Child Was MISSING In WALLS.. I Had To Save Him! (Roblox)

May 30, 2020
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Child Was MISSING In WALLS.. I Had To Save Him! (Roblox)
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  • Who else thought that it said captain oblivious not obvious?

    Harkanwar SandhuHarkanwar SandhuDay ago
  • Your pro poke

    Naye SanchezNaye SanchezDay ago
  • My name is DAVEBASKETRABIT123

    Emilbert Castaneda jrEmilbert Castaneda jr5 days ago
  • poke i love your vids

    Emiliano Guce JrEmiliano Guce Jr5 days ago
  • Do u know locus

    Spider man NYCSpider man NYC5 days ago
  • Oof

    Fnafmangle-andfnaffoxyandfnaf-glitchtrap Toy foxyFnafmangle-andfnaffoxyandfnaf-glitchtrap Toy foxy5 days ago
  • ( ̄ヘ ̄)ᴴᴹᴹᴹ

    Marcus MarkMarcus Mark6 days ago
  • Detective poke is on the case

    Sarah McClureSarah McClure8 days ago
  • hi

    itsjayy __itsjayy __10 days ago
  • i knew that the workers were evil since they said that it was building

    NoName2207NoName220711 days ago
  • Nice merch and sloth

    Luigi RosalesLuigi Rosales12 days ago
  • I bought your merch on roblox

    Annabelle melilloAnnabelle melillo12 days ago
  • Poke play among us

    Jaxon TarnowskiJaxon Tarnowski12 days ago
  • And c

    Manuel Valdés BarriosManuel Valdés Barrios15 days ago
  • Pablo: I fell down there and the workers put the floor over me. Me: Who would do that? That is so mean

    Game LegendsGame Legends15 days ago
  • The kid had beard

    JUST ANGEL robloxJUST ANGEL roblox17 days ago
  • 4:40 Poke is a villager now

    The Fiery DragonThe Fiery Dragon17 days ago
  • *when the kid talks to his parents about the reason* *me getting it right*:YAY YAY YASS I KNEW ITT

    Bella HuynhBella Huynh19 days ago
    • 😂😂soo true 😹😹

      Dany HernandezDany Hernandez16 days ago
  • Bruh, this is dumb

    Hariston AniHariston Ani20 days ago
  • Mom:I miss my son someone Caught my son ahh I miss him dad: what about me!?son listen and says:XD

    Bhumi BhushanBhumi Bhushan20 days ago
  • If i can play bloxburg i already prank poke 😂

    Lil Cream._Lil Cream._21 day ago
  • You know ima poke fan and I have more then 2,9087612547890000265375275921604 roubx !

    Suhaila WahabSuhaila Wahab21 day ago
  • In roblox, I have the same shirt that his charater is wearing lol I'm a big fan of poke!

    MaryEllen RagainsMaryEllen Ragains23 days ago
  • Why does the son have a beard 0

    JaydenX-RobloxJaydenX-Roblox24 days ago
  • mr peeler: our son has been missing for a week poke: when was the last time you saw him me: 1 week ago.

    Mazen MakawiMazen Makawi26 days ago
  • Who is zack

    Christine vlog carrascalChristine vlog carrascal26 days ago
  • A six year old can grow a beard but dec cant

    Mel HarrisonMel Harrison27 days ago
  • In you green screen it was like flikering

    Carolina GamboaCarolina Gamboa28 days ago
  • Poke did u saw the hole that is in the rocks on top maybe the kid fall for a accldent

    Carolina GamboaCarolina Gamboa28 days ago
  • Oh no

    Clarrence DulayClarrence Dulay28 days ago
  • 12:59 I laughed when you danced

    ritute lagunaiteritute lagunaite29 days ago
  • i was joking sorry i dont want to say that i never UnSubcribe Poke

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  • UnSubcribe Poke

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  • When someone needs help call your self detective pokey

    murderer mystery 2 with gabemurderer mystery 2 with gabeMonth ago
  • u suc

    Uriah CiccarelliUriah CiccarelliMonth ago
  • Around the end Pablo roasted Mr Peelers

  • why are you on your roof? Poke🤔 in bloxborg hmmmmmm?

    Chloè JansmaChloè JansmaMonth ago
  • poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke

    Joel PiedraJoel PiedraMonth ago
  • Poke: Kid missing in the walls Me: umm its kid missing in the floor

    Bad time sansBad time sansMonth ago
  • Nobody literally nobody: Kidnapper: takes a random kid Poke: saves kid Kid: doesn’t reset Me: JUST RESET ITS ROBLOX NOT SOME OTHER GAME!.

