Climb The TALLEST Roblox Cliff For 1 MILLION Robux.. (Roblox)

Jul 13, 2020
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Climb The TALLEST Roblox Cliff For 1 MILLION Robux.. (Roblox)
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  • Poke I like nina she is Harris the face hahahahahah

    lilmissysziqlilmissysziqDay ago
  • Bro its your fault why your 2nd because you didnt jump

    KamadaKamada4 days ago
  • She only has 25 followers on Instagram 😂😂

    Shout OutsShout Outs4 days ago
  • i can’t play this game i’m only 6

    Lucey ColtmanLucey Coltman4 days ago
  • why would you laugh at sunny poke no cap kinda mean

    Kazzi iKazzi i5 days ago
  • 14

    Kitten Kitten MeowKitten Kitten Meow5 days ago
  • NINA should of get voted off

    L and S AdventuresL and S Adventures5 days ago
  • Again?!

    MauventuresMauventures5 days ago

    Nqzz ?Nqzz ?6 days ago

    sharon k varghesesharon k varghese6 days ago
  • 5 months ago and I'm still laughing at how jeff beat him

    Anime fan kidAnime fan kid8 days ago
  • I feel like Nina and the chef have something goingon

    HollyHolly9 days ago
  • thats pretty true that you didnt jump of the cliff and you got 2nd place

    Pawel UPawel U9 days ago

    Ava WatchesAva Watches10 days ago
  • Poke talking with blaire:oh blaire is a gurl ME: bruh hes a boy

    shimaa gamalshimaa gamal10 days ago
  • U did not jump

    Winner WinnerWinner Winner10 days ago
  • R.I.P larold

    Joke AbellaJoke Abella10 days ago
  • I think that Nina is going to get voted out

    Kian TomlinsonKian Tomlinson10 days ago
  • POKE im kidding but gooo poke

    Cheryl HumchittCheryl Humchitt10 days ago
  • poke why did you need to boost your mood XD

    WaffleGamerWaffleGamer11 days ago
  • nina needs to be out now

    ChristosandElliott OfficialChristosandElliott Official13 days ago
  • poor lorald

    ChristosandElliott OfficialChristosandElliott Official13 days ago
  • vote out nina i hate her she stinks

    ChristosandElliott OfficialChristosandElliott Official13 days ago
  • Poke I love how you say insane

    Jheriel Pagan SuarezJheriel Pagan Suarez14 days ago
  • If I ever got moderator commands from Roblox I would terminate Nina >:)

    Batbou444Batbou44417 days ago
  • When poke was FOR SOME REASON waiting to jump in the water, I was SCREAMING to go lol but seriously I was like, *sigh* I told him to go...

    Roper WhiteRoper White17 days ago
  • happy new year’s to all and poke!

    Mayra VasquezMayra Vasquez18 days ago
  • I hate ninasup now she so bad

    Miguel GaribayMiguel Garibay19 days ago
  • nina is soo ruid im don’t like them 👎 poke its the best👍

    Apriyanto Sukma AgungApriyanto Sukma Agung21 day ago

    Vonny PaaysVonny Paays22 days ago
  • Tru u on a beat all

    john gomesjohn gomes26 days ago
  • IDOIT sorry but you were there first there but you were second

    CoolKidsGamesCoolKidsGames27 days ago
  • Nina is keeping you Poke because she is using you for clout !!!!

    The Life Of BThe Life Of B27 days ago
  • poke kan you play big brain simulator

    ShawnShawn29 days ago
  • 8:17 idiot man 🤣🤣🤣

    TotallySquidTotallySquidMonth ago
  • u just focus not talking lol

    XxhappychaxXXxhappychaxXMonth ago
  • Hey this look like Bloxburg is it?

    SkySkyMonth ago
  • No idiot last place get voted out

    Diego JimenezDiego JimenezMonth ago
  • Lol so dumb

    YAP ZHI HAN MoeYAP ZHI HAN MoeMonth ago
  • Oof

    Elliot Fisher Team Derwent Staynor HallElliot Fisher Team Derwent Staynor HallMonth ago
  • Imma call him mike for short

  • Blaire is a boy

    Maureen NicholsonMaureen NicholsonMonth ago
  • In the show it’s called total drama island and the host is called cris McLean

    Anime LifeAnime LifeMonth ago
  • Nina's up now is insane dude I don't like her at all

    Gbely QuinonezGbely QuinonezMonth ago
  • This is bigg boss

    supriyasath20supriyasath20Month ago
  • Nina is a punk

    Wendy CarrancoWendy CarrancoMonth ago
  • Poke win I saw all letters in intro

  • Bruuhhhh

    Prince Jaycey Zita ZitaPrince Jaycey Zita ZitaMonth ago
  • Poke why did you nott jump

    mohamed zayanmohamed zayanMonth ago
  • Me: 8:17 HURRY UP AND JUMP

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMonth ago
  • you said I will vote you off and said to nina I wil be watching you cry bye the second place

    Christine OyugiChristine OyugiMonth ago
  • I watched the start

    Christine OyugiChristine OyugiMonth ago
  • She only has 3k followers on Instagram

    Haifa_ PlayzHaifa_ PlayzMonth ago
  • I love how they recreat the show

    roblox Queenroblox QueenMonth ago
  • there is a "bendy and the ink machine" sound

    Moreno AveryMoreno AveryMonth ago
  • i love too play roblox but i dont have rubox 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    tarik nastarik nasMonth ago
  • hi poke im a kid but i love your vid

    tarik nastarik nasMonth ago
  • I feel bad about sunny shes just so scared i was like go sunny you can swim

    Carin MantillaCarin MantillaMonth ago
  • Who has netflix and watched td drama island So he copying)

    Komedia کۆمیدیاKomedia کۆمیدیاMonth ago
  • GO POKE!

