Aug 20, 2020
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  • This is easy all you have to do is eat it lol

    Isaac PenneyIsaac PenneyDay ago
  • It looks like there’s glass on it

    Shannon DoironShannon Doiron2 days ago
  • It looks like a watermelon :p

    s.l.y. fam GVs.l.y. fam GV3 days ago
  • I love Pokémon

    Ian DIan D5 days ago
  • poke:trying to break it.me:eating food and sleeping

    DisDis5 days ago
  • what is pokeymon

    RiyaRiya6 days ago
  • I love pokemon

    Rosa PlayzRosa Playz6 days ago
  • That looks yuuuuummmmmyyyyy

    Devon SingletonDevon Singleton7 days ago
  • if i will have to break that and i get a grenade i would use that first

    Kamen DávidKamen Dávid9 days ago
  • Do a hundred layers of tape

    TFKAlanRocksTFKAlanRocks10 days ago
  • I love fruit by the foot

    Mandy CraddockMandy Craddock10 days ago
  • 1 tip to destroy it is: eat it all.

    Purple guy reacts.Purple guy reacts.12 days ago
  • you should use the other side of the hammer

    Maryanna WaltonMaryanna Walton13 days ago
  • Literally the hammer did the most damage XD

    Sori Hada-shayd-lenaSori Hada-shayd-lena15 days ago
  • 4:25 and after that she still smiled 🤣

    HimikoolHimikool17 days ago
  • I love fruit by the door

    HimikoolHimikool17 days ago
  • I played pokemon

    iiceygiiceyg18 days ago

    Juliet's Short videosJuliet's Short videos18 days ago
  • omghipoke

    gwen thurmangwen thurman18 days ago
  • Who’s going to eat all that

    Penguin BoyPenguin Boy19 days ago
  • what is fruit by the foot?

    Ashmina ChowdhuryAshmina Chowdhury20 days ago
  • Poke is probably trying so hard to not eat the whole fruit by the foot thing lol

    TheGenuineCheetoTheGenuineCheeto21 day ago
  • Poke can u give me rubux in roblox

    HH ChannelHH Channel22 days ago
  • Poke did you broke in to Dylan’s house?

    David ZhangDavid Zhang22 days ago
  • my brother used to like ur vids but now HE hates u

    blake saundersblake saunders23 days ago
  • i don't play pokemon i wacth pokeimon

    blake saundersblake saunders23 days ago
  • The thing he blurred was a machete

    Neo BroNeo Bro23 days ago
  • I

    Lauren WilsonLauren Wilson25 days ago
  • Hi

    Lauren WilsonLauren Wilson25 days ago
  • This is possible to break use a flamethrower

    Minutes With MicahMaliqMinutes With MicahMaliq28 days ago
  • You should probably use a flamethrower

    Minutes With MicahMaliqMinutes With MicahMaliq28 days ago
  • I for $100,000 how are you do that for another thousand 💵 is the youis🌍

    Felicia BradfordFelicia Bradford29 days ago
    • I know you

      Felicia BradfordFelicia Bradford29 days ago
    • Hey

      Felicia BradfordFelicia Bradford29 days ago
  • I could've eaten that candy...

    angelicdollssangelicdollss29 days ago
  • Poke you have an voice actor can you react to the bacon hair 2 live please and watch part 1 please you haven't posted in months please by ObliviousHD please react live and can you put my comment on the screen

    Deverick RandallDeverick RandallMonth ago
  • Poke: (makes tiny dent) we are so close! Lol

    Coach-got-milk 4Coach-got-milk 4Month ago
  • Why are you in hyper's office

    FireFireMonth ago
  • Are you trying to break the cardboard too?

    Ruby SinghRuby SinghMonth ago
  • I play pokemon

    Eternal NSEternal NSMonth ago
  • That is so cool

    Sebastian sebasSebastian sebasMonth ago
  • I think it’s made out of glass

    Benny SolanoBenny SolanoMonth ago
  • Yes

    Carter HolseyCarter HolseyMonth ago
  • hi poke

    Halil CaglarHalil CaglarMonth ago
  • :)

    Terry HansenTerry HansenMonth ago
  • What happen to his roblox vids

    Beast Mod343Beast Mod343Month ago
  • Shut up purple you don’t even have any videos

    Sara CravenerSara CravenerMonth ago
  • The whole of the wall is wood bruh

    SwifteseYTSwifteseYTMonth ago
  • Bruh he’s copying JustDustin...