    Haseem PlayzHaseem PlayzMonth ago
  • The funniest part on here is when you said he got a baird or whatever that was so funny I was during right now 😂

    Deon GilbertDeon GilbertMonth ago
  • Ooonoooo mie skere mie dono

    qqMonth ago
  • Said poke : I am detective poke

    glareglareMonth ago
  • If i see this i will be shocked and love you Poke

    menhaz12menhaz12Month ago
  • Mrpeelers is like mrklavins

    The abanabyThe abanabyMonth ago
  • bye

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  • hi poke . im criing like how. im fan poke not a hater. my mom and dad hate me so im in foster care im sad pleas read on youtob

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  • 6:36 is iddle

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  • I used star code poke!!

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  • Zack

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  • Hey zac

    Kidz Bop kidsKidz Bop kidsMonth ago
  • Hey poke you should be a real life detectiv

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  • Hi

    Justin MicekJustin MicekMonth ago
  • Ur best and I am gonna use ur code on ur roblox

    rupa dasguptarupa dasguptaMonth ago
  • Ur a real hero u saved Sammy mother

    rupa dasguptarupa dasguptaMonth ago
  • Ahhh poor kid

    Andrei MoldovanAndrei MoldovanMonth ago
  • Did Zack just start to watch stranger things?

    Teriann ChristensenTeriann ChristensenMonth ago
  • I'm your fun

    Leandro 3rd EstebanLeandro 3rd EstebanMonth ago
  • Poke In real life: :0 Poke in roblox: :D why

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  • 😒

    katieplays roblox!!katieplays roblox!!2 months ago
    • 😟

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  • That poor child :

    Xx ¿! · Tobio Kageyama · ¡? xXXx ¿! · Tobio Kageyama · ¡? xX2 months ago
  • 4:41 he did the villager sound in minecraft

    Rachelle GermanRachelle German2 months ago
  • Bye

    alex I am not coolalex I am not cool2 months ago
  • My nama is imchysayayphy my is like that do you think my nama is great evenone say my name is the funny one

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  • See you soon!!! :)

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  • See you soon I hope you are the best And you save ur son I hope ur son is feeling great have fun ur family

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  • 🙏🙏🙏

    alex I am not coolalex I am not cool2 months ago
  • But you have to save him and more people thay are rude too thay say help me and you know how much you feel better now you not the only one me too only you can save everyone else the more you save people the better you are and thay friends you and thay like you thay love ur USworlds

    alex I am not coolalex I am not cool2 months ago
  • I hope you are OK with ur family is going to happen again be for that happen again you have to go save people saveing people is fun

    alex I am not coolalex I am not cool2 months ago
  • awl that's so cute

    Josh LawtonJosh Lawton2 months ago
  • THAT'S SO SAD😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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  • Poke is a Villager 4:40

    TubbiOGTubbiOG2 months ago
  • this was posted on my birthday :) hi-

    Fatima GarciaArvizuFatima GarciaArvizu2 months ago
  • i hate the secret things

    Aisha AbunaimAisha Abunaim2 months ago
  • Poke : yay cacher: :(

    josiah roldanjosiah roldan2 months ago
  • Poke: 100% chacher 23%

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  • Poke vs. Chachers

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  • Who laughed when Paul put the subs saying : Thank you captain obvious

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    • Me

      MidasMidas22 days ago
    • Were

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  • I love you 💖 💋

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  • Go. Poke💕

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  • thats end?

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  • Hi

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  • What is this game

  • Rdt

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  • me: find drama :drama about 2 kids getting kidnapped and i have to save them myself then i call cops and explain an cops come then we found who took the 2 kids then cop arrest him!

    Lynden SewireLynden Sewire2 months ago
  • I was crying because he is lost for a week now I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭

    surma aktersurma akter2 months ago
  • lol i love it when u said the kid has a beard XD

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  • I think your code work

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  • Im a fan

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  • His real name is actually zack

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  • me crying cuz wanna be gamer:

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  • Can i know what what gami is this i like it wait i forgot i just subscribe you pls can i know

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  • Wowwww your a hero!!!!!!!!

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  • " Poke is Cool" "preston is Awesome" "Brianna is Cool "aqhmau is Awesome "Gravycatman is Cool"

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  • Poblo is my friend that's is he's name I can't believe this he's telling the truth with me that he meet poke now I know now :( I'm gonna say sorry to him I didn't not believe now I believe now and after he's gonna give me roblox and he mite say to me he's gonna be my boyfriend 😀😍😍 I love him so much

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    • Too

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    • And I all love him and he love me :)

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  • You always on roof

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  • I wish I cooled youse your star code but I cant use enny star code

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