    Jessy LowJessy Low2 months ago
  • ....

    ??????????????2 months ago
    • 237282 6273

      ??????????????2 months ago
  • My mom want me to do anything but his- dead now :(

    xxNoob _xxxxNoob _xx2 months ago
  • Man its not that bad but if its on your lelf or right head again in your sleep you can not go in the Derek'shon wen you sleep now...... In the last day you they have to sow your head

    Tirso garciaTirso garcia2 months ago
  • Dude poke you broke your arm well I have been in a hospital you now so..... I was in school then I broke my Head

    Tirso garciaTirso garcia2 months ago
  • The girl in chat β€œPOKE IS THE WORST” girl do u even no what ur saying? Ur doing that bc yo want attention :/

    lulu boblulu bob2 months ago
  • My brother broke his leg because he was wet and he did not dry off

    Shandi DeVillepShandi DeVillep2 months ago
  • Poke imposter

    bendydubs waynebendydubs wayne2 months ago
  • Why does Mrs.Tulips give me those STRICT PARENT vibes...? WEIRD.....??

    Olivia StricklandOlivia Strickland2 months ago
  • Me

    Irvin RiveraIrvin Rivera2 months ago
  • My sister got hurt and she stayed for 2 weeks only

    Resna BegumResna Begum2 months ago
  • Noah

    Jason GuerreroJason Guerrero2 months ago
  • Did anyone else see someone say in the chat (POKE IS THE WORST? 3:16

    β€’-Optika Mati Mati -β€’β€’-Optika Mati Mati -β€’2 months ago
  • I broke my ankle once

    Fin LanierFin Lanier2 months ago
    • (Dude that’s so weird though who doesn’t let their daughter do anything other than play music and read books) that’s like a bad mom: mean mom!

      Fin LanierFin Lanier2 months ago
    • Not armm: and I broke my toe once)

      Fin LanierFin Lanier2 months ago
  • Poke the best with u seen the chat it says poke the wost even know poke the best youtuber

    Aimee FurlongAimee Furlong2 months ago
  • How to know if poke is recording:starting jumping on his roof

    Marica JukićMarica Jukić2 months ago
  • I need your help I think my girl is cheating

    Addison FraleyAddison Fraley2 months ago
  • Me

    Andrew RescoAndrew Resco2 months ago
  • Son of a tulip? i think you mean DAUGHTER of a tulip

    ii_SimpliMadi_iiii_SimpliMadi_ii2 months ago
  • K

    Hacker123 HackersHacker123 Hackers2 months ago
  • I had a a huge tree branch hit my head wen I got on a swing

    Hacker123 HackersHacker123 Hackers2 months ago
    • It is true

      Hacker123 HackersHacker123 Hackers2 months ago