BLOXBURG SWAT Showed Up.. I Had To Run! (Roblox)

Jun 29, 2020
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  • 2:23 mm m Zach why did you we are a green shirt 😂 BC oz our green screen is on our t shirk lol

    Stanley dapenguinboii 18Stanley dapenguinboii 187 hours ago
  • Dylan what the heck

    Layla Kulthum Abdul-latifLayla Kulthum Abdul-latif10 hours ago
  • P p Noooooooo

    KNVG QuiseKNVG QuiseDay ago
  • fbi open up

    Derek CharbonneauDerek CharbonneauDay ago
  • Who notices pokes invisible shirt

    Theo HughesTheo HughesDay ago
  • Why

    among usamong us2 days ago
  • You and your friends make great videos ima a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!

    Daniel VellaDaniel Vella2 days ago
  • Poke: we start in my bedroom Me: no roof

    Don’t judge A book by its coverDon’t judge A book by its cover3 days ago
  • That was close to my birthday

    Ronald Powell JR. TooRonald Powell JR. Too4 days ago
  • That was me before I saw like 500 spiders in my house and then I woke up and it kept happening again and when I woke up irl it was clean

    BrYaN GD zombie GamerBrYaN GD zombie Gamer5 days ago
  • Dylan: BRO WHY DID YOU BRING THE SWAT TEAM TO MY HOUSE one of the funniest things ever

    Tiger Attack HelicopterTiger Attack Helicopter6 days ago
  • Qwwqsd fghfbfbdhxsjsj2i1i1i1z8a8q88z7zs8auq7qq6q7www7w quisquilloso que el que más se puede comprar para los que se encuentran a su nombre y no es necesario

    Gonsalo LlumitasigGonsalo Llumitasig6 days ago
  • 𝕃𝕠𝕝 𝕊𝕠 𝔽𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪

    Mynamenot SageMynamenot Sage6 days ago
  • But Dylan when he was a kid 😂 lol 😝

    Tamia ZambranaTamia Zambrana6 days ago
  • Bro The Ending Was FUNNY 😂🤣😝😆😭🤣😂

    Tamia ZambranaTamia Zambrana6 days ago
  • *knocking doors* FBI PEN UP!!!!!

    TutakTui PangribTutakTui Pangrib7 days ago
  • I like your vids

    Gamerpsy- 85Gamerpsy- 857 days ago
  • you never escape swat your now going to brazil

    Jackson HewesJackson Hewes7 days ago
  • So i was on bloxburg,

    [ REDACTED ][ REDACTED ]8 days ago
  • I know the others are scripted but its cool!

    Crash Gamer ØCrash Gamer Ø10 days ago
  • Hey poke I don't like Molly basket rabbit she's very mean to you and also you don't like her cuz she's mean to poke

    Ari&Juju's WorldAri&Juju's World11 days ago
  • Poke is going to Jail

    Derek PenaDerek Pena12 days ago

    Preesha SarkarPreesha Sarkar14 days ago
  • Oh no your home FBI open up!

    DuoF SpaerDuoF Spaer15 days ago
  • The irl shirt pokes wearing though . .

    Onion IDIOTOnion IDIOT15 days ago
  • Tell the swat to get your own food

    him yeonghim yeong16 days ago
  • Poke: Me: Everyone is raiding your food, next time leave the fridge door closed XD Poke: We always start vids in my bedroom. Me: No, you always start vids on you roof or in your car

    Game LegendsGame Legends16 days ago
  • how come thers never anyone in chat

    getmadzgetmadz16 days ago
  • at 8:15 i saw a starter house in the background

    getmadzgetmadz16 days ago
  • Ey your still posting I keep watching you when 2020 june

    aiden oficialaiden oficial17 days ago
  • This is really confusing

    benbarkbeerbenbarkbeer17 days ago
  • Poke is the best

    Thomas StaffordThomas Stafford17 days ago
  • hello Poke umm when i was in the game then i found a karen game for karens

    Roblox WolfieXArmyRoblox WolfieXArmy17 days ago
    • then i saw the Karen Owner

      Roblox WolfieXArmyRoblox WolfieXArmy17 days ago
  • Poke:doesn't notice shirt is green right next to a green screen Me:u dumbo yellow black or any colour except green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris Tye-SmithChris Tye-Smith17 days ago
  • That shirt tho

    outcast meloutcast mel18 days ago
  • Nobody: Lani: Calim down.

    TheGenuineCheetoTheGenuineCheeto18 days ago
    • Calmi

      Don’t judge A book by its coverDon’t judge A book by its cover3 days ago
  • Nobody: Pokes shirt: MUST BLEND IN.

    TheGenuineCheetoTheGenuineCheeto18 days ago
  • Hi

    Daniel TolozaDaniel Toloza20 days ago
  • Did anyone notice his invisible shirt because of the green shirt

    RADICAL 16RADICAL 1620 days ago
  • i want poke merch

    Pamandeep BrarPamandeep Brar20 days ago
  • No offence but hes in a private server because there is no one talking

    SlothFan 83SlothFan 8321 day ago
  • If i the SWAT I would say this "FBI OPEN UP"

    2this2vent Plays2this2vent Plays21 day ago
  • me: huge fan

    Mikayla SandlerMikayla Sandler22 days ago
  • also i really like your vids too

    Mikayla SandlerMikayla Sandler22 days ago
  • poke? im new to watching your videos and i think that you always plan whats going to happen before you actually film. i mean its soooooooo obvious... doesnt anyone agree with me

    Mikayla SandlerMikayla Sandler22 days ago
  • WHY THE ****!

    Zebra gamer fanZebra gamer fan23 days ago
  • this just in! poke is a criminal!

    Kirnstein ReglosKirnstein Reglos26 days ago
  • When you said what did I do you sounded like iifanatik aka MIKEYDOOD

    Drippzy_weebDrippzy_weeb26 days ago
  • Mallory

    Christy TeagueChristy Teague26 days ago

    JTubeJTube27 days ago
  • Poke says bloxburg almost everyday: Me: me me em me me. E ememmmem e e

    AmongThisFan UnlessAmongThisFan Unless28 days ago
  • Lol your sloth shirt is invisible lol

    LankyBox fan mincraftLankyBox fan mincraft28 days ago
  • I think they was pranking you

    Hangputhea SereymaHangputhea Sereyma28 days ago
  • They gonna be fat

    Brody HammondBrody Hammond29 days ago
  • Hay poke it looks like your in visible Because your shirt

    St. Michael HicksvilleSt. Michael Hicksville29 days ago
  • Me: I am not going crazy

    ClerClerMonth ago
  • everyday when he make vid his always at the roof but now its not

  • At the end when the swat team said sorry we were just hungry I relate to that

    Carson RathbunCarson RathbunMonth ago
  • WOW

    Qihao WangQihao WangMonth ago
  • They are swatting

    Cool-ish GamesCool-ish GamesMonth ago
  • Swat Team be liek FBI OPEN U

    Angelita CancholaAngelita CancholaMonth ago
  • Restart your videos on your roof

    Zaylaa EliasZaylaa EliasMonth ago
  • Haha his shirt got green screened out

    Jello BelloJello BelloMonth ago
  • hey poke you must build a emergency exit like your GF and best friend PLS BUILD IT WILL MAKE IT SAFE

    wayna malasawayna malasaMonth ago
  • ✨I like turtles✨

    TheGamingArtistTheGamingArtistMonth ago
  • bloxburg swat showed up had to run buy poke merch of the to poke girlfriend channels can do was mean of the was mean did was mean of the was mean of the was mean of the was mean

    Maribel BerzunzaMaribel BerzunzaMonth ago
  • poke l always start videos in my rooms was mean me but you always can jump off the roof was mean was mean of the poke what is everyone to was of did me but l always jump off the roof was mean of the of but you always jump videos of the in my roof was did was mean of the because to over can do was mean of

    Maribel BerzunzaMaribel BerzunzaMonth ago
  • *invisible shirt*

    iiPirate_Mate11 RobloxiiPirate_Mate11 RobloxMonth ago
  • Open Up lol

    •Layla Bėrrÿ•ြ•Layla Bėrrÿ•ြMonth ago
  • I’m in his group in roblox

    Carrie AnnCarrie AnnMonth ago
  • Did You Do something BAD?

    MerqrekMerqrekMonth ago
  • Bruh

    NEONNEONMonth ago
  • It looks like black

    Estrella OralloEstrella OralloMonth ago
  • It blue

    Estrella OralloEstrella OralloMonth ago
  • How to avoid being swatted in bloxburg Step one. Block them

    Newsonsame PlaysNewsonsame PlaysMonth ago
  • Can you try and play Break in story with Dylan?

    NAMAE’s LovesNAMAE’s LovesMonth ago
  • Weeeeeee

    Jung KimJung KimMonth ago
  • I hart swat

    Jung KimJung KimMonth ago
    • ,skakakakk

      Jung KimJung KimMonth ago
  • I got 1k

    Anita MitchellAnita MitchellMonth ago
  • ;foreverAdmin pokediger1

    ChaseGamerChaseGamerMonth ago
  • my mean sis hit for no resn at my head

    Palynn TillmanPalynn TillmanMonth ago
  • you are transparent

    dog thegamerdog thegamerMonth ago
  • And lock doors

    Deanna BarreraDeanna BarreraMonth ago
  • Just kick them out

    Deanna BarreraDeanna BarreraMonth ago
  • It prank poke

    Katrina YonKatrina YonMonth ago
  • swat spelled back words is Taws

    Arhan GamesArhan GamesMonth ago
  • swat spelled back words is Taws

    Arhan GamesArhan GamesMonth ago
  • lol the shirt turn green screen

    Andres Franco BartolataAndres Franco BartolataMonth ago
  • Me:the are working for the swat

    Fernando MolinaFernando MolinaMonth ago
  • Eline: u r in a frige Zach: WhAt?!

    AngelWolfAngelWolfMonth ago
  • i think it was the genral that was like the boot camp

    Aether BlankAether BlankMonth ago
  • I say this is kind of disrespectful to some people that actually die when Getting swated

    Dgt ForwardDgt ForwardMonth ago
  • Ugh?

    mustafa canada Ytmustafa canada YtMonth ago
  • Iam not scared

    mustafa canada Ytmustafa canada YtMonth ago
  • poke

    Chelsea James S. TolosaChelsea James S. TolosaMonth ago
  • i thought you do your roof

    Philip DombrovskiPhilip DombrovskiMonth ago
  • Is so funny at the end lol

    CRIS topper art designCRIS topper art designMonth ago
  • Hey Poke i just see youre shirt through le screen lol and may i POKEd a hole in my donut to a sign im a fan,

    I am NapstablookI am NapstablookMonth ago
  • Why

    Battles cats We must fightBattles cats We must fightMonth ago
  • Sorry for that message I’m just sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry please for give me please poke I’m a fan I’m your fann everyone loves you:(

    Ju young JinJu young JinMonth ago