    SwifteseYTSwifteseYTMonth ago
  • alternate title: *torturing a 500 layer fruit by the foot wall*

    Classic SonicClassic SonicMonth ago
  • Why would they waist food like that Tagalog version: Sayang eh

    Arya's Best Day EverArya's Best Day EverMonth ago
  • i have never tried fruit by the foot so if you would ask me to eat that much I WOULD DO IT NO MATTER WHAT NO NEED MONEY FOR ME TO EAT I CAN JUST EAT IT

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • your room must be so big that you can make sucha long fruit by the foot

    Brian TeowBrian TeowMonth ago
  • Vimcraft

    Josh ClingJosh ClingMonth ago
  • For RAYCON at Apple they literally gave me free airpods

    C0lorS The GamerC0lorS The GamerMonth ago
  • Just get out the jack hammer already

    MythicSockMythicSockMonth ago
  • Right I’m gonna get a lot of dislikes for this but Idc anyway wth is fruit by the foot

    MythicSockMythicSockMonth ago
  • Bro 😎

    Alma ArroyoAlma ArroyoMonth ago
  • I play pokemon cards

    leoncio_BGYTleoncio_BGYTMonth ago
  • nothing like watching grown men try to break fruit by the foot

    roblox_ Ratroblox_ RatMonth ago
  • I bet I could break through all of that faster than you only with a club

  • And the fact that you did the unbreakable wall challenge and you didn’t give just Dustin credit wow

  • Galaxy buds have 16 hours of battery

  • The Reykon and galaxy bud case is literally the exact same size I’m pretty sure

  • Like the toy bat is going to do something it’s a toy bat for five year olds

  • yo nice vid:D

    Ninjamasterpro05Ninjamasterpro05Month ago
  • I replaced poke with fruit by the foot

    ChadChadMonth ago
  • Just throw it it off the window lol

    Bernardo Alvarado TorresBernardo Alvarado TorresMonth ago
  • :poke: How are we going to break this!?!?!?! :me: EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT

    Baker KaiteyBaker KaiteyMonth ago
  • Poke:ima eat that when lani is sleeping Me: Guys go help poke get 10M

  • I want to eat it

    Andy LiuAndy LiuMonth ago
  • I would start eating the wall to break it LOL

    CoalovdCoalovdMonth ago
  • Poke fortinitly I can buy these things , me can you by your life back when you acidintally hit your hand with the knife

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • I will use my hands and mouth

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • No way poke I’m wearing the merch you wearing right now but on roblox!

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • Btwreal gold can easily bend its a soft metal yet cardboard.....

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • Mmmmmm tasty.......

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • Fruit by the foot! I love those why would you break it when you could eat it!,,,!,!,!

    Bearcat Pest Control VloggingBearcat Pest Control VloggingMonth ago
  • Poke why didn’t you stab it

    eianrelodeianrelodMonth ago
  • That would be millions of force to break but it took so much pain that it broke

    Marquez RiosMarquez RiosMonth ago
  • im excited what is the blurred one edit: hmmmmmmmm......... a few moments later... i saw it! wont spoil it!

    ninja_farmer2ninja_farmer2Month ago
  • I think you make some more like that but a box and put some money phone or what ever that is important and dont forget the password

    ameerah's_fan , pauls_fanameerah's_fan , pauls_fanMonth ago
  • That was 8.was it?

    iza c 55.h neumanniza c 55.h neumannMonth ago
  • That’s 30 minutes 😮😮😮😮😮😯

    Debora zhouDebora zhouMonth ago
  • Oh my gosh poke!!!!!

    Debora zhouDebora zhouMonth ago
  • Poke I'm Markuchu 3 and I know there is a pokeball command

    Markus HuertaMarkus HuertaMonth ago
  • poke: you cant even pay me 100,000,000 dollars to eat that its discus sting me: you don't have to pay me anything to eat that fruit by foot

    addie selleraddie seller2 months ago
  • Looks like glass

    OOF PlaysOOF Plays2 months ago
  • It’s a fruit roll up so it’s very strong and wear glasses

    slvrsrfrslvrsrfr2 months ago
  • I didn’t know Poke became Dustin

    GeneticallyDumbGeneticallyDumb2 months ago
  • This was on my bday

    KenLei OliverKenLei Oliver2 months ago

    CatyrblxCatyrblx2 months ago
  • That wall is watermeloooooooooon

    Nor MalaNor Mala2 months ago
  • But is watermelon

    Nor MalaNor Mala2 months ago
  • XD

    Nor MalaNor Mala2 months ago
  • Where is his Roblox content and on his Chanel called PokeRoblox he UPLOADS MINECRAFT

    TheostillplaysTheostillplays2 months ago
  • Put a feather on it and watch it break🇹🇴🇲

    The Lazy Lizard GamingThe Lazy Lizard Gaming2 months ago
  • That’s really cool

    Ava MatlockAva Matlock2 months ago
  • I am such a hide Fan

    Cyndi JamesCyndi James2 months ago
  • Poke does BLOXBURG

    timmygamerYT timmytimmygamerYT timmy2 months ago
  • If you use sharp stuff instead of blunt force you would get through it instantly

    Ldm Loves gamesLdm Loves games2 months ago
  • poke im so upset about u you never add friend me when i did im am ansha678:( :(

    Ahsan KABIRAhsan KABIR2 months ago