    LouiseLouise2 months ago
  • Just like bfdi 2

    Cyre TruceCyre Truce2 months ago
  • My birth day is July thirty July 13 yay

    Jaxon CronkhiteJaxon Cronkhite2 months ago
  • Tell Nina me my cousin and my brother against her obstacle very hard I bet we’ll win

    AstroabytAstroabyt2 months ago
  • This is like a story mode and Poke is like the main character and Nina the villain

    the Outlawthe Outlaw2 months ago
  • I watched episode 1

    Derek HummelDerek Hummel2 months ago
  • im ur biggest fan also can you donate my dream is to get 1m bloxburg money

    WilliamWS10squadWilliamWS10squad2 months ago
  • Here my username kobe_53647

    Hortensia PeñaHortensia Peña2 months ago
  • I remember Total Drama Island it's for kids like me Btw the cliff is so high if it was irl, I would die

    Melissa PaganMelissa Pagan2 months ago
  • Jk

    Silly Taco FamilySilly Taco Family2 months ago

    Silly Taco FamilySilly Taco Family2 months ago
  • Sunny salter is just dj beth and countney in tdi part 2 of fist ep

    Paul BeaumontPaul Beaumont2 months ago
  • why your sec :(((

    James Vincent LubagJames Vincent Lubag2 months ago
  • Half FREAK

    boiboi2 months ago
    • LOL

      boiboi2 months ago
  • Oh I can’t wait for this episode two 😥😬

    Juanita YoungJuanita Young2 months ago
  • Hey, This theme song is the same as My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire's Theme song! Great Mobile game btw

    desertbondesertbon2 months ago
  • Nooo! You lost

    Vivi BrataVivi Brata2 months ago
  • the roblox version of Total Drama Island-

    DURDUR2 months ago
  • Poke Drinks Coke!

    DarraghSSDarraghSS2 months ago
  • Nina is the worst😡🤬🤬😡😡

    Mark EmbudoMark Embudo2 months ago
  • And I forgot to tell you poke is my biggest friend ever no one going to say he is not my friend I do want to be her friend in Roblox I can't because when I play adopt me he's not there. I don't know what to do how I'm going to be her friend!!!!

  • You was about to win but that person just came and jumped you didn't even get chance to jump because you was talking that is the race you supposed to be not talking but never mind it's okay 👇

  • Hulk I'm so mad at you because you supposed to be jumping talking not talking

  • POKE you are the BEST USworldsR EVER

    Ethan ThomEthan Thom2 months ago
  • It is ajr beat let the games

    Dylan hyperDylan hyper2 months ago
  • If this Nina girl call me I will ignore her and if she gets mad I will lock my house and I have a secret room that she will never find and also no ventilation system im gonna be serious

    Mikaella Rozz MoralesMikaella Rozz Morales2 months ago
  • The his isnkinda like a mixture of American Ninja Warriors, Master Chef, and Mr Beasts Island Challenge

    Abdullah DanishAbdullah Danish2 months ago
  • Nina is actully really nice on instragram☺️

    Tommy_Dream FanTommy_Dream Fan2 months ago
  • What’s clout

    Holy TemesgenHoly Temesgen2 months ago
  • Book nina

    Sefako MokoloSefako Mokolo2 months ago
  • wait this sounds like something I watch that's on Netflix it's called TD drama

    christina windomchristina windom3 months ago
  • every one who followed nina unfollow her orelse your not a true poe fan

    Hibatullah Aje-gbadunola ObasaHibatullah Aje-gbadunola Obasa3 months ago
  • Bruh he SO DUMB

    Anthony AguileraAnthony Aguilera3 months ago
  • Spoiled brat

    Marcela ZermenoMarcela Zermeno3 months ago
  • hey poke dont talk too much! u will lose if u talk too much !

    Syed Ahmad AkraminSyed Ahmad Akramin3 months ago
  • Hey poke hop you win

    Join the Gacha clubJoin the Gacha club3 months ago
  • I HATE that ego girl!!!!! 😤😤😤

    Tony LucasTony Lucas3 months ago
  • This reminds me of total drama rama the kid one... don't tell me mom I still watch that

    Roblox-Pro153Roblox-Pro1533 months ago
  • *Have a awesome life* Thank you for reading don't forget to like ehm

    ToXiC_989ToXiC_9893 months ago
  • Poke:that's the loudest alarm me:why is that the loudest alarm

    jessica blackhamjessica blackham3 months